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  1. I am trying to decide if I should accept a batch #2 wheel or wait for batch #3. Batch #2 owners: what do you think? How's your saddle? Has anyone been able to reinforce it themselves? Are there other fixes that should be made before you ride a batch #2 wheel? Also - if you reinforce your saddle does that make your warranty void?
  2. Yeah I've used power pads and can see how they might change the situation for someone as they tend to change the way you ride. Personally I don't notice a difference in foot fatigue due to having pads on/off. That was just a random photo to show the type of boots I was talking about, I don't own those exact ones.
  3. Glad you fought back... Not sure what having drivers license has to do with riding a EUC though. Do they make cyclists do the same thing? Do they harass cyclists about turn signals? Japan is so weird!!
  4. I didn't know there was one until you posted this. Here's a link for other people:
  5. I am back after a summer of testing to report: #1. I definitely have less foot cramps and foot fatigue if I wear tightly laced combat style boots, this seems to be best footwear for riding EUC: #2. I believe the potassium supplements that I've been taking help reduce foot cramps as well (alternatively just eat more bananas). #3. Lastly it is worth mentioning the obvious: the more you ride the more tolerance you have to foot fatigue and cramps.
  6. This sounds like an absolutely horrible place to live. See the lawyer and fight back if it is at all possible, not just for you, but for the entire EUC community. Keep us updated.
  7. The best feature of the V11 that it is not a King Song or a Gotway. I like that InMotion is listening to its users on Telegram and making quick changes because of that feedback. InMotion gets an A+ for customer service. ps: .....and the air suspension, you've changed the industry forever and have possibly even saved some lives with these safer wheels Sincerely, Dennis S.
  8. I mistakenly thought this would work with a V8 charger too but now I am learning it wont (the V8 from Solowheel has 4 wires/ports). You should include another pic on your ebay showing the # ports. Anyone know where I can get a "4 wire" adapter so I can use my V8 SoloWheel charger as a 2nd charger for the V11?
  9. Agreed. After deal with Jason from eWheels for my first wheel it is extremely frustrating to deal with Smartwheel on my second. They take a few days (or more) to answer email and always seem to be really overwhelmed and under staffed. Hard to tell how much of this is related to COVID19 - but I don't hear similar complaints about eWheels and VanEUC . Still waiting for my V11 (not their fault - InMotion has delayed it). I plan to drive out there to pick it up and check out their store. I will be updating this thread again within a few weeks with my final impression.
  10. Is anyone knowledgeable about the different types of Cree LEDs? I am looking for the brightest possible flashlight on Amazon or Ali Express (for under $50 USD) From what I see the Cree "XHP70" LED is the brightest "legit" Cree version available on Amazon. But China has created their own Cree knockoffs and called them XHP90, XHP90.2 and XHP100 which really confuse the situation. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of these? Are they brighter then the XHP70 LEDs?
  11. I had a cutout recently at 30kmh and my Leatt 4.5 Hydra chest protector did take some damage in front - without it I think I would have had really bad road rash and/or a broken rib. As long as it is not too hot outside I am trying to wear it. I also have an Armored Hoodie that I try to pair with it weather permitting - which admittedly is a bit of overkill but I really feel safe with both on. I think that when this all pays for itself is when you wipe at full speed and slide 20 feet - your wheel is going to zoom past you and possibly hit you in the back, or the back of the head. Also if you ride with traffic then anything can happen and you need to be prepared. Lastly I think this has a lot to do with age. If you're getting up there like me you have to be a bit more cautious and plan for the worst.
  12. Am I the only one who doesn't like the amount of permissions the InMotion app asks for? I'm betting the watch makes it even worse. You'll be giving the Chinese government complete access to all your mobile's files, your contacts, your social media, your microphone, etc etc etc etc... Interesting they chose to do the watch first instead of the much simpler Power Pads that everyone needs much more. Beware.
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