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  1. Exported app from my phone can be found here https://easyupload.io/75jh9r My guess is that it's a temporary problem with inmotion and will soon be on the store again.
  2. Can confirm that I can longer find the app in the Android play store.
  3. Zen lee also shares some thoughts about the v12 at 3:10 of https://youtu.be/GsyAOGIFBEw
  4. If you get enough air time and keep the wheel perfectly flat you might drop the speed enough enough for a disengage. You can even reverse the wheel mid-air which will most likely end very badly. In any case, if you do stunts like these, I'm sure you'll keep the option disabled. I noticed that when the wheel cutoffs due to speed, the wheel keeps spinning freely. (Like you discovered 😅) In gotway wheels, the wheel immediately stops after a free spin test. This is safer in an event of a true speed cutoff and I guess gotway had more real cases to optimize for it 😁, but s
  5. That has been my worry as well, so I did a crude test to find out. I lifted the wheel and began spinning it. I enabled the no-load feature while the wheel was still spinning. I then tried to break momentarily, as to simulate a jump with big air time and the wheel stopped. In a realistic scenario the wheel might not cutoff, but if someone performs a huge jump with big air time and the wheel stays level, this might turn ugly! I'm not the kind of guy to do huge jumps though. I don't think it will be a problem for riding down stairs though.
  6. My experience is the opposite. It's impossible to lift the wheel without pressing the cutoff button. I wanted to do a lift test some times and I had to disable the button before performing it. I don't think it gets better than that. In the latest firmware you can activate the "no-load detect" option, which will stop the wheel from spinning regardless if the button is pressed or not (you can even disable the lift switch and it will still work)
  7. Overview: https://obi6tahkqp4bpflfybh5xs4fuu-adwhj77lcyoafdy-ecodrift-ru.translate.goog/2021/04/04/begode-t3-tesla-vneshnij-vid/ Teardown: https://obi6tahkqp4bpflfybh5xs4fuu-adwhj77lcyoafdy-ecodrift-ru.translate.goog/2021/04/04/begode-t3-tesla-razbiraem/
  8. Another workaround then would be to disable fancy mode through another app, so you can re-enable it through the inmotion app.
  9. I don't, because I want to be in-sync with the wheel. The tiltback starts at 50 for example, I don't want to rewire my brain according to the app I'm using (and adjust for let's say 46 as the top speed) When recording a tour through euc world, the gps speed can be seen anyway. So you don't see the fancy toggle, nor the speed limit slider? Simply re-enable the hidden fancy option. The ui state was maybe lost in the app update.
  10. I did some more tests today and found the following: With user selected 50km/h max speed limit (fancy mode disabled): On the previous firmware, with a sensitivity of 35% and above the speed limit will adjusted to 50km/h At sensitivity 30%-34% the speed limit adjusts to 49km/h. At sensitivity 29% and below the speed limit adjusts to 48km/h. The above applies to both off-road & commuter mode. With the newer firmware you can get 50km/h speed limit with sensitivity all the way down to 0% on off-road mode. On commuting mode the requirements dropp
  11. The overall stiffness of the new firmware made off-road mode obsolete for me, as I have to decrease the sensitivity to 0% to get a similar feel to my previous 25%-35%. The downsides of going 0% sensitivity on off-road mode is a noticeable deadzone in the center, which feels like a mechanical "play" and the speed limit drops to 48km/h (instead of 50km/h) After 1500kms with off-road mode, I decided to give commuter mode another chance and I have to say that it feels great! At 100% it feels similar to 0% off-road. I tried it at 0% for the fun of it and I have to say that it feels m
  12. You can actually set these values by sending raw commands to the wheel and the wheel accepts them. I have tried it and the wheel indeed can tilt at a finder grain then whole degrees, but I have not actually ridden the wheel. Seba said that he has also tried it himself but the IMU drifs. Not sure what he actually meant. Maybe the wheel has pedal dip in turns?
  13. Yeah, the alarm thing seems that it will get fixed in the next version. Also about the tiltback being subtle at max speed, I changed my position. I actually like the fact that's it's so subtle and it does not startle me. I don't need it to be violent at such high speeds, especially since I know the the V11 has a lot of buffer as far as speed is concerned and excessive torque is not requested.
  14. I still don't get it. On a full charge, hitting 35 miles/h on the v11 shouldn't be a reason for cutout if it was done in a smooth manner. And from what I understand you were even going downhill (because you previously mentioned that over voltage might be the reason. So far every incident of an overlean I've read about, the author severely underestimated how much he pushed the wheel. Do you have power graph from the inmotion app trip? Here's a speed run from me where I'm maintaining 35 miles/h without even exceeding the nominal power output of the motor (2200watt).
  15. Yeah, you are right. I'll stay with the v11 till another faster + bigger battery suspension wheel comes out. (I don't trust the begode EX...) I just ordered a p8 watch though. Let's make it work with the v11.
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