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  1. Show us! (fix your pictures, the links are broken) ...and let us know if you like it, I have been thinking about trying it too
  2. This is just a quick note to tell you all how DEEPLY IN LOVE I AM WITH MY V8 My girlfriend may be intensely jealous, but my true love (the V8) and I don't care. Coming up on a year of romance and close to 1000km traveled with no wipe outs or problems of any kind, she has never let me down. Rock-Solid. Non stop fun. My V8 and I still love spending time together: we both enjoy long rides through the park, quick shopping trips downtown, brunch dates with friends, I hold it's handle while we watch the sunset at the beach, etc etc.. It's all very sweet. The heart wants want the heart wants: and I'm here to tell you it wants a V8. Your heart probably wants one too, you just won't realize it until you own one. It's like having a dog, or a child - you just can't even imagine the intense life-long bond that will form, until it happens to you. Such a beautiful, elegant, brilliant little vehicle. Suddenly your world is brighter and you realize how incredibly slow and boring walking is. Why walk when you could fly!? How can I convey to all the non-V8 owners what they are missing? It's just perfect: the perfect weight, the perfect speed, the perfect range, the perfect price. With a V8 it becomes all about the journey rather then the destination; you'll find yourself taking the long way home. I wish I was poetic, I'd totally write my V8 a poem.... sigh... Babies should be assigned a V8 at birth - it is an absolute tragedy that most people will never discover joy that a V8 can bring. Walking is stupid - get a V8™
  3. I am back to report that this one worked beautifully for $9 and saved me a lot of money.
  4. I try to use the Inmotion app as little as possible, it is obvious Spyware. It wants access to your camera, your microphone ,etc, then it lurks in the background burning up your cpu.... watching you.... I wish Solowheel had their own app for North America
  5. They fold the same, the looseness is controlled the same way as the originals (tip: just tighten the little screw on the bottom if your pedals get loose). He sends new washers and a new rods, everything you need, it's all from the same company, just as strong/durable as the originals, etc etc. It's a logical upgrade if you spend a lot of time on your V8, recommended!
  6. Hey guys - I bought a set of these from Jason and I am here to report: they are a great improvement. I don't have very big feet (size 8) but the original pedals were still way too small. With the originals my feet would start to ache on long rides, with these bigger (and padded) pedals it makes the V8 much more comfortable with less foot ache. They fit perfectly and installation was super easy - it took maybe 5 minutes. ps: I also highly recommend the Amazonbasics guitar stand... as you can see it is perfect for holding a muddy V8
  7. Where's a good place to get parts for a V8 in Canada? Specifically I need an inner tube, and I'd rather not pay an arm and leg for shipping and duty, etc. Where can I get one cheap? Can I save a bunch of money and use this one from Walmart? https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/bell-sports-16-self-sealing-inner-tube/6000189084450
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