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  1. Has anyone experienced an issue using EucWorld during a phone call over a bluetooth headpiece? I am using a bluetooth intercom headset and when I am connected to EUCworld on my RS, the sound over the bluetooth gets a bunch of static. Also, I can't connect EucWorld to my RS if I am in a phone call. The bluetooth static issue goes away if I exit EucWorld. I didn't experience this before on the 16x or 18xl. Not sure if this is something new.
  2. I've had my approaches to pedestrians on the sidewalk and I usually end up walking past them. Many people usually jump from shock when I alert them of my presence. If they can't hear me, I just walk. Eventually they hear me because I'm a fast walker and they let me pass. The story told here was a series of unfortunate events though.
  3. Just got mine today. One grub screw is loctited and I can't get it the pedal off to inspect inside. I'll be trying with a hairdryer to loosen it another day, but at least my fan works.
  4. I am thinking of making a pvc pipe one.
  5. Just paid my full payment to eWheels coming soon
  6. Wow that just changed not too long ago. Looks like a typo though. It says RS torque ready to ship instead of the speed. I can't wait. I just sold my ks18xl today so I feel empty lol.
  7. I placed a pre order last week. I was hoping to get snuck into the waiting list since eWheels said there are times when people don't pay in full when requested. Just waiting at the moment and checking my emails daily. I should have done it earlier but didn't have available funds
  8. It is possible it will be on and it trickle charges to make up the small power used with the controller on. I am not sure why it starts beeping. I always thought it alerts that it is going to shutdown because it is idle too long, but it might not be the case. It seems to happen if I leave it longer on the charger than when I pull the plug a little after it turns green on the charger. My 18XL on the other hand, sometimes the brake light stays on after charging to full. I then cycle it to turn it "off". But this is noticeable because if i roll the wheel forward and back, the brake light fo
  9. I notice my 16x will start beeping after a few hours from charging to full. I usually unplug and cycle the power so its really off.
  10. would you be able to do a range test going ~25kph? I'd like to know the range going at a moderate speed. Ty
  11. I wonder if there are more issues that will arise . I definitely not appealing to know there is a chance of requiring a send back to fix something simple that should work out of the box
  12. Would that mean the guts are the same too? I'm waiting to see if there are wheel complications with the early releases before getting one.
  13. Wow it did not register until you said it 😅😅. Something new learned.
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