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  1. Did you guys have threadlock on all your screws going into the shell, or was it just me? I suspect this the main cause of the brittle plastic on my shell. Did the factory screw up or was this 'plastic friendly' threadlock?
  2. I've heard from others who had this issue in Telegram chat as well, I know it is not that uncommon. The photo I included (which I've updated with a better version) was when the wheel was first opened up, by the time the repairs were completed a few days later much more cracks were found/created (several were caused when the screws were tightened, even when being very gentle - the plastic was essentially falling apart from any touch). Most of those screws had threadlocker on bottom of them, from the factory. I have a new shell coming under warranty. I repeat my warning: similar to the
  3. 2200km, just changed my motor due to bad bearings (which began at 600km). While changing motor I noticed most of the screws that attach the shell have cracked the plastic. Granted some of these screws could be blamed on me tightening them too much, but not all. It's undeniable that the shell plastic is extremely brittle, you'll see what I mean if you ever change a tire or motor. Thankfully these screws do not support any of my weight, that all goes directly to the wheel. These screws just connect the case to the wheel so the cracks are not a show stopper, although very concerning. A
  4. Tryptych

    InMotion V8S

    Oh boy another 16" non-suspension wheel... Zzzzzzzz... InMotion: We want the V11F !
  5. The TSG Professional Wristguards are not dual sided, which is really important imo - I'd never wear a single sided wrist guard if I can avoid it. The Triple 8 Wrist Saver II are the best alternative to the Flexmeter's that I've found - they have splints on front and back. The Flexmeter's are ridiculously priced at $150 when I can get the Triple 8s for $26. The only problem with the Triple 8's is they wear out after a year or so but at that price it's a fair deal.
  6. This Limar Alpe is exactly what I'm looking for (and the price is right). Unfortunately it's impossible to find online (with shipping to Canada).... Anyone know of similar helmets?
  7. NO ....unless you're willing to wear a super-expensive airbag jacket... This is the ugly reality of our hobby (as Duff put it). Motherboards/Components can die at any moment and we're all potentially Black Cobra. Gear up and be ready for your wipe, everyone gets one if they ride long enough. We need fully redundant wheels, which is entirely possible IF we're willing to pressure the manufacturers for it, and pay the price. https://www.gofundme.com/f/2086gjn6qo
  8. As mentioned, it's the price, and I'd like to know what else is out there. ps: you should just sell me your Bell DH since you don't even use it
  9. Hello EUC fans, Today I am looking for alternatives to the Bell Super Air R and/or Bell Super DH: I already have two MIPS helmets so this one will only be used once and a while when it's unbearably hot outside. I'm sure the Bell helmets are worth every penny but I'm hoping to find something a bit cheaper, with that said my priority on this purchase is: (1) Ventilation (2) Price (3) Safety, and it must be full face. Any suggestions?
  10. You can practice rolling all day but it has ZERO value when it comes to a crash like this. I don't care if you think you're a ninja - you aren't. When this shit happens you have no choice in how you will land - you're foolish to think otherwise. You'll be INSTANTLY slammed to the concrete, stunned, dazed, and not even be sure what happened. That is the reality - even at 20mph, you're young or inexperienced if you think otherwise. Anyone who has been injured in a serious crash like this knows this is the reality. This is a perfect opertunity to have a real conversation about why these
  11. Twice in the past few weeks while charging my V11 has spoken outloud: “Please Repair”. Both times it happened at the end of the charge when was is balancing the batteries and the charger’s green light was on. I have run diagnostics and examined the batteries, everything looks fine, both batteries are at 83.4V after the charge, both are "Normal". Also: I rode many times (200 km or more) after the first “Please Repair” and charged back up to 100% several times without issue. At first I thought it was just a glitch in the new firmware, but now that it's happened twice I am more concern
  12. "MonoWheel" is already being used by a lot of people.
  13. I don't see this posted anywhere on these forums so I am going to post it. Black Cobra is hurt pretty bad, support a fellow rider if you can: https://www.gofundme.com/f/2086gjn6qo Also, subscribe to his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThaBlackCobra From what I've heard his new Monster Pro "turned off" at about 20mph. I don't have very much detail except for what I've heard in rumours: he was not riding very hard when it happened, he was fully geared, and they can't find anything wrong with the wheel now except it won't turn back on (please add more details/correc
  14. I've bought so many little knick knacks for my three EUCs that I think it's time to invest in a 3D printer. Can anyone recommend a decent printer for a beginner? It should be well suited for printing stuff for my EUCs: flypads, bumpers, etc. Got any other tips for a beginner?
  15. Five Stars. Don't spend too much time worring about negative reviews - those people are idiots.
  16. It would be really cool if EUC World showed a few thumbnails of your photos from each ride on the 'Tours' page. For example: see below where I have marked 1,2 and 3... each of those could be a thumbnail from pics you took during that ride (if any). It would make that entire page much more fun & much more useful when you go back months later and review your past Tours.
  17. You don't need another wheel, and shouldn't go any faster for at least 6-12 months. Jump off a curb on your V11. Now imagine what it would feel like if that curb had been twice as high - that's what non-suspenion is like. Or, if you really want to know, just drain all the air out of your shocks and go for a ride
  18. A warning about the Lemfo LEMT - do not attempt to remove the wristband. It has two pins inside holding the band on. If you try to get them off, so you can get the band off, it is very difficult (you'll need a hammer) and you have a very high chance of damaging the pins and causing your GPS to no longer function (apparently the two pins are used as GPS antennas and they are connected to the inside of the watch).
  19. A warning about the Lemfo LEMT - do not attempt to remove the wristband. It has two pins inside holding the band on. If you try to get them off to get the band off it is very difficult (you'll need a hammer) and you have a very high chance of damaging the pins and causing your GPS to no longer function (apparently the two pins are used as GPS antennas).
  20. By chance does anyone know the size of washer (or bolt) that most EUCs use to keep the pedals spaced evenly? Also, where can I get them from? I need to order some for my MSP - but I'm not sure what to order. Above is a pic of my V10 pedals to illustrate what I mean by 'spacers'.
  21. Hi Luke, yes I have one of your mounts for my V11 too. If you take off the screws of the watch it exposes a pin inside that cannot be moved. So, it seems they designed it so the bands are not replaceable. Exactly how did you get yours off?are you able to put them back on? I want mine to be re-usable
  22. I grabbed one of these LEMT watches to run EUC World. I had intended to mount it to my wheels, or to my wristguards. I am really disappointed that: (1) the bands are not removable (without destroying them) (2) the charge point is on the back of the watch, and the charge adapter covers the entire backside, which means I can't cover the back of the watch with velcro and slap it onto my wristguards like I planned (see photos below). This suuucks. (3) the bands are too small to go around my MC jacket So... I need a band extender to I can wrap this thing around my MC jack
  23. Has anyone ever filed their pedal hangers to decrease the angle that Gotway uses? I would like my pedals a bit more flat. So... has anyone ever done it? How did it go? Was it difficult?
  24. V11 pedals work perfectly fine on most MSPs - this includes V11 Stock pedals and V11 Honeycomb. I got my Honeycombs today, their greeeeaat!. That left me with an extra pair of stock V11 pedals for my MSP - works fine, nice upgrade for the MSP. It just don't work for unlucky people that have the very first few batches of MSPs (the ones that have extra slanted pedals).
  25. I'm not screaming, I'm using a large font because InMotion is trying soooo hard to ignore this subject. And unless they are not using hollow motors anymore, it is completely on-topic to discuss InMotion's ongoing bearing problems.
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