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  1. By chance does anyone know the size of washer (or bolt) that most EUCs use to keep the pedals spaced evenly? Also, where can I get them from? I need to order some for my MSP - but I'm not sure what to order. Above is a pic of my V10 pedals to illustrate what I mean by 'spacers'.
  2. Hi Luke, yes I have one of your mounts for my V11 too. If you take off the screws of the watch it exposes a pin inside that cannot be moved. So, it seems they designed it so the bands are not replaceable. Exactly how did you get yours off?are you able to put them back on? I want mine to be re-usable
  3. I grabbed one of these LEMT watches to run EUC World. I had intended to mount it to my wheels, or to my wristguards. I am really disappointed that: (1) the bands are not removable (without destroying them) (2) the charge point is on the back of the watch, and the charge adapter covers the entire backside, which means I can't cover the back of the watch with velcro and slap it onto my wristguards like I planned (see photos below). This suuucks. (3) the bands are too small to go around my MC jacket So... I need a band extender to I can wrap this thing around my MC jack
  4. Has anyone ever filed their pedal hangers to decrease the angle that Gotway uses? I would like my pedals a bit more flat. So... has anyone ever done it? How did it go? Was it difficult?
  5. V11 pedals work perfectly fine on most MSPs - this includes V11 Stock pedals and V11 Honeycomb. I got my Honeycombs today, their greeeeaat!. That left me with an extra pair of stock V11 pedals for my MSP - works fine, nice upgrade for the MSP. It just don't work for unlucky people that have the very first few batches of MSPs (the ones that have extra slanted pedals).
  6. I'm not screaming, I'm using a large font because InMotion is trying soooo hard to ignore this subject. And unless they are not using hollow motors anymore, it is completely on-topic to discuss InMotion's ongoing bearing problems.
  7. Yes, it was a very long post. You've already made it clear in Telegram chat that you don't have any affiliation with InMotion and your not qualified to speak for them. Regarding your opinion about the "upright postition" preventing bearing issues, I'm going to call BS on that: I've never stored my V11 on it's side and I doubt very many other people who have bearing issues have done this either (other than Duff!). It has a kickstand. I can tell you with 100% certainty bearing issues happen regardless of how you store the V11 - mine happened within 20 min of getting the V11 wet for the fir
  8. Why doesn't InMotion fix the V11 bearing issues before they move on to the V12? Hundreds of people are having problems with their V11 bearings while InMotion tries very very hard to ignore them on the official Telegram chat and on these Forums. All batches seem to be affected: 1,2,3 and onward. Does InMotion really think their V12 sales are not going to be impacted by this unprofessional behavior?
  9. In case anyone else is interested: I spoke to Dmitriy @ MonoCustomize on Telegram. They are genuine leather and there are two types. $150 for the plain ones and $170 for diagonal stitching (these are out of stock for the next week or two). $20 Russian Post shipping or $40 for EMS.
  10. Yeah they are Russian but I'm lookin for a link. Anyone seen them online?
  11. I want pads exactly like these: Anyone know where I can buy them on the web?
  12. Good point, worth repeating. Keep things in perspective; don't worry about this much more than you worry about getting struck by lightning. With that said having a fire safety plan can't hurt, I keep a large fire blanket by my wheels, and an extinguisher, but I don't spend much time worrying about it.
  13. Take it easy, sooner or later you will overpower the machine at this weight. Go gentle on acceleration and deceleration the first months while you learn what it can handle.
  14. As mentioned earlier in the thread - almost any helmet is good in winter if you add a Balaclava underneath: I ride in -10c weather with my motorcross helmets and one of these. It's warmer than just a motorcycle style helmet.
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