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  1. Hi there, We are looking at the possibility of bringing in the Wireless Charging Technology on EUC. Is it necessary or just simply useless? Please share with us what you think. INMOTION Team Liam
  2. hi, i have forwarded the case to the developer. Once i got the feedback, i will let you know. Thanks
  3. hi, have you uploaded the log in the app? If you haven't, please upload it. BTW, did you got the same result by using inmotion app? Thanks
  4. Still under beta test. Should be finished soon.
  5. Dear EUC riders, If you are swapping the original tire to a "knobby/off-road/winter tire" on your V11, please be carefully handling the kickstand and the gap on the tire. Yesterday, we were testing an off-road tire on V12. (The final tire model is not settled yet). The motherboard was burnt for two times when we powered up the wheel when it's on the kickstand. In a later inspection, it was found that the kickstand was stuck into the gap on the tire which prevents the wheel from spinning. The solution now is to find a replacement tire to test since the kickstand mold has been made.
  6. Have you sent the details to our distributor or service center (service@imscv.com)? Sometimes, it might be the voltage difference of the two batteries that causes the problem. It can be fixed by calibrating the voltage through remote control mode in the app.
  7. The LG Cells supply is not steady now. So we switch to more expensive Samsung cells. According to the news we got from the LG cells supplier, they can't offer more LG cells for our company before June. We will see when they can spare some for us.
  8. Yes, that's the protocol we used to analysis these cutoff cases. Cutoff cases can be divided into types. Can be powered on That's what we call "Speed Cutoff". The data still can be recorded and upload through log. Can't be powered on That's what we call "Power and Speed Cutoff". The data can't be stored due to lack of power. As for now, we can't prevent the wheel from cutoff 100%. But you can always be alert when you are close to the limit of the wheel. And respect every beep and tiltback warning. Yes, still a joke that trying to hear a beep at the high speed e
  9. Yes, we are deeply sorry about the defected motherboards and sent them the new motherboards as fast as we can. These defected motherboards are on the way back to our office. Once it arrives, our engineers can get the hands on it and figure out what goes wrong.
  10. Mod edit July 2021: With the V12 now released, a new V12 topic has been split off this one, so you can find reliable post-release information about the V12 there, and continue the discussion there or in your own V12 topics. - INMOTION V12 is coming soon? Rumor? No, it's not a rumor. Our engineers are still working hard on the development. We can definitely expect it before June. Comment below to share with us what will you expect for the V12.
  11. To get a better picture of what kind of Escooter that people want for daily commute, we decide to launch an INMOTION L9 Escooter giveaway which worth $899. Free shipping globally. http://file.inmotionworld.com/imscv-en/editor/image/20201123/1606129017237361.png How to win: 1.Like INMOTION Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/InmotionWorld 2.Enter the escooter survey conducted by INMOTION:https://bit.ly/INMOTIONL9G Winner Announcement The winner will be announced on Dec 7th on the Facebook Page. Terms and Conditions: 1.One person
  12. It's illegal to ride in China both on the mainroad or pavement. You will get around $3 fine riding on the pavement, around $7 riding on the mainroad. But i ride pass the police everyday at the morning who' on duty at the intersection and never got pull over and got fine. So basically you can still ride even if it's illeagl.
  13. hi Joshua, through our analysis report, it shows that the issues might be caused by acclerating or going up hills after the riksy moment which will all casue the tiltback. From the picture, it looks like a slight hill, isn't it?
  14. (All the data below are collected from the log uploaded by Joshua) What cause the accdient? After passing 50km/h with the tiltback angle of 3.9 degree, Joshua was still trying to push harder to accelerate which made the current had reached 61A. And the voltage had been adjusted to below 68V. There are no headroom for the power output which cause the cutout. Why Joshua was misleading of didn't hear the alarm or tiltback? The gap between the alarms is 5S. The first alarm happen at 37.5 km/h. In the next 2s, the pedal tilts around 7.9 degree(Before the alarm is 4 degre
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