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  1. To get a better picture of what kind of Escooter that people want for daily commute, we decide to launch an INMOTION L9 Escooter giveaway which worth $899. Free shipping globally. http://file.inmotionworld.com/imscv-en/editor/image/20201123/1606129017237361.png How to win: 1.Like INMOTION Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/InmotionWorld 2.Enter the escooter survey conducted by INMOTION:https://bit.ly/INMOTIONL9G Winner Announcement The winner will be announced on Dec 7th on the Facebook Page. Terms and Conditions: 1.One person
  2. It's illegal to ride in China both on the mainroad or pavement. You will get around $3 fine riding on the pavement, around $7 riding on the mainroad. But i ride pass the police everyday at the morning who' on duty at the intersection and never got pull over and got fine. So basically you can still ride even if it's illeagl.
  3. hi Joshua, through our analysis report, it shows that the issues might be caused by acclerating or going up hills after the riksy moment which will all casue the tiltback. From the picture, it looks like a slight hill, isn't it?
  4. (All the data below are collected from the log uploaded by Joshua) What cause the accdient? After passing 50km/h with the tiltback angle of 3.9 degree, Joshua was still trying to push harder to accelerate which made the current had reached 61A. And the voltage had been adjusted to below 68V. There are no headroom for the power output which cause the cutout. Why Joshua was misleading of didn't hear the alarm or tiltback? The gap between the alarms is 5S. The first alarm happen at 37.5 km/h. In the next 2s, the pedal tilts around 7.9 degree(Before the alarm is 4 degre
  5. hi, We are deeply sad to hear that you encounter a cutout on your V11 at such high speed. Hope you can recover from the fall soon. Can you upload the log in the app so we can know what cause the cutout. Regards Liam
  6. Hi, Recently, we found that the riders in the INMOTION EUC Telegram Group are discussing the "Gohome Mode" a lot. So we draft the chart, then you can have a clear image what we are doing and what we are going to do. Indeed, INMOTION is well-known as the most restraint brand in EUC industry. But the basic design concept is to protect the rider and the battery espercially at low battery state. Using Gohome a lot(Don't ask for the wheel too much on power) in low battery state will improve the lifespan of the battery and lower the risk from an unexpected cutoff or something like that. No
  7. Are you satisfied with the electric unicycle that you own? Do you have a dream of building an Electric Unicycle? Now it’s time to build an ideal electric unicycle. Please come and join us to pull it through. INMOTION has been dedicated to bringing the leading technologies and into the EUC industry as the newly released world first EUC with air-spring suspension, Inmotion V11 electric unicycle. Listening and talking more to the customer is the best choice we’ve made in 2020. Along with the INMOTION V11 launch event, we set up the Official Telegram INMOTION EUC gr
  8. False Connection The Bluetooth icon is displayed at the indicator, but it can't be connected to the cellphone through the INMOTION app. And the vehicle Bluetooth can't even be searched. Solution Please cut off the power, wait for another 30 seconds. Then, power on the wheel and see if the Bluetooth icon has disappeared or not. If it's disappeared, it means you can connect to the vehicle through INMOTION app. App Crash Issue The app is keeping crashing connected to the wheel. Solution: Please download the latest app from Google Play store.
  9. Dear all, To start with, I'd like to say thank you for always being there and supporting us by offering the advices on improving our products and sharing your own riding experience. And that's also the original purpose to set up the telegram group. Sometimes, to be honest, "issues" are annoying for everybody. And it's easy to get panic to step into the others' shoes. Will it happen to my own wheels? It will and it won't. No matter how servere the issue is, it's a “Probability Problem". If it's not yours, it might be the others'. But we got you covered. INMOTION will got you covered by of
  10. Really sorry about the missing screws. I have reported the case to our factory. BTW, how did you pull the v11 out of the box? Normally, you can't take it out without the 4 screws that used to fixed the tube.
  11. 🎁 #INMOTIONV11 Giveaway🎁 To celebrate the #inmotionV11 electric unicycle launching to the market and to feedback our fans, we decided to give away one inmotion V11 electric unicycle. Free Shipping Globally. 🔥How to enter: 1. Follow Instagram @inmotionglobal https://www.instagram.com/inmotionglobal/ 2. Follow Inmotion Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKxgWd7WPylAxexoN75Jexg 3.Like Inmotion Facebook Page Inmotion Global https://www.facebook.com/InmotionWorld 3.Comment below to tell us what's the best feature of Inmotion V11 you like. 4.Tag 3 friends that
  12. Wow. What a fun ride. I would've ride at the gold sunlight. Good for the videography.
  13. For now, there are two version INMOTION wheels. Mainland China version and Outside Mainland China Version. For outside mainland China version, it can't be connected to inmotion app. The reason why we set up the rule before is that first, those who selling mainland China version can't offer decent after-sale service. They are just resellers. You can't even call them a distributor from the angle of providing the after-sales service the customer deserved. Second, it will destroy our global distribution network, to some degree. For the air freight option, it's su
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