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Easy Rolling?

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I have been working part time for Lazyrolling for the past few months.

Their clothes are great and the majority of our customers are super happy with the products and the quality.

Some get a bit shocked though when they take a tumble and the jacket tears or rips. It is fabric after all... it's just that it has a kevlar lining and optional Level 1 or Level 2 pads.

I have taken quite a few falls with the gear on and it works as it should. Except that one time I fell 5 times in 5 minutes on a frozen lake and didn't have the hip protectors installed.. that hurt. Landed on my right hip 5 times.. best 5 minutes of my life.

I have never torn the clothes and my fastest fall was on icy asphalt at 42.5kmh. Then a few slow speed falls at skate parks. And that lake... yeah.. that lake...

There are a couple of Lazyrolling threads in here. Some people feel that the jackets and jeans/pants are overpriced. Which is normal to feel. You can always buy worse for less.

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On 2/28/2021 at 7:55 PM, Nostris said:

I wondered if anyone had bought one.

I got jacket and hoodie. I gues I could say few words.

I like em. The jacket is warm. Hoodie is for warmer weather and it lets air through unlike the jacket. With jacket I only keep tea-shirt under -12C and side zippers open to ventilate.

If you are thinking are they worth, well it is mostly the design you buy. So if you like the look the price might be right.

There are some things I did not like. The thumb thingie in the sleeve, a hole I could live without. I can roll my gloves over it but it is annoying during cold weather.

Also the zippers that you have at the sides to vent some air, they are such annoying to operate. And always get stuck, flawed design. They are water repelling zippers tho so there is that. Unfortunately I usually have to take jacket off entirely to adjust em.

Level 1 pads are uncomfortable (not recommended by me) and you can get level2 pads way cheaper from motocross stores (3DO pads). I mostly use the shoulder pads only but use elbow and wrist guards externally. 

I use my jacket alot during winter and think it is worth it. I do hope the side zippers to be changed into something more usable on the fly.

One more thing, the product have fairly long torso part and that is something I like. You can also attach the jacket to your belt with a button from behind. Wonder why no-one pointed that out before. Makes the jacket stay in place better. (And if you like the thumb holes the jacket would stay in place even better, but I feel they are uncomfortable.)



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