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  1. Wow can U post pictures? So sad reading. This wheel is amazing. Mine only problem i found is that the fender is loose. But lights and battery&volts are normal at the time.
  2. Maybe try to change the input port. Connect the wheel to this app "DarknessBot" and look the battery level when it's full.
  3. Only Gyrometrics says good but maybe there are more apps.. I don't know. I will test wheelLog thanks
  4. The battery bar of my rockwheel app doesn't move. It is always on the same position. Does it happening to all or only me? This is IOS On Android same but the bar are on ~75% edit: some other apps for connect the rockwheel? Ios or android? Like Gyrometrics
  5. That is true, some vibrations when decelerating. Should i worry? I don't want to fall down at high speed..
  6. LoL Some people told me that this is only on first production. Yours is 84v or 92? can U make a video of the noise? I will upload to youtube a video with 40s. For better appreciate
  7. I think all wheels do, you can see the battery on the app when going downhill
  8. I reached 48km/h with the 84V 858wh "v2" version It's a fantastic wheel, but I have a doubt. Is it normal a noise when brake strong or climb steep streets? "The noise of the video" IMG_0706.MOV
  9. Hey there I am a happy new owner of a Rockwheel GT16 v2 My problem is a noise when I strong brake or climb a steep street. It is like a cicada.. My seller told me that it's normal, that some rockwheels do this noise more than others.. What do you think? Do your rockwheels do that noise? IMG_0706.MOV
  10. WOW so lucky man.. I only can connect it through the XIMA's app or Xima lhotz created by user.. But without riding modes
  11. The app for lhotz is different (this have a different Bluetooth module). The app is called Xima on AppStore. It's a very simple app without riding modes..
  12. I am going to put a video today with my problem, maybe it is normal on all lhotz models but I feel it rare
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