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  1. @Cloud IF you believed in reincarnation, would you believe you were a circus clown riding a unicycle in a previous life?
  2. I'm not even a ninebot owner but seriously, Chris... This is a public forum. People can talk about what they want without being called whiners. From my perspective, you're the one not contributing anything positive in this thread and yet keep adding posts to the thread complaining about the same issue - that sounds much more like whining to me than anyone else here. Just DON'T come back to the thread if you hate the topic that much! The OP like anyone else is concerned about having a defective product and would rather have it recalled and refunded. I don't believe he will get a refund, but no one has to be rude about it. I'm still amazed about all this talk about the P... very surprised Ninebot would have done this and can completely understand how the P owners must be feeling.
  3. I'm just not sure which explosion will be worse.. the wheel or the one in my underpants.
  4. Ok guys, you're scaring me. Drop of 30-44m. The wheel would probably explode first and me with it.
  5. When you lift it, it will spin quickly. I am honestly not sure about the jumping bit but yeah, I would assume it spins and keeps going as you land. It shouldn't "turn off". Jumps are really pretty quick so I doubt it really gets to spinning differently from the speed at lift-off.
  6. Lack of warranty would actually seem like a big booboo with EUCs. I mean let's be realistic... These new "gadgets" are Made in China without the QC of major brands you could trust (like LG, Samsung, Sony etc) QC is flaky with Chinese production lines. How nice if those established brands sold EUCS eh?? Claims would then then be a breeze mitigating any QC concerns. With most electronics, you can probably go without warranty. I mean how many of us actually use those with our phones and computers etc? But EUCs are relatively new and QC isn't consistent so it's probably not too wise to go without warranty unless the cost savings is like 50%. But then you'd probably have to be sure that it's not a new model and been used and reviewed by many on this forum.
  7. Was the battery well charged? (over 70%) If you're accelerating at your normal pace, then it would seem unusual (since I doubt its cold now) unless you had just gone over a slope/bump etc that might have affected its recent power drain. But you used the words "pretty hard" so anything's possible. Best to be careful doing that especially if the EUC is about a year old or more. I generally try to control my acceleration... the smaller the battery (mine's 240wh IPS ZERO) the more you have to control it. I agree about helmet... I always wear mine even if I don't plan to push it hard. We only have one head and I don't plan to risk it on Chinese electronics. :-D
  8. I have probably spent the least on this forum. LOL (being in China helps!) IPS ZERO (Chinese version 240wh) - US$305 Hoverboard (for wife) - US$260 Some safety gear - $US30-40 Total approx. $600 (for 2 riders)
  9. The wheel turns at high speed if you lift it up. Probably the same when tipped as mine has never done that. LOL.
  10. WTF? What bloody reason could she possibly have to do that? What happened next??
  11. playdad


    Guys, quick question. I am trying to do jumps (over bumps etc) and stuff now with the EUC. Problem is the ZERO unlike many other EUCs... doesn't have that padding for your shin to grab. Isn't this a problem for most of you who attempt to jump? I am finding a lack of "something" to grip with the shins/calves.
  12. I think that is plenty confusing. LOL! You have to imagine that you're new to Ninebot and simply want to buy a good EUC. That's quite a number of options to have to try and figure out.
  13. That would make sense. They're keeping to 20km/h max on the new model A1/S2/whatever even with 2 batteries totaling 310wh. Safety first! I would personally like a max around 25km/h. A little riskier yes but would at least feel somewhat exciting.
  14. As I said before elsewhere, I think they want to streamline their product lines with the EUCs. Too many models so maybe the new Ninebot A1 (in China), S2 (tentative for Intl.) is this new focus product. When I used to browse 9bot EUCs... I personally got lost in all the models and their differences. So this maybe a smart choice. IPS could learn from this too.
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