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  1. Im asking £1600, a £600 discount on a brand new EU
  2. Hi all I bought a Gotway Nikola 1600wh but its too big to fit my locker at work so it is of no use to me. It has 10km and is new. Ideally collection in London but could also post Costs £2200 https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/featured-collection/products/gotway-nikola Im asking £1800, a £400 discount on a brand new EUC PM me pls Cheers
  3. Jason has explained to me what needs to be done to fix it but I dont have the time or willingness to do it. Its now on ebay UK Grab a bargain if youre interested
  4. Hi Yes I did If youre interested pls do feel free to PM me Thank you
  5. Please PM me if interested Great condition Little use because it is one of many EU I use With handle Thanks
  6. Im selling my IPS 16"wheel This has not been used for a while It jitters so it needs to be fixed. This happened to me a while ago and i corrected it by tightening the bolts that secure the mainboard. This a well used unicycle. It has many scratches and a good bit of old stickers ao it needs a good cleaning. The batteries are superb and put to shame my kingsongs. They have few cycles because I hate charging ao usually charge only once a week (hence why I bought the kingsongs) In original box with charger. Ideally collection in London but shipping can be arranged Also selling a fancy unicycle stand PM me with your offer Thank you
  7. I have had many unicycles and the IPS continues to be my favorit. Unfortunately, in my opinion IPS continues to fail to understand the market. Safety, big batteries and a trolley handle are a must. IPSs are safe, smooth confortable ride, but very small batteries and no integrated handles. I will buy an IPS again when they come out with this, untill then i rather have a unicycle that I dont like but that gets me to my destination...
  8. Does it have to be a peble or any smart watch will do? Thanks
  9. I was shocked when I saw this video! The motherboard sits on top of a hole without any separation from the tyre... I guess thats good for cooling it but as the weel spins water may freely be splashed onto the motherbard, same I guess with any pebbles. Water may shortcircuit the motherboard even if its not raining and we just happen to ride pass a little pudle of water! Can someone please tell me that Im wrong?!!
  10. Hi I might be interested. How much are you looking for? Thank you
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