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Overheat Hill Elevation Change?


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Does anyone know if Marty has ever disclosed what the elevation change is for Overheat Hill? 


The reason I ask is I've put down my deposit on an S20 and now my mind is racing about vacations I can go on and bring the S20. Out West is one of them and I'm trying to wrap my head around what kind of elevation changes wheels can handle. For example is a 2,000 ft elevation change doable with 10-15 miles at a leisurely speed?

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8 minutes ago, lazybones99 said:

For example is a 2,000 ft elevation change doable with 10-15 miles at a leisurely speed?

It'll depend a little bit on your weight, but 2,000 ft elevation isn't really all that much and with a 10-15 mile route you won't have to worry at all. I think they did over 60 miles (with an uncertain charge break) in the mountains.

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  • In my experience, going medium-fast (~35kph) in flat terrain and going up a hill on an offroad track gives essentially the same range. You go so much slower on the hill, this reduces air resistance (the main power draw of EUC riding) and makes the elevation more or less "free". Surprising, but true (well, for me).
    So if you can go X miles riding normally on flat, paved terrain, you can expect the same range on hilly offroad paths.
    2000 foot isn't much for a modern, big battery wheel.
  • Going downhill is free. Even if your battery is (almost) empty at the top of the mountain, you can always go down again. At worst, the battery will be still almost empty on the bottom. Or it recharged a bit.
    You can't get stuck on a hill/mountain. The way back down is free. Worst case, your battery is empty and you have to turn around and go back down before you get to the top.
  • If you google this forum (site:electricunicycle.org), Marty once gave the overheat hill location via Google maps or a screenshot. I can't find it ad hoc, but it is somewhere.
  • Watch Marty's Mt. Wilson rides (or was it some other mountain?). It's something like 4000-5000ft elevation gain, and I believe 1600Wh+ wheels can easily do it. The S20 is 2220Wh.
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You can always just wait a bit for it to cool back down it doesn't take that long and it you are going be in a hot environment you'll want to stop for water breaks anyway if you are on difficult trails.

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11 hours ago, Tawpie said:

Found the reference, it’s the peppergrass trail… remember, it’s a dirt path with washout ruts and was hard for wheels in 2018. 331 ft, 0.4 miles


Good find. That thread was a good read. That takes us back to the summer of 2018 in SO CAL. Look at how far we have come. Back then, many a mosfets were fried in the wheels of those who dared. 


On 7/25/2018 at 8:34 PM, Marty Backe said:

No, no, no. Everyone tends to conflate Hills with Very Steep Hills

The Mount Wilson ride is nothing compared to the section of trail that Jeff was riding. Some day you may ride Overheat-Hill, but imagine leaning into the wheel to move uphill and all you can manage is a slow-crawl speed. The Mount Wilson trail has none of that.

Gotway wheels are not inconsistent. Just avoid super-steep and long hills, whether it's a hot or cold day.

Very Simple Gotway Rule

If you are leaning heavy into the wheel and it's barely moving, stop after a handful (literally) of seconds.

IMO, It was really a time when it was before overheating was the main cause of failure. They were operating outside the design specs for continuous current draw for the mosfets. Once the advancement of euc's reached the point where the mosfets weren't burning up, they encountered heat dissipation issues. If I am not mistaken, Marty typically rides a considerable distance from home before he reaches the bottom of Overheat Hill. Hence, the wheel is pretty much warmed up before he starts the climb of a super steep and long hill.

Progress has now brought us to a level where the Hero and the S20 can zoom up to the top, relatively speaking, without burning mosfets or being close to overheating. And the most impressive part is the S20 accomplishes this without a heatsink fan.

Having said that, Overheat Hill does indeed sounds like a stress test. In other words,  most riders aren't going to be doing Overheat Hill type of riding on a daily basis, nor even that frequently, if at all. How far should we really want to go with each type of extremes. For example, should we also ask for the capability of being able to be ridden submerged? I have no need for it, nor do I want to pay for it. Sure, there will always be individuals who would love to do the extremes. It's a free world, they are certainly free to mod their wheels to be capable of doing so. But why should the vast majority of owners who don't need those capabilities also have to pay for them.

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I did 900meters up with my 84v MSX. (1300wh battery)

Apparently I can not share a link. But my trip is in eucworld date 1 Oct.2020. User zeroSIXzero

Anyway. Battery from 100% to 26.... 36% after a few minutes resting. Trip was 10km long,  aprox 900m elevation.

October 1, 2020 12:45 PM CESTSTART
October 1, 2020 2:01 PM CESTFINISH
1 hr 16 minsOVERALL
1 hr 12 minsTOUR
55 minsRIDING

26,2 km/hMAX
10,2 km/hAVG RIDING
7,5 km/hAVG

Then going back down I went up to 38% battery. 8.6 km long route.

1 hr 0 minsOVERALL
50 minsTOUR
41 minsRIDING
38,6 km/hMAX
11,2 km/hAVG RIDING
7,8 km/hAVG


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