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Inmotion V11 max temperature


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Does the V11 have built in overheating protection? If so, at what temperature does it kick in and which temperature probe is it based on? I took my V11 on a fun neighborhood ride today with an ambient temp of 75* and temps got really high without the wheel giving me any kind of feedback that it was overheating so I'm concerned that it might not have overheating protection.

May be an image of text that says 'Temperature 77°F Max emperature 280 Mainboard Temperature 77°F Mainboard Temperature 176 °F Min CPUTemperature95°F MaxCPUTemperature emperature 181°F IMU Temperature 88°F 88 MaxIMUTemperature 172°F'

For contrast, the EX.N tilts the pedals back when it reaches 175*. The EX.N overheats about 3 times faster than the V11 for my type of riding (which is lots of start and go riding on extreme hills).
My S18 has never exceeded 155* F and it doesn't even have fans, but its power is lacking so much that I can't go nearly as quickly as I want to. The V11 has vastly more power than the S18 and perhaps more than the EX.N at speeds below 25 MPH.

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Hmm, the big threat to electronics as I understand it is thermal cycling. Anything that is spiking up and down quickly and often is going to be a concern in my view. All components have a duty cycle as well as stress limits. For this reason it has long been my strategy to build computers with plenty of duty cycle overhead.

So equally as important as thermal protection guards is how the unit is going to behave over its lifetime. If these new EUC's are being designed meet performance specs at the cost of useful life cycle that would be a issue in my view. This is one of the reasons why I am not in the cutting edge enthusiast camp of things.

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I never received any replies to this. I tried posting in a V11 facebook group and other places. I also tried contact inmotion and I tried getting the dealer to contact inmotion, but no responses were ever provided. I set EUC world to warn me when the wheel temperature is above 175*F. I've heard other people have had it hit as high as 212*F. I don't care where they are measuring the temperature from, 212*F is way too hot. It appears that there is no built in overheating protection on this wheel. I think the reason we don't hear many people complaining about it is because most people don't overheat wheels the way that I do.

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23 minutes ago, sevin7 said:

never received any replies to this

Unfortionate, but can happen :(

Afaik the Inmotion wheels starting from at least ?V10? have thermal sensors directly at the heatsink near the mosfets for their thermal alarms.

But the app reports motherboard/compartment temperature - so there is no seeable correlation between alarm and temperature... :(

So inmotion wheels protect their mosfets much better, but have "faster" alarms in high burden situations...

One could look if euc world gets the heatsink temperature reported?

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24 minutes ago, Seba said:

EUC World reports five different temperatures for V11:

  • MOSFET temperature (as a main temperature),
  • mainboard temperature,
  • motor temperature,
  • IMU temperature,
  • CPU temperature.

Due to design of the motor inverter thermal management, V11 MOSFETs temperature can reach more than 100°C and this is still normal operating condition. There is nothing to compare to any Begode or Veteran wheel, where IMU temperature is used alone. This isn't even close to MOSFET temperature, and on some wheels IMU is cooled directly by airflow induced by cooling fan. Begode wheels has the worst thermal management.

Where does your information come from? I cant get any information from inmotion. 

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