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  1. An update: after riding with my new pads for a while they are a definite improvement over riding with no pads. It really takes some getting used to, but I think it really makes you safer from hitting bumps and pot holes and improves your skills - I can now ride with one leg whereas without pads I couldn't. However, neoprene is pretty fragile and it requires some kind of covering or it starts falling apart pretty quickly: So I was sent back to the drawing board... I grabbed this thing at the dollar store, I think it is some kind of nylon: Cut it in half: Made rectangular neoprene pads, same as before, 2 layers with 2 extra layers at the ends. Wrapped em up, glued em good, added industrial strength velcro (or you can use Dual Lock but this industrial stuff is strong enough): They look a bit better then the old ones: We'll see how long they last! I hope this saves someone time. Happy riding!
  2. That is exactly what will happen, about a month ago I dusted off my wheel and started riding at least an hour a day. 30 days later my feet and my legs have all kinds of muscles that weren't there before and I can cover so much more distance without taking a break. I also find it is really good for my bad back.
  3. 1. Anyone that thinks posting reckless EUC videos on YouTube doesn't affect the entire global EUC community. 2. Anyone that thinks they are immune to faceplants and rides a prototype wheel in traffic on YouTube while only wearing a half helmet and no wrist guards. 3. Anyone that thinks that what happened in France can't happen to their country/state/city. You're not worth talking to - you will always put NYC and your channel ahead of the EUC community, just like U-Stride is doing. I can predict your next reply - don't bother. Just read archieuc's quote again, I made it bigger and blue for those of you having trouble swallowing the bitter pill that is reality: PLEASE BE SMARTER (at least on YouTube where you represent us ALL)
  4. Good posts guys... I have upped my banana intake, and I already take magnesium. I ride everyday but still get foot cramps frequently. My V8 has larger pedals from a V10 which helps. Yes, if I get off and walk for as little as 30 seconds it makes a huge difference. When I get my V11 and put a seat on it I think that being able to sit down will be what allows me to finally defeat the dreaded foot cramp for good!
  5. You're extremely arrogant. There is no way to justify the behavior of these videos and your little NYC buddies. Watching you try made my skin crawl. Which part did you not understand from archieuc's post below? You NYC boys think you're living in a little bubble and what you do doesn't affect the EUC Community globally? Not when you're posting this crap all over YouTube! Your videos affect us worldwide! You are representing all of us! U-Stride's video could easily go viral and/or get on the news, just like the video in archieuc's post. U-Stride has proven himself to be a greedy scumbag for keeping that video up when he knows this could be the outcome. Everyone who doesn't want a laws like France should unsubscribe from these channels and report these videos (to do a report on Youtube: hit the three dots beside the subscribe button, hit report, choose Harmful Dangerous Acts). PLEASE READ ARCHIEUC'S POST A FEW TIMES AND BE SMARTER (at least on YouTube where you represent us ALL)
  6. You are tormenting me! Where are all these boxes? Are they full? This is the longest summer of my life thanks to my v11 pre-order.... July is going to feel like an entire year....
  7. Who is this member? What do they charge?
  8. It is true I ride faster when I have the helmet on. But it's not just a decoration like those stick on flames - it actually makes me safer which justifies the increased speed. Once you get used to wearing the helmet you feel naked without it and very conscious of what a faceplant would do to your face without it.
  9. Great info thanks Mike... Wow... that performance hoodie looks extremely high quality in the video, better then the armored hoodie! Anyone own that one? Besides looks is there any disadvantage to having the performance hoodie over the armored hoodie? After watching that video I reaaaaaally want that one, even more then I wanted the armored hoodie! It's gonna be hard to resist.... Damn you Mike!!! I'm going to order one, its just a matter of time.... maybe I'll take the back protector out and wear it with my Leeat 4.5 Hydra.... edit: I just tried to order one... it was in my cart... my address was entered... I only stopped myself when I realized they say there are no refunds or exchanges if it doesn't fit right (only the performance hoodie says this, their other products don't). That's too much of a gamble, especially since their size chart says I'm an XS (or even XXS) when I normally order all my clothing in medium size. They are asking for too much trust.... but I still want it... I sent them an email...
