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EUCW single swipe/button closing

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Is there any way to enable eucw to close the app with a single swipe or button press? Many versions ago it was this way. NOW I have to verify I want it to close. It REALLY irritates the sh** out of me to be second guessed and asked twice about an action performed on my own device. I know its so people dont accidently close or lose tours. I would like an option to disable this newer method of having to do something twice for single results. DO I really want to close blah blah blah? WTF did I just command you to do? Dont second guess me you android POS!:furious:

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Confirmation dialog was added because many users notorously closed the app with intention to just return to home screen keeping EUC World running in the background. As EUC World is often used as an alternative for onboard speed beeps missing in the wind noise, this caused the app to quit without user being aware that he will no longer get alarms from the app. More, this also caused tour recording to be finished. Imagine that you're going for an epic tour you want to document, and recording is accidentally closed just because you wanted to go back to the main screen, but app closed.

Of course I could add another switch to already complicated menu, but I don't think that a dialog that is there for ensuring user intention is something worth another complication of an already complicated app. Really, I don't think that tapping on OK is a problem here, especially that this dialog lets the user to distinguish between two different states of the app - closing app or making it running in the background.

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Eucworld is great how is set now and i absolutely agree with @Seba.

No compromises to safety ever!. Eucworld is my only barier between burn sherman/MSP or faceplant !

Not fix what is not broke.

And many riders operatie with phone in gloves when use eucworld this is important factor too.(miss click/push is often hapend in my case) 

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