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  1. Search for Ed Pratt on YouTube. Watch him ride around the world on a UC. Good stuff.
  2. Sadly this is most likely the bearings, but first make sure nothing is caught up inside between the case and the wheel, there could be a branch or something caught in there causing the noise. Get a flash light and look around inside. If it is the bearings and you have a warranty then contact your retailer. If you don't have warranty you will need to replace the bearings (difficult), or the entire motor (more expensive but less difficult). You might consider hiring a bike shop or mechanic to swap the bearings for you. While your at it you should protect your next bearings/motor with the 3D
  3. Am I the only one who hates the purple? I really hope the production version does not have any purple. Purple and Red don't exactly go together very well - I hope those parts are black or red.
  4. No, you can't lower them and you wouldn't want to, once you get used to it it's a huge advantage being higher How hard is anything to clean? Use a cloth and wipe it down, takes 30seconds. Its the only wheel I will ride, I don't like non-suspension wheels anymore. Once you figure out your proper suspension settings you don't mess with it, maybe check it once a month. It's not hard to add air but it does take time (5-10 min) and effort.
  5. Those are 3d printed seals to protect the bearings (no idea what you mean by 'distance placeholders')
  6. This cannot be stressed enough: Jack don't let them rush this wheel... It could easily be KS's most profitable wheel, but only if you test and retest. Invest in QC and it will pay off - this wheel will be sold out everywhere.
  7. Can someone remind me why I can't use my 3A charger and my 5A charger at the same time?
  8. Fact is that V11 is not very complex - there are just a lot more screws. The design is brilliant and once you open it up you realize the suspension is incredibly simple. After 3000km it's never needed any maintenance and has been nothing but a good thing. There is no reason to not have suspension - same as your car, or truck, or train, etc etc... It's just better...
  9. Good info, I am surprised your PSI is so low at your weight. At 160lb I am using 28 PSI because I am afraid to damage the rim, but I guess I can drop down a bit more. Is anyone else doing under 28?
  10. "it will never happen here" "it will never happen here" "it will never happen here" "it will never happen here" "it will never happen here" ....until it does NYPD is fully capable of removing everyone from the road, impounding vehicles, laying heavy fines. You're foolish to think otherwise. Please ride smarter and recognize that globally we are in a PR battle that is about to climax in the next few years.
  11. I have the most recent Sherman. I want my PSI as low as possible, but I also don't want my rim getting damaged. So... what is the best compromise? What PSI would you recommend for me?
  12. You're exaggerating a lot - I have multiple wheels and I feel zero threat from fires, absolutely zero. Fires are extremely rare. I agree with you there. If the V11 had an RS-HT motor and 1800wh it would be the perfect wheel for me. Someone take my money!!!
  13. Usually the people you find arguing against suspension are the people who don't own a suspension wheel and haven't fully experienced it. As someone who owns both types of wheel I can tell you with authority: Suspension is the real deal and every wheel should have it. It makes your ride so much more comfortable and so much safer. There are absolutely zero drawbacks to having suspension. Not having suspension makes about as much sense as not having suspension on your car, your motorcycle, your truck, your train etc etc you get my point. Suspension is simply better.
  14. I'd like to 3d print my friends some bumpers for their new EXNs but there are none on Thingiverse. Does anyone know where I can get the files/models to 3D Print EXN Bumpers?
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