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almost a year into euc world


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The algorithm steered me towards euc world when I was pandemic googling electric bicycles. 

July of last year I got KS 18XL as starter wheel.  I have over 1000 miles on this wheel with no issues or problems whatsoever.  I have crashed it many times and it has some cosmetic character but rides like new.  

Today I have three wheels. The 18XL, a KS S-18 and a Mten3 https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.cool/

Of those three the only one I could hop on and ride today is the 18XL.

Mten3 has a flat tire.  The S-18 developed a motor issue.  It started with a clunk when going from reverse to forward abruptly and grew to a grinding noise while riding and ended with a wheel that doesn't want to rotate.  At least I hope it's the motor because I ordered a replacement.

And now the moment of truth because I haven't done any dissembling and repair until now.  Now I have an Mten3 tube and the option of going tubeless. And I have a S-18 motor ready to be swapped out. 

I admit it's a bit intimidating and I haven't started either project yet. 

I very much love riding these eucs. The S-18 (with about 500 miles on it) is my favorite with 18XL close behind.  But this can't be a sustainable hobby unless I can repair these things. 

I have thought about getting a Sherman but my rule now is: if I can't fix what I have I shouldn't get anything else.

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Yeah first time i opened my 18xl, won't lie i was kinda scared. (It was the same day i bought it..) The fan was rubbing, fixed after second reopening, those 3 big capacitors where siliconed to close.. Had to re silicone them.

Third time was when i installed new pedals. And 4th time was when i put new 80/80-14 tire. I have been inside motor it self also. (Decided to change bearings/waterproof them same time, when i was changing tire)

After first time i already wasn't scared. Simply disconnect/connect wires and everything is alright.

And that all was done under 100km riding. :P Now i won't be going in there till i get "flat" tire. But as i put on much more robust tire, i don't see that happening anytime soon.

Only time i will be going in is on winter, i will be changing tire for studded one.

Remember to connect all back, is most important. If you are reconnecting one battery pack, after some use.. Both battery packs need to be same voltage!!! Or everything will go on FIRE. < So i have heard.

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Wheel surgery. Sounds terrifying but if you go slowly, take before pictures like it's a super model, and keep your screws sorted you'll be fine. When I opened my 16xs to add the second battery I also changed out all the philips head fasteners to stainless hex heads... I'm glad I did because there's no worry about stripped screw heads. Make pictures of every connection so you can tie the connections that were tied, and goober the ones that were goobered (hall sensor connection in particular).

CARDINAL RULE: No locktite on anything that's anywhere near plastic, unless you buy the $23/tube special-for-plastic locktite. Regular locktite eats plastic and turns it to goo.

Don't be too manly when tightening things (except the pedal hangers, they need to be torqued... 100 ft/lbs is a common number, and you should put anti-seize compound on the pedal hanger screws), 'nice and snug' is good. They're going into plastic, or brass nuts that have been heat staked into plastic.

There's a trick for the MTen tire... zip ties. I haven't changed mine yet, but the zip tie trick at least makes it possible. Otherwise the teenie tire is near impossible to get remounted.

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3 hours ago, luffyDmonkey said:

Mten3 has a flat tire. 


22 minutes ago, Tawpie said:

There's a trick for the MTen tire... zip ties


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