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My 18L cutout on me.... Is it safe to keep riding it??


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My 18L cutout on me at 0mph as I was taking off.  Is this wheel safe to ride?  Is this normal?

Here is the scenario.

Battery was at 55%.  I was taking off from a stop to cross the street.  Because of the slope of the street it was slightly uphill.  I weight 230lbs with my gear.  I tried to take off kind of quickly when it just cut out and dumped me.  


The wheel was not shut off when I picked it up,  but I had to turn it off and turn it back on again to be able to ride it.  


Does this sound like a normal cut-out or is this wheel dangerous??   I'm concerned because it didn't beep at me or anything it just cutout. 

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Very likey the lift sensor activated. Any chance you somehow pulled on the handle a bit while mounting and triggered it? 

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The wheel isn't dangerous, but your weight and the "L" model means you must take it easy accelerating. You don't have as many batteries to drive your motor as the XL, so that means it's easier to over-lean the wheel. I would also try to stay under 25-27 mph so you have reserve power for bumps etc. Unfortunately, when a wheel is carrying a lot of cargo you want to leave it plenty of headroom and not get too close to the wheel's max ratings.

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1 hour ago, Mossi said:

Maybe the lift switch has activated. This has happened to me as well, luckily when I was still standing. You could disable it, maybe this will solve your problem.

That's a good idea.  I'll try that.  I'm not sure thats the case though because the wheel didn't beep at all before it cutout, but if the lift sensor cuts out it should beep.  

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I purposely keep a tether on the handle of the 18XL to use as a cut switch, if I have to bail, I don't want the wheel to run off or go tumbling. Most likely your handle was engaged to stop the wheel... Make sure the handle is all the way down....

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