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  1. It's unlikely any of us will ever have this problem, but it's possible, so to be safer I always charge my wheels in the same room I am in and never unattended. But it makes me wonder: what would I actually do if my wheel suddenly caught fire while charging? Water is not going to help, neither is my fire extinguisher, and I probably won't have time to grab it and take it outside. So... what to do? I've seen Kuji Roll's using a big metal box to charge his wheels in - that's pretty clever but I don't really have room for it. Would a fire blanket help? Maybe I could smother the flames wi
  2. Thanks Shane, it was more of a question for people who ride through the winter in colder climates, I know there are a bunch of us. But now I am curious - do you really see rust on your wheels? Which ones? How bad? I see Chooch riding his MSX through streams a few inches deep in recent videos - he doesn't seem very concerned about water - do wheels really rust so easily? My next question was going to be about rust proofing... they do it to cars, can we do it to a wheel?
  3. Does anyone know of an example where a wheel was damaged by salt? Has anyone ever had a wheel destroyed by rust? Is this something we need to worry about?
  4. At who? Did you buy a 1st batch wheel without a warranty? Regardless: it's not going to take you 12 hours - you're making it sound worse than it is. Maybe you can find someone who is good at this stuff to help you? There is one, but it's not an easy process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W-GeIzWC-k If I was you I'd find a mechanic nearby and see if you can hire them to do it for you.
  5. Seba: when I zoom in tight I still can't see the street names on most streets - is there a workaround that will let me see the name of these little side streets?
  6. As an update: I have ridden my V11 another 200km since the bearing issue developed and have no plans to stop - this wheel is incredibly addictive. Currently the bearing noises are very faint, you can't hear them when your riding fast. It doesn't seem to be getting worse so far, but I have no doubt it would come back with a vengeance if I rode in the rain again. After 800km I have to say again: this is an incredible wheel, such a pleasure to ride, sooo comfortable with the seat and the suspension. I really love it. It would be absolutely perfect if it wasn't for the bearing issue. I hope
  7. Yeah the V11 is not the easiest to learn on and it is very heavy - but it will be worth it if you push on. Lower your tire psi immediately - it makes a big difference. Also put some padding on the wheel, also wear padding on your knees/legs while you learn - cloth knee pads worn facing the wheel helped me master the V11 when my legs were getting beat up those first few days (and I already knew how to ride). It is not supposed to be easy. With all that said, I think if you sell you can probably get pretty close to what you paid if it's in good shape, there is a waiting list for V11's
  8. You are giving up way too easily! It is supposed to be hard and painful at first. If it wasn't then it wouldn't be as rewarding and addictive as it is. It takes most people a week or two before they can really ride, people that claim it only took them one day are extremely rare (and often dishonest). Just spend 30-60 minutes a day practicing the basics: getting on and off, and supporting yourself while moving along with a wall or fence. Make little tiny baby steps and it will get easier and easier everyday. Then one day it will "click" and you'll instantly be addicted and sudden
  9. I passed 600km on my V11 (batch #2 with supposedly rubber sealed 'RS' bearings) last week, always being careful to keep it dry. Once I hit 600km I decided it was time to ride it in the rain for the first time. Within 20 minutes of riding in light rain I started hearing weird "squeaky" noises from my motor/bearings. Video #1: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ww5jxKy8is7N9TtK9 Video #2: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dtVfyamSfpQhTUJ5A As soon as I started hearing the noises I went straight home and let it dry overnight with a big fan blasting it. In the morning the sound was greatly reduce
  10. I got my official InMotion seat this week and I love it, I think it is almost perfect. I was surprised at how easy it is to go from standing to sitting.
  11. (1) Seba I am zoomed in as tight as possible to the map and I still can't see most of the street names - is there a workaround? I want to ride up streets I have never been on but I can't see their names : (2) When I take photos with tour recording active it doesn't add them to my trip - how is this feature supposed to work? I am minimizing EUC World (the tour is not interrupted), opening the camera app, taking a photo, then maximizing EUC World again - am I doing something wrong?
  12. That's really awesome, I hope I can be as adventurous when I get older! Here are some tips that I can't resist giving you (regardless of age I suggest this to all new riders): Take it slow, baby steps everyday, don't rush. EUCs are very hard on your legs and feet, especially when you just start. After a while muscle memory will start to kick in and it will get easier and less painful. Wear padded shorts (as well as the standard 4 pieces everyone recommends - full helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards). Padded shorts are the most underrated piece of gear you'll buy. T
  13. I'm about 160 lb geared and I seem to like 65 PSI on top and the 50 PSI on the bottom which I think is the least amount of pressure I can get away using without bottoming out.. but I'm not sure yet... Admittedly I haven't spent enough time testing that many different settings. What do you guys prefer?
  14. Seba you need your own message forum instead of just a thread! My question I'm sure has been asked 700 billion times before, so I apologize in advance: Which smartwatches are compatible for EUC World? Which is the cheapest?
  15. Sure I can: I have 500km on this wheel and I know from personal experience that suspension makes it safer than non-suspension wheels. Until you hit a pothole at 50kmh and suspension saves your ass you won't understand. Also: have you ever seen Gotway investigate and respond to a cutout message on these forums? Thanks for investigating InMotion, this makes a lot of us feel better, and hopefully helps Joshua regain trust in his V11.
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