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  1. Hi, yes. It was sold to the OP actually. I'll update my post.
  2. 1) Sounds like the wheel is locked. You will need the kingsong app to unlock it. 3) in euc world, under wheel setting I think, you can turn off the lights
  3. I personally bought a full faced helmet, Bell super 3R, because I felt the more I ride, and the longer I ride, there is bound to be a mishap somewhere in the hundreds of miles I'll be riding. But I did see my personal speed increase because I felt safer. I didn't have the "what if I fall on my face" scenario playing in my head with the helmet on. I also know a helmet shouldn't be an excuse to ride to tiltback for me. For short and slow rides at 10 mph, I would just use my Thousand helmet because it is less of a hassle taking it on and off.
  4. I am helping sell my coworker's Ninebot One E+. He recent got a used V1 Monster in addition to his Ninebot Z10 so now he got to let this one go or his wife will get him . This is a learner wheel so it has all the battle scars one should expect. He learned on it and was nice enough to let me learn on it when I first started. Attached are pics of EUCworld and Ninebot App for mileage. My fiancee is currently practicing on it so mileage can be up slightly. I will update for the potential buyer. http://imgur.com/a/ycFyTOX Wheel pics https://imgur.com/a/p5nKLjj Included is stock charger. Local sale with cash only please. Battery still charges to 100%. Let me know if there is any other info needed. Price drop $300 -> $275
  5. I wondered about this too. It says I have a pending one, but it never seemed to have been cleared. Did you get a chance to ask?
  6. I have a ninebot S2, 14 inch wheel, that I am helping my coworker sell. It is a learner wheel so it comes with all the scratches related to learning. Pricing it at $300, negotiable. Located around Irvine, CA area. I will have pics of the wheel and mileage later if interested. Edit: sold
  7. I just started using a Bell Super 3R. It fits in my adidas sling bag surprisingly. But after that, nothing else really fits. I stick my leatt knee guards into the face opening and gloves. Good enough to carry my gear.
  8. I've been placing my wheel in my car trunk covered with a mat and a thick jacket over it. Hottest temperature outdoor was 95f and when I felt the wheel with bodyguard on, it was still cool ish. Depending how well I covered it, sometimes the pedal does get warm. I try to avoid full charge in my trunk if possible.
  9. How is the Bell Helmet? I am looking into the Super 3R MIPS atm. My head is also 58cm. It'd be my first full face
  10. I rode for 40 miles with 80% to 25%. I still got range anxiety because I didn't start my ride at 90%+. Originally planned was 30 miles but GF on the ebike wanted to go explore more. But most of the time, I'd ride until 40%ish then charge up. I feel safer knowing more juice is in the tank so I don't somehow overpower it in a random encounter steep incline.
  11. For me, only 30 miles. Angel stadium to HB and back. Same route only shorter 😅
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