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V11: "Please Repair" message randomly when charging

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Twice in the past few weeks while charging my V11 has spoken outloud: “Please Repair”. Both times it happened at the end of the charge when was is balancing the batteries and the charger’s green light was on.

I have run diagnostics and examined the batteries, everything looks fine, both batteries are at 83.4V after the charge, both are "Normal".  Also: I rode many times (200 km or more) after the first “Please Repair” and charged back up to 100% several times without issue.

At first I thought it was just a glitch in the new firmware, but now that it's happened twice I am more concerned.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


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I observed something similar when replacing 1 of the 2 battery packs.

At first it was fine as I fully assembled the V11 back together I didn't get tail light and speaker function. 

So I disassembled my V11 again. To make sure I didn't fry anything I disconnected the batteries again and discharged the control boards again.

It turned out go be a cracked connector on the board side from when I took it apart. I could reconnect it and push the board side on place. This is not a super critical connector. But for now I am waiting for my 2nd V11.

When I reconnected batteries again I got a brief moment of similar please repair. But at the time the battery packs were not synchronised. After turning of and on again it didn't report the problem anymore.

Now your guess is as good as mine. But with EUCs there is a high level if trust involved.  This means I am going to make a full control board (both boards and housing) swap at some point. For now I will ride my 2nd V11 summer time. By fall I hope to get a new version of control board. For now saving up to buy the boards. Looking at what can happen if you have problem in the EUC I rather buy a set of new boards than taking the risk of an unplanned cut-out.

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