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Moving on.. V12HT or KS16X?

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I leaned on my V8f, which I shall be keeping, but now want to move on to something else after 1500kms on the V8f. I am interested in the V12HT now the problems seem to have been sorted. The only thing that puts me off it is the weight…30kgs (66lbs) sounds heavy enough to be a bit of a  problem, loading it in and out of a car etc..Does it’s weight make it a bit of a problem to live with?  The alternative would be to go for the older generation KS 16X.. which is well established, has a good reputation and is substantially lighter for a similar sized wheel. Likewise, I’ve looked at the V11..but it also looks physically large and maybe a bit complex…Also, I am sure the 2nd gen suspension wheels will be along shortly. What do All you V12 / KS 16 X riders think??

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If, and only if, you're happy staying below say... 28 mph, then I'd go with the 16X because, well, it's a very well known quantity. All of the new wheels are still working through their initial problems, and right now IM is not having their finest hour.

But if you *ever* think you'll be going fast, the 16X will punish you for your insolence. Its limits are well known and even the foolish learn quickly to respect them. Stay under 28 mph it's about as reliable as a wheel can be.

I'd even recommend a used one... all the usual checks apply, but they're around and not terribly expensive. That way, you can 'graduate', and save a bit of money for when the V12 is a bit more mature. I think that the V12 is the likely successor to the 16X, but it's turning out to be a wait for batch 3 type wheel.

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~5kg difference in weight. For some thats a lot, for some little. If you can overcome those ~5kg  V12 seems much, much better.. At least on paper. :D 

I got my self 18xl same weight as 16x.. I would have gone for V12, if i could trust it.. V12 HT should have fixed "most" problems..

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I have a ks16x and I agree with @tawpie. It is a great commuter wheel and the reason I got it was it's reliability and cost. I rode it in the rain yesterday and even though it does not have an IP rating I am at work right now and I rode it in today as well! Didn't even put a shower cap on it or anything. I was going to get an Inmotion V12 HT but I read about the issues so I went with the trusty KS 16x. Can't put a price on reliability

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On 6/9/2022 at 7:07 PM, Nostris said:

Also, I am sure the 2nd gen suspension wheels will be along shortly.

I’m not sure at which gen we are now, but if you’re hoping for a 25kg suspension wheel, I don’t think you’re going to get anything this year. S18 and V11 are the lightest suspension EUCs, and will probably remain so for a good while still.

I guess 16X would fit in a smaller part of your trunk than a V11, but I’m not sure if the difference is substantial enough to make a real difference. Like, you won’t be able to take an extra suitcase to a holiday trip or anything like that. The difference in ride feel though is very large.

A weight difference of ~10% (16X to V11) is literally nothing. My V11 (27kg) feels lighter than my previous MSX (25kg). The ergonomics for lifting are that much better. The first time I lifted it I actually thought that it came without the batteries installed!

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I had started writing a long story about 16X versus V12 when I realized that the thread was +1/2 year old and the fact that the thread starter probably made his choice a long time ago...

Annotation 2023-05-19 083518.jpg

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2 hours ago, Robse said:

I realized that the thread was +1/2 year old

I’m sure it’s still a relevant question for many. Go ahead, at least I’d like to read what you think!

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33 minutes ago, mrelwood said:

I’m sure it’s still a relevant question for many. Go ahead, at least I’d like to read what you think!

I am the lucky owner of a 16X. Very good range, nimble, good torque, but with
a known tendency to wobble at high speed, and just best to ride below 28 mph.
And you can buy one of the best seats for that model.
However, there is nothing that beats the feeling of buying a piece of equipment
 - which in the end can cost you life or livelihood, and then ride along in a rush
with the thought that all that bad reputation has been solved for good and ever.
Nice.  Not nice ;)

I actually wanted a V12 - on paper it looked like a really cool wheel.
Fast, good range, no suspension, waterproof, good looking. But then came all the
problems. So many, in fact, that I personally don't even want to borrow a V12
to try a ride.  If you buy a new V12 today - which version is it, how can you be
sure it has the right board?  What about the problem of arbitrary acceleration
(not seen many times, but once is once too many).  Necessary upgrade of FW - that
fails or not?

Therefore, when a little more speed is needed (than the 16X can provide), it is
the RS that comes along.

btw:  search the internet for "tire change" - compare complexity V12 versus 16X  ;)


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