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EUC Charging Question


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What is the correct order when plugging in a EUC for charging? Should I plug the charger into the wall, then plug it into the EUC, or plug into the EUC first then the wall?

On an electric scooter I own, I noticed that I need to plug the charger into the wall first. Otherwise, I get a spark when plugging the charger into the scooter (and not yet connected to the wall outlet). 

The King Song manual for example says to plug the charger into the EUC first. Just don’t want to damage my charger or batteries.

My apologies if this has been answered before. Thank you for the help!

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I follow the destruction manual myself... plug charger into wheel and lastly plug charger into wall.

The spark you're getting on your scooter is the scooter battery running current back into the charger's output capacitors because the charger is off. This is common on older GW wheels as well, but KS wheels in general do not do the sparky thing. Because it's doing that, I'd reverse the procedure for your scooter and plugin in the charger first (so its output capacitors are charged up) and then plug the charger into the scooter.

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First wall then euc - you may ask why?

You know charger is 84v or what ever voltage rated. If you plug it in wall first - it has that voltage ready to give.

If you plug in euc first and to wall afterwards. The charger it self can have little bit of "shock". As it goes from 0 voltage to giving voltage like 84v.. in split second.

By plugging it into wall first - you "warm" it up. Same as your girlfriend in bed. - You don't go in dry. :D:D 


At least that's my reasoning. :D Also when i was looking for this information - most said wall first..

And euc who have "hot plug" (euc charging port always giving off charge). By connecting euc to charger first - the euc if self "powers" up the charger. (Making sparks, etc..)

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