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Passiongadgets False Stock..


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I bought a ninebot one p on 15 dec 2015 and i am waiting for 1 month and still no stock.... but it have stock on the web with "ETA end jan" when i bought the unicycle it had "ETA end dec" I sent a lot of emails and they tell me  "The model has not arrived yet. We are contacting the supplier"

Is it normal?, it is scam? WTF 1 month and waiting

I can post all emails if you want to see..

I paid with paypal..

Please i don't know what i have to do..


sorry my english

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I bought an external battery pack from them. The casing ends was deform! The battery pack was place in thin "plastic" wrapper with one layer of bubble!!!!! Can FEEL the battery from outside! NO protection at all.

I give this company 0/5 rating for packaging. OMG!!!!!! Reality hits in the face! Need to wait for spring and charge/test it at the library.

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