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  1. Waulnut


    I'm quite excited to be able to use my fast charger on another brand, gotway > inmotion. Finally don't need to buy another charger for a new wheel. If only every EUC shares the same type of charger port.
  2. Selling my Batch 1 RS speed (C30), bought Oct 2020 from eWheels. Still has 3 months warranty. SoCal local meet up only please. Need some money to lessen the pain of getting my home shower repaired. It is rolling smooth just like day 1. No bearing issues. Mainly ridden on pavement and in dry conditions. Never cutout crashed, just slow pedal clipped once. Has original lower pedals and original tire with plenty of tread. The axle hole has been covered by a thin foam to help prevent dust intrusion. Original cover screws have been replaced by hex screws. Comes with
  3. There's this by @ray rokni Maybe not as steep as Wrongway's but still quite steep.
  4. I went in on the preorder. I'll pull out if I change my mind later. Couple hundred bucks raise is quite substantial.
  5. You shouldn't need the app. Maybe there is a password on the app?
  6. Not sure if it was answered already, but will they address the weak brakes?
  7. Ecodrift teardown noted the v12 motor has the same motor serial code as a 16x motor, so its not really 2500W. I guess it's wounded differently for speed over torque like wrongways said. I was a bit disappointed it couldn't do 35 degrees incline. I watched wrongway's old hill climbing vids and the Nikola did it fine without giving up. But like you said, I don't think I would be finding any 35 degrees inclines to climb.
  8. I'm not familiar with the electrical components, but the red,blue, black cables look like they are easy to disconnect with unplugging. Is there any advantage for that simplicity?
  9. What do you all think can possibly go wrong with batch 1 production v12? Or just personal concerns. Just some of my own concerns: Low quality headlight, controller problems since it's their first 100v, poor functioning touch screen.
  10. Def looking to sell my RS for the V12. Everything sounds very promising for safety. Hopefully first batches won't have issues with the higher voltage since it is Inmotions first 100V wheel.
  11. I threw mine away on accident from unboxing because I didn't know what they were
  12. Batch 1 RS-S, ~1200 miles now after 6 months.
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