  10. Hmmm I'll respond to myself since I tried it last night for the first time... it took 2+ hours and didn't quite go as planned.... Here's what I learned... I started with some 1/4" neoprene and some double sided tape, some gorilla glue, some industrial strength velcro: Because the V8 has this bump at the top it makes power pads tricky. I decided to make "Mini Power Pads" on that bump. I started with a strip of industrial strength velcro: I did two layers of neoprene in a crescent shape, with two legs on each end using four layers: It aint pretty... the neoprene gets damaged very easily, but I just wanted the job done and too wasn't worried about looks: I mostly used double sided tape on the neoprene, but on the edges I did a few drops of gorilla glue, unfortunately the gorilla glue looks pretty ugly when it dries: I tried riding it with just these new power pads, initially it felt pretty good for stability and control, it was great for jumping off curbs, and safer for hitting bumps. But I soon learned that when I hit max speed I was prone to wobbles that didn't used to be there - I never had that problem before when I was cruising just using my feet. The pads had definitely changed the way I ride, and not necessarily for the better, suddenly my legs were touching the EUC whereas before I purely used my pedals (upgraded V10 pedals). This leg hugging was causing wobbles at 28 KM/h (my max speed). Not sure if more practice would resolve that issue or not... But I decided to put on the ankle pads that came with the machine for some more support, hoping it would give me more control to stop the wobbles: It worked: with two points of contact on the wheel the wobbles were gone. I feel a lot more control now, and a lot safer when I hit a bump. But... I'm not sure if I like the new way I am riding with two points of contact on my legs. Before I had zero contact with my legs and only used my feet. It will definitely take a few days to get use to this new way of riding but I think eventually the extra control and the safety factor will out weigh the weirdness that I am feeling. I think the main thing missing from my little experiment is some cloth or leather to cover up and protect the fragile neoprene and make it look much better. I have a ton of neoprene left and will make a second attempt at some point focusing more on looks. Lastly - I learned that I don't want to make my own pads for my pre-ordered V11. For that C$3000 purchase I want something a bit more professional, I am reluctantly going to pay $80 USD (even though I think that price is ridiculous and they should be about $40 USD) for Powerpads from eWheels or AliExpress, I will hope they fit the V11 somehow (anyone know?) Hopefully this all helps someone!
  11. For me back protection is the priority and I see myself using this backpack more then a hoodie.
  12. This thing haunted me in my sleep and taunted me endlessly during daylight hours. I broke down and ordered it. Now I need a 2nd mortgage.
  13. I decided against the hoodie for now. Instead I've ordered a Leeat 4.5 Hydra https://www.leatt.com/shop/chest-protector-4-5-hydra.html Eventually I want the Hoodie too. As for butt/hip protection I have a bunch of padded shorts I ordered, still trying to decide which one is best.
  14. Actually... I'd like to change my answer..... this is, without a doubt, the best EUC Backpack you could possibly buy on this planet: https://www.leatt.com/shop/chest-protector-4-5-hydra.html I want it sooooo badly.... but it's sooooo expensive.....
  15. Well... That was not a response I was not expecting to get, lol.... Bananas Eh? I assume potassium prevents cramps, or something like that?
  16. Has anyone added any padding to their V8/V10? I am determined to add some but I'm not sure where.... or how.... or when.... Is your V8/V10 padded? Show us a picture!
  17. Surprising results! Ride on Old Dudes! Ride on!
  18. Sooo... this maybe a stupid question but: Anyone got any magical tips for dealing with or preventing foot cramps? ie: Do you think they are better, or worse, if you wear a shoe with a soft sole, like running shoes? Or is it better with a hard sole? Got any other tips?
  19. Their prices are the same as everyone else for the EUCs I've been looking at. Plus I got $100 off for pre-ordering. I did eWheels last time for my V8 and got hit with over C$100 C.O.D. in Duty and Taxes when it crossed the border which surprised me - the FedEx dude would not give me my wheel until I paid right then and there. The duty and HST on a $3000 item crossing the border will be much more significant, I can imagine it being well over $300 And besides: Trump! 'nuff said.
  20. Same.... Seen it all, plus all the S18 stuff for comparison.... I'm going nuts waiting for this wheel... if it is delayed much my head is gonna explode.... really hoping we get it before the summer is gone... Have they been shipped from China yet? Can someone track that boat for us? YouTubers: please make more V11 videos to hold me over!!!
  21. I've already noticed this as well - they are busy, or understaffed, or it's COVID19 related - but they do not answer emails very quickly, usually it takes a few days. At the same time: I ordered an innertube from them on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday - they seem to ship quickly, but email is not a priority for them. Regardless.... I have reluctantly placed my C$3000+ V11 pre-order with them instead of good old reliable eWheels.com primarily because they are in located in Ontario and I refuse to spend a penny in the States while Trump is around (sorry eWheels!) If they let me down you (and the rest of the internet) will all know about it.
  22. An update: I've ordered a Triple8 wristguard/glove combo for C$65. I will try them out, but they are not exactly what I am looking for and will probably get returned. More suggestions welcomed! https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B003BAJKVQ/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB
  23. I'm disappointed there is nothing good in between the Triple 8's (C$25) and the Flexmeters (C$150). Apparently I am the only one in the market that wants to spend about C$75
  24. I really want a pair of these Demon Flexmeters but with shipping they will be $150 CAD Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative? I do want something premium - an upgrade to the wrist guards eWheels included when I bought my wheel.
  25. If you ride in traffic having some kind of mirror way smarter then trying to look behind you, especially for newer riders. Absolutely Iove my little 2" sideview mirror.
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