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  1. Thanks for all your replies, I’ll probably go with the 95% charge idea and see what happens. if it was a short distance I’d just chance it, but IMO a continuous decent for 1km is quite a time to be using regenerative braking. ..Better safe than sorry!
  2. The road is 1000 Mts long and has a change in height of 100 meters from top to bottom….the steepest parts are probably a 20%/25% incline.
  3. So, a question for the experts. I live at the top of a hill. The road from my house to the bottom of the hill is about 1 kilometre and drops about 100 meters in height. I have heard that you shouldn’t ride downhill with a fully charged battery as the wheel will try to over charge the batteries during the decent. Is this true? What would happen.? Would it damage the wheel or cause a cutout? The wheel is a V8f ......your thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. I’m a 67 year old.. I went for the V8f as my first wheel. I have been more than happy with my choice, it offers a great compromise of being easy to ride, light weight and more than adequate range and performance. I may well buy something bigger in the future, but I’m very happy with the V8f.
  5. I’m with Gasmantle on this. I’m 67 and went for the V8f as my first wheel. I bought it from myewheel.com on Sofia Bulgaria...excellent price and service..they threw in the INMOTION wheel protection cover free of charge. Learning to ride...well not fall off when doing gentle turns and straight lines took about two hours, spread over four sessions of 30 mins. It went like...Impossible...Impossible...Absolutely impossible...to..Holy Crap! I’m riding!! So, just do it...It’s brilliant fun!
  6. Hi Paula from Italy. In November I bought my V8f from Myewheel. Aren’t they just great! I couldn’t have been happier with the advice and service I had from them. So, I’m also a ‘ senior’ rider at 67 years old. It took me a couple of days to free mount and ride after a fashion. Like Shane, I learned on grass, as I have a reasonably flat and smoothish field. I’m glad I did as asphalt was really easy afterwards in comparison. After the grass, I found an empty truck park...thanks covid! And learned how to properly ride there...stops, starts, turns, figure of eights etc, before I hit the cycle p
  7. It’s like a bike....It’s impossible...It’s impossible....it’s really f@#kin impossible!!! .........Oh Sh1t!!!...I’m riding ..I’m riding!! 😂👍
  8. I’m definitely a D guy as well 👍
  9. D. That would do fine for me thanks!
  10. As I understand it, they will only allow rental scooters because of liability insurance. The rental companies have to have liability insurance...which interestingly, and stupidly, isn’t available for a privately owned scooter / PEV!
  11. So true! EUC’s are deemed dangerous as they are difficult to ride and control....the decision makers forgetting just how difficult it was to learn to ride and control a bike!! ...... Also, the media are always going on about the poor woman who came off her escooter in heavy traffic and was killed by a lorry..therefore.....all PEV’s must be dangerous......Forgetting that between 100 and 150 cyclists die on the road each year....Yet bikes are considered safe transport! 😏
  12. We should also remember that sometimes the amount of injury is just simple chance. Thinking of Michael Schumacher, the F1 driver. He was stopped on a ski slope when he fell over and bashed his helmeted head on a rock. His GoPro camera mount penetrated his skull.....resulting in brain damage. Pure, simple bad luck really, nothing more!
  13. Furthe to this, I see in the news that there is a debate on this in the U.K. They are allowing trials of rental e scooters in some cities as they correctly think that micro mobility is a good idea in principle. HOWEVER.... they will only be allowing rental scooters, it will be illegal to ride a your own!! This is apparently because of insurance requirements, and only rental companies can get insurance ( seems both stupid and strange that a private individual can’t buy insurance cover,). Scooters will be limited to 15mph and can only travel on roads ( also stupid and dangerous as they won’t b
  14. Internet €69.50! I did wonder if I’d ever see them, but they arrived after about 6 weeks, direct from China.
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