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  1. Make sure you have the wheel in sport mode and 100% sensitivity if you want to tackle hard inclines with the minimum forward tilt possible. In order to avoid shifting your weight forward in steep inclines you can try using one foot as a gas pedal and press with your ball of your toes while lifting the heel.(kinda like an accelerator) I had to do this on my v11 on steep inclines, until I placed power pads and now everything is easy mode.
  2. Batteries are one thing, what the wheel can actually handle is another (motherboard, cables, mosfets, capacitors etc) For example some batches of V11 as reported by ecodrift, ship with the higher discharge current rated samsung cells that I mentioned above. This doesn't mean that the wheel is now able to safely sustain 60amps. The rest of the components aren't up to the task. No need to worry, Nikola is a great wheel!
  3. AFAIK the reason gotway reports such insane amp and watt values (I've seen 9000 Peak watts in photos...), is because they report phase current and not battery current like inmotion + kingsong.
  4. I don't think he was referring to 21700 batteries in general, but rather the specific LG 21700 M50T 5000mAh cells. The truth is that they don't handle current above 10a well. For a wheel with 4 parallel packs like the Inmotion V11 that's 40a total. If they are pushed to 15amps the advertised capacity drop by half as you can see in the graph from this link: https://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/LG 21700 M50T 5000mAh (Gray) UK.html The Samsung INR21700-50G 5000mAh handle 15a much better: https://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Samsung INR21700-50G 5000mAh (Green) UK
  5. I had a oneplus 5t phone with Android 9. The wheel couldn't stay connected for more than 20 minutes with euc world. I tried every possible option for preventing the OS messing with the app, but nothing worked. (disabling global & app battery optimizations, disable deep sleep, pinning the app to the recent tasks etc) The phone got an update to Android 10 and the connection issues were resolved. Fast forward 1 week and I got a new phone with Android 11, the oneplus 8t. The connection problems came back with a vengeance and every time I had a disconnect the V11
  6. The torque looks great so far https://youtu.be/EEOVYxybhG4
  7. Perfect! I have that very same plug, so I can provide feedback if needed.
  8. Thanks for demonstrating this. I have the V11 and I have also noticed that the tiltback in lower speeds is very aggressive, but in top speed (50km/h) is barely noticeable. Sometimes I'm not sure if it was an actual tiltback or it was just in my head. Having said that, that's why I choose a wheel with up-gradable firmware. Both of these issues are easily fixable by software and I have faith that InMotion will fix them eventually.
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