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  1. Thank you for the comparison table. It is very useful and I find myself regularly visiting it. Since I got the mcm5v2 recently, I wanted to report you couple of corrections. First the tire is the CST 1813. Source: Checked the markings on mine and also https://www.ewheels.com/product/14x2-5-tire-cst-1813-mcm5v2/ Free spin is at least 60km/h for the V2 (gained speed compared to v1, but lost torque). Source: I've seen at least 62km/h on mine and you can see Denis review here hitting 64-65km/h.
  2. Mcm5 v2 hits most of your requirements and has no problems cruising at 20 mph. (the 80% beep comes at 21 mph on 10% battery) It's very punchy and the tire although smaller than the v8s (14 vs 16), it is wider (2.5 vs 2.1) so it will feel similar. Has a good trolley and good weight (37 lbs). I would NOT recommend it to a non knowledgeable person though, for the simple fact that it has no dynamic tiltback to save you. You have to rely on the beep only. You can set a fixed tiltback to around 18mph though (so that it is fully engaged at 20mph) so that it covers the whole batter
  3. In order to simplify the app, i think the absolute value should be enough! Otherwise If in the future you add speed alarms, then that's another thing people can mess up! (either by not using the switch, or riding the wheel backwards)
  4. Begode app shows the 80% (buzzer info) with a red warning ("High power,dangerous"), but no auditory feedback. Also, while co-developing support (with @enaon) for the InMotion v11 on the euc watch (prior to the gotway finding), we found the information for the buzzer as well (with different states). So inmotion support would also be great @supercurio! (At least for V11 & V12)
  5. I really appreciate your efforts in providing a safer euc riding experience. Between my excitement and the inadequate beeper volume, I had an overlean accident within a day of my new wheel. While I was still in the hospital, @enaon discovered the buzzer information from my wheel. Looking back, It feels kinda stupid knowing that this could have been easily preventable. So thank you both! The app is really cool and the coexisting feature with other apps is really smart. Add proxy support in the mix and now we can have multiple gadgets and feedback mechanisms.
  6. I doubt they'll use high capacity 5000mah batteries. Having only 2 parallel packs (1 for the old pint) they would nosedive faster than gotway wheels catch fire. (low blow) They used Sony vtc6 for XR and they will probably use Samsung 40t, molicel p42 or an equivalent high discharge battery with around 4000-4200mah. So the wh would be closer to 500-550. Eucs can afford to go with higher capacities due to more parallel packs, but wheels having less than 4 packs (such as the s18) can probably benefit from higher discharge cells.
  7. Myewheel in Bulgaria seems to stock it if you don't mind the price. https://myewheel.com/kingsong-18l-18xl-tire/
  8. I envy the people who live in places that they can reach 70km/h on a 16inch wheel without suspension.
  9. Their site is less frequently updated. Try their "green and fashion" aliexpress page for more up to date data. Also like I said I asked them directly few days ago:
  10. Chicway does not longer carry the MSP (I have contacted them), so if you don't get the MSX then the next jump is the RS at an additional 450$ dollars. One rider in Greece has bought one and I had a chance to hop on it shortly. It doesn't have LED lights than can short circuit / get water, it has a 2.5 inch wide tire to avoid tire rubbing in the shell if the wheel happens to arrive misaligned and it comes with a 1.5a charger. The trolley handle has a lot of resistance when raising / lowering. They tried to minimize problems that could cost them by providing service. I found the t
  11. You should be worried. Check this crash https://youtu.be/EtKktPggbKY This tour was recorded today from a friend. It went from 100v to 90v but that's after 1km fast uphill riding. You should not sag this low in normal riding conditions.
  12. Exported app from my phone can be found here https://easyupload.io/75jh9r My guess is that it's a temporary problem with inmotion and will soon be on the store again.
  13. Can confirm that I can longer find the app in the Android play store.
  14. Zen lee also shares some thoughts about the v12 at 3:10 of https://youtu.be/GsyAOGIFBEw
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