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  1. Even read what EUC extreme write himself on the same video you post (youtube): quote: Valeriy SelitskiyFor 4 år siden oh i see gr16 is a lot weakier here SVAR Skjul 2 svar EUC Extreme For 4 år siden +Valeriy Selitskiy It limited by the fact that it can not be tilted sufficiently. Therefore, it can not run full. Also, the driver is not as experienced. It will also be limited. My Gotway V Speed is the world's first prototype of the EUC which is able to be tilted more than 45 degrees. SVAR Mono SetFor 2 år siden EUC Extreme
  2. Mr EUC Extreme have in several places explained he got a special programmed controller that do NOT cut off at 45deg. That is why he can do this on this wheel.
  3. The motor cuts off at certain angles to make sure it stops if you fall off and the wheel start to tumble. A good function. Otherwise it could continue spinning full speed into a very dangerous situation. But me to would like the sideways angle limit to be greater than 45deg as it shut off several times during velodrom turns. And the wheel MUST know the angle using some sort of gyro as it turned off at the same angle everytime no matter of speed going thru the turn. Without the gyro it would not know it was at an angle when at speed in the turn. Do not beleive these censors are very expensive as they are used in small cheap drones all the time. I read somewhere that KS wheels now can adjust this in the app?
  4. I got the Tesla V2 as my first wheel last summer. Accelleration is just from another world compared to other PEV I have and have tested. Scooters do not have a chance. But for me there are to many negatives. Most of them not negatives for everybody, but for my kind of expected riding is is (mountain hill climbs and off road.... and asphalt carving). Tire is narrow. Makes it turn very easy. Negative to me because I wanted a bit more resistance for carving. What I understand, wider tires makes the wheel a bit more stable and gives more resistance turning in which I believe gives you a bit more feeling of G in the carving. Tire is narrow and does not take rocks that good when offroad. Damaging the rim if hitting rocks hard. Pedals are to low for offroad. Several times the wheel was just snagged away under my feet due to pedals hitting rocks and roots off road. Pedals ar to low for real carving on asphalt too. Pedal scraping is normal. Control board Mos.fets burn to easy for my. The wheel is SOOOOO STRONG. The motor is so powerful that you can easyly get tricket into pushinhg it to hard during hillclimbs. Burned mos.fets and controllerboard as a result. Not sure if this is only Tesla or most EUC. I burned 2 controllerboards, waiting for my third and hopefully working wheel again soon. The sidedads where a bit hard and uncomfortable for me. Actually I think just removing them would be better. After some hours riding my stance is wider and I do not use the sidesupport that much anyway. Only in the beginning before my balance was set. I anyway took them off and put them back on in a totally different angle as powerpads. And then some softer foam as sidepads. (Power pads can also be the reason for my burned mos.fets. Beeing able to push the wheel to much. ) Speakers not very good for music, but can do If I forgot my UE Boom. Trolley handle superb. Put my helmet on it while shopping. Milk on the pedals Front light.... aaaaaah. Only for slow speed in the dark. Tail light. MISSING! WHY! I glued on a red reflector (reflex?), but plan to put on a proper tail light. LED strip. Funny if you like this. Good in the dark for others to see you. But for reletive high speed (25-45 km/h) asphalt fun and transporttation it is perfect. Also low speed fun (exept hard low speed hill climbs (more than 35 deg). So for me I should have gotten myself a bigger wheel straight away. Considering the MSX or MSP.....
  5. I think this will work but turn it 180 deg around. Then the valve will be paralell with the wheel, and not pointing 90 deg out. So turn the innertire 180 deg around and force the valve thru the same hole in the rim. Then the vave will be correct angled.
  6. Hehehe. This was after a few on off tests where the hall sensor alarm sounded. Then starting the camera too document this a new failure appeared!!! Imagine my chock. Two seconds later I unplugged the battery very quickly.
  7. Will look into that. Any way I an measure the hall sensor from the leads itself to see if it is ok while turning the wheel?
  8. I am really depressed today. Months ago I was so happy. Got my Tesla v2 and loved EUC. But just before hitting 250km total the wheel stopped working. Controlleboard failure. No black MOS.FETs but a smaller burned componet. Gotway say some MOS.FETs are probably also burned and I should ask my seller fro å new controllerboard. Finnally it came and today I tested the new board. BUT NOPE....... expecting a working balancing wheel, what I got was beep beep- beep beep- beep beep. HALL SENSOR FAILURE ALARM. I checked all wires again. Especially the ones from the motor (hall sensor wires). Nothing seemed wrong. Tested again, and boom. Sparkle and smoke. Unplugged the batterypacks ASAP and checked the board. Now the MOS.FETs was burned for sure. Any ideas? I am so BUMMED!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(
  9. Alcatraz....... do you have a link to the tire you got? You think lifting the shell would allow 3.0" tire? One more question.... how thick would you say teh rubber on the tire is... would it allow for self mounting spikes/studs you think? You now these you can screw on yourself for winteruse. My replacemant controllerborad came yesterday, and I really want to do the mods I need for winter and offroad use ASAP
  10. Off road is my main goal for my Tesla. At the moment the low pedals fuck me over everytime I go out on the narrow bike tracks we have here. A mod feels like a must. That or getting a MSX. But I would prefer saving som money and mod the Tesla.
  11. And the benefits? Feeling when riding it?
  12. And now you must also tell us how it rides. The feeling. Changes.
  13. I follow your testing. Please take some photos if it all....
  14. I would love to get the pedals on ht e Tesla a bit higher. How to see the products and prices? I would also love a shell that would allow for a wider tire.
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