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Sherman Settings you use


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So this wheel is the wheel i love but also hate. Its WIDE for my inseem at 30, its heavy, not fun to bring up and down stairs, but i know it has potential, and power the more you ride. I have the v1 batch , 2021 January delivery with the knobby tire. I have reseated many times and just cant get it to run true . Still a work in progress.

So i took a little spill , and fell backwards from a low speed slowdown from a wobble. Im ok but pissed that the tire is wobbling out on me at low speed. 
Now i have to ride home after work and during my break, was able to test out some theories, and hopefully put it to the test safely when i get out.

The settings i  have applied just now is at 200lb Geared with backpack, ~23-25 psi in the knobby, 1 degree forward tilt, and soft mode.
The settings i had during the fall was 30psi in knobby, 1 degree backwards tilt, and medium mode.

Now i normally do not ride in soft mode, usually medium or Hard. Tried to test it in the basement here at work and normally i have a hard time mounting and turning in a small space, but this time, it seems like the soft mode and the forward tilt realllllly helps with maneuvering with more flexibility in the ankle, the feeling is ...cushiony, and more control in this small space. With the forward tilt, when mounting the back pedal helps keep the wheel locked in for me because of the angle causing my heel keep it stable more than flat or tilted 1 degree backwards. Its crazy how these things affect posture, and riding stance. However, this was applied indoors, riding out doors in the elements i may have a different opinion of the settings applied.

Anyway, since im a filthy casual, still need to get this tire situation fixed, but hoping the lower pressure will create a little bit more stability in my ride.

What settings are you guys using for your wheel? What is your weight? What works and doesnt work for you on the Veteran Sherman?

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I'm about 200lbs geared too. I ride 23~25psi, stock knobby, medium mode, 0 deg pedal tilt, V2 model (wide rim).

I tried soft mode briefly, but just found it really 'mushy' and indirect to my inputs. I didn't like it but I guess you can get used to anything. I should have tried it for longer to give it a chance (and maybe one day I will) but my ride time is limited and so 'test riding' kinda gets given a back seat.

Re pedal tilt, I found anything with a backward tilt gave me foot pain when riding above 25 ish mph. Again, I didn't try it for long enough to get conditioned to it but initial impressions were it was worse than 0 tilt. I would never use forward tilt, I think it may help for high speed riding but I don't use big lean pads and I don't want to sacrifice braking ability - it just felt that my feet would slip off the pedals under hard braking with forward tilt.

I've not had ANY speed wobbles on the Sherman, at any point.

I'm not saying that tyre alignment is all in your head, but I found that it's not as detrimental as you might think. I fitted an H587 tyre to my MSX and it looked pretty wobbly when free spinning. I would never have left it as it was but I just wanted to give it a try up the road and back - I didn't feel it when riding at all. I appreciate that some tyres will react differently to others when mis-aligned, but I was really surprised. I have to say though, the stock knobby on my Sherman was supplied really aligned so I haven't touched it.

So I don't think I've been much help to you! My wheel is set up pretty similar to you, I'm the same weight, and I haven't had any scary wobbly moments. But I guess it may help show that your wheel doesn't seem inherently badly set up.

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Update: Soft mode and pedal tilt forward settings i applied = NO GO for me
Although the ride felt cushiony at certain times, it did not provide that sense of instant power i normally feel with medium or hard. 

inflated tire , made sure it was at 25 (i had lowered it to 18 upon checking it) YIKES Tire feels great at 25!
Setting is now HARD MODE after testing what feels right .

Repositioned my shane planet pads 1 inch backwards from center, and 1/3 inch rear pad tilted down  (feels great!), feet, body and weight feels more centered and has plenty of room to crouch down or lean forward without pads getting in the way all that much. At end of the day, my position on the wheel was messed up from the get go before.

Riding without Leatte pads and used regular 8 ball knee pads = more flexibility in my legs and ankle and have a better connection with the wheel, sacrificing lower body safety. 

Practiced warm up by torquing , using more of my hips, and arms , side to side motions carving motions, stance like bent legs and a bit lower to the ground when riding, and just pushing down with my toes harder. A few runs of that, aimed for steady 15, then 18, then 20 and eventually 23. 
Wobbles basically gone! 
In summary: my positioning, my riding stance, and a few warm ups help me get stable on the Sherman and a bit more confident.
I think the wobbles were in my head and partly because of my stance and inexperience riding longer than i should be.
Will aim for 25 mph sustained and stable next run.

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27 Psi knobby sherman V2 weight +-260lbs medium mode tilt very small backward becasue dip on roundabount.


updated firmware by leaperkim (lefertis version) APP (after update EUC have more agresive aceleration curve and nimblenes is better) aceleration is more efortless.


Firmware tested with brother sherman (same batch and delivery but original FW) and diference is there definetly.


soft mode never ever always end small speed fall always.


Hard mode i feel leg pain too early.


Speedlimit 43/km/h (tiltback)


No wobles ever on sherman woble free EUC.

Nylonove XXL adjustable (angle like MSP+-)

My pad is masive cushing eucservice pads.(5cm) 



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FW info
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12 minutes ago, DjPanJan said:

updated firmware by leaperkim (lefertis version) APP (after update EUC have more agresive aceleration curve and nimblenes is better) aceleration is more efortless.

Firmware tested with brother sherman (same batch and delivery but original FW) and diference is there definetly.

Interesting to hear that. I updated mine to 1058 very shortly after I got the wheel and hadn't really ridden it, so nothing to compare to.

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Sherman Max.  I usually cruise on pavement at 33-40mph.  I now have speed alarm set at 42mph, which works ;)

Usually ride in hard mode, unless I'm riding more than an hour, then I'll use medium mode.

No pedal tilt.

My riding weight with full kit and backpack = 250lbs.

I have the Begode honeycomb spiked foot plates and large grizzla pads.

29PSI seems to be the sweet spot for both on road and offroad trails.  If I was ever going to go off curbs daily or shock/vibrate the electronics in the wheel down steps or off jumps, I would up the PSI to 33, but I have no plans to do any of that.

*Regardless of foot placement, front back or side to side, If I hunch down, lean back just a bit or take weight off of the balls of my feet or have uneven weight distribution on the balls of my feet at anything over 12mph, the wheel will wobble.  The wobble will instantly go away if I stand up taller and restore even weight to the balls of my feet with a bit of forward lean.  This took me a while to figure out, but now that I know it, I can ride up to 42mph without wobble, even on rougher pavement sections.  I think if I was a shorter rider, this might be more difficult to obtain.. at least on my wheel.  It reminds me of trying to balance a yardstick on your finger vs a ruler.  If that makes any sense to ya.   Be safe :eff034a94a:




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