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Bluetooth issue with Nexus 6P and Inmotion V11


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In general when speaking of BT issues with connection and stability I have come across this a few times. 

If you have had many BT devices connected to a phone there will be a point to where the BT bandwidth is used up. You might not have all connected but the phone will from time to time scan for BT devoces it knows to auto connect to them. I have seen this when connected to EUC but also when connecting dslr cameras to phones or trying to use printers. I had falimy that had ossues with hearing aid too as it was cobtroled by an app on an iphone. 

It might get you a different perspective on what to try. 

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If your android phone has advanced battery saving tech you have to opt out certain applications otherwise the battery saving tech will kill apps sucking too much battery.


I have a oneplus5

and the settings are:  Battery> Battery optimization,  make sure that inmotion app and euc world are both excluded and not being "Inteligently controled" I.E. randomly killed :)

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