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V11 replacement tire in the US


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After reading through several posts, I found two tires that I leaned towards For the riding I’m doing, Which is street and trail. A little bit of mud little bit of sand. only times I’ve hurt myself have been off road, I’d like to get a tire a little better suited for that besides stock. 

The heidenau k66 snowtex 80/90-14 and irc tire SN-26 80/90-14 both looked good. I couldn’t find either one in the US. Open to suggestions in stock in the US. Thanks. 

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I've heard glowing reviews of the K66, but don't know if it'll fit the V11. There's one shop in the US that will occasionally get them in stock, but they seem to get 1 at a time so it's a bit of a lottery. Haven't heard much about the SN-26 of late but it only seems to be obtainable if you live in the EU. There's also a "duro" tire that folks have been happy with, but you'll have to search to find what it is.

I run a TR1 on my S18, it works quite well but is only sourced from Japan—again, very difficult to find in stock. And I don't know if it'll fit your wheel.

To be strange, you might consider an H666. Yes, it is a street tire, but it came fitted to my 16X and I have been so impressed with its offroad performance I would have put it on my S18 (except I have a knobby on that, one that's hard to get so it stays). eWheels had 1000 specially made in the 14" rim size, I do believe it'll fit your V11. CAUTION: at least one rider absolutely hates the H666—it's not universally loved. My only complaint is it tramlines pretty badly which will scare the ever loving bejeepers out of you the first time it happens. The parts I like is that the turning is fast and very predictable, and it seems to wear like iron. Great grip on and off road, wet and dry surfaces. FWIW, when the 16X wears out its H666, I'l be looking to fit a K66 or the duro to it even if I have to shave knobbies off. Assuming of course, I can fine one in the small size.

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Yes, the K66 80/90-14 (Snowtex or not) is a great fit for the V11! Unparalleled slow speed turning behavior and stability. Pebbles do have less room to go through, so they may make more sound than with the original, but that hasn’t been an issue for the few thousand km I’ve had mine for.

 The H-666 18x3” is a second very good choice, but as a discontinued tire eWheels is probably the only possible source by now.

IRC SN-26 turning behavior is not very nice, it turns lazy and tilts overly much, like a knobby. While it can be somewhat gotten used to, I wouldn’t really recommend that one.

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