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  1. (1)The orange rubber will be replaced by black rubber starting from the second batch. (2)The chorme plate will be replaced by black background and the logo will be orange starting from the second batch
  2. V11 Upgrade Since the Launch Event 1.Pedal Ground Clearance: 195mm to 250mm Angle: 5° to 9° 2.Suspension Travel 70mm to 85mm 3.Pedal Rubber and Sandpaper Combo to Aluminum and Sandpaper Combo 4.Charger Charging Current: 1.5A to 2.5A Charging Duration: 13h to 8h 5.Battery Capacity: 1420wh to 1500wh Cell Brand: Lishen to LG 6.Motor Power: 2000w to 2200W 7.Speed 50km/h to 55km/h 8.Go-home Mode When battery goes below 10%, activate the GO-home mode, the leftover battery can still be used to ride. Come and Join our Telegram Group for more insight. Invitation: https://bit.ly/InMotionTelegram
  3. Thank you for your support on our indiegogo project. Have a great day!
  4. Hi there, group members! :smartass:

  5. V11 questions - 

    Can shock seals be replaced or does the entire shock unit need to be replaced in the case of wear/damage?

    Maybe already mentioned, but can the shock be locked out for a more traditional feel?

    Can angled pedals / shims / replacement hangers be developed to add angle to the pedals? - this would help out when turning with depressed suspension.

    What is a ballpark estimate of time to breakdown the wheel in case of:  light replacement; shell replacement; tire change; battery/control board replacement ?

    Can you post a video of the V11 during a crash (offroad preferably)?





  6. Hello everyone, This is Liam Zeng, Marketing Manager, from INMOTION headquarters. It has been a while since our last update here. Thank you @Chriull for giving us a special section to discuss our new innovative suspension wheel-Inmotion V11 electric unicycle. For the past few days, tons of information and questions about #inmotionV11 coming in are collected. We will try to answer every question and update it. Please follow the topic. Thanks Landing Page: https://www.inmotionworld.com/product/inmotion-v11 Suspension Q: Suspension have any specific maintenance to be done? A: There is no special maintenace need to be done except pump in different volume of air into the suspension tube once or twice a month. Since the tube is hidden inside the cover, it's not easy to break. Q: Is it interchangeable with other options available on market? A: It's Inmotion Customized suspension tube. No other replacement available on market. Q: Compared with KS model, from my perspective, what are the main strengths of V11? We don’t have the S18 in our office so that we can’t look into the details. But the hidden design of V11 will make it more compact and not easy to break. Second, V11 design is more flexible to adjust the suspension travel by pumping different volume of air. As I know, S18 only has two level adjustment. I guess, we need to get the sample to find out or @Kuji Rolls might has the answer. Power and Speed Q:IM Live(launch event) showed a 50% more powerful motor compared to V10, and a few hours late V11 power was declared the same as V10. The reason why V11 can offer stronger power is that the size of V11 motor bearing is two times bigger than V10F. Moreover, the quantities of MOS unit on V11, 12 units, is also two times more of the V10F, 6 units. It means that V11 can bear bigger current, and not easy to overheat. The rated power of both V10F and V11 are 200W. Like extreme condition, like bumps, climbing hills, the wheel will generate mass power that is much stronger than the rated power 2000w. It might be 3000w, 4000w, 5000w in peak power. In other words, the peak power of V11 is much stronger than V10F. Q: Battery Throttling begins at and Battery and reduced speed. Big change. First time of compromise on the speed limit. It's easy to fix, but not easy to make the decision. Above 30%, Top speed 50km/h; Above 80%, Top speed, 55km/h. Btw, 55km/h is another firmware that will be shared on this forum not for standard version. Inmotion V11F Possbility Q: INMOTION always a latest F version, can we wait for a V11f soon? Is next INMOTION EUC built in suspension too? A: Currently, we don’t have any plan to launch a F-version. More time will be needed to test the first generation suspension wheel, then we will think about what’s next. IP Rating Q: Since it is was built for off-road, can we expect a more resistant monocycle in all directions (pedals, motor a axis)? Also about water and dust resistance? A: The capability of waterproof, and dust resistance is highly improved from the previous model. The IP rating of the whole body is IP 55. The battery is IP 67. And pls don’t worry about the dust might get into the controller that locates below the anti-spin button. It looks empty but it can be washed by water if the dust and mud get attached on it. Add-on Accessories Q: Is there any V11 external accessories? (smartwatch, decorative LEDs, BT speakers, pads, shell colors) Add-on accessories: Seat, BT Speakers, Decorative Ambient Light are under development.
  7. The smartwatch is under developing. That's why we only share the photo to tell you guys what we are doing right now. It's not possible for us to develop a smartwatch that can compatible with other brands due to the competition and the technical problem. Currently, we can't do such thing even if we can. The inmotion smart watch will display the information of the vehicle we needed. No needed to clone the app to show all information that might distract the riders and cause injury from distraction.
  8. We change the mechanism about on and off the light, which seems more reasonable for most of the riders. V11 on and off Turn on: Long press to power on Turn off: Long press to power off Front Light on and off One short press to turn on the headlight (At the same time, the fan will be activated for cooling) One short press to turn off the headlight (The fan will also be disable )
  9. You are right. That's our official youtube channel.
  10. Hi, please send an email to our serviceman: service@imscv.com My colleague will help you out. Thanks
  11. Since the new wheel will be the Inmotion Flagship product in 2020, 21700 type will be a better option, don't you think?
  12. Not springy tire. That's not how we work on the suspension. The biggest problem to develop the new wheel is the suspension that cost us one year to solve the problem.
  13. Correct. The production schedule of most factories in China has been postponed for serveral days due to the virus thing. One component in short will result in the delay of the production. But we are still trying to keep up the schedule. Thanks
  14. Will it be bothered to join both WA and Telegram Group? Okay, I will set up the telegram group so that those people who use Telegram only will also have a window to talk.
  15. Dear Inmotion Customers: Thank you for your long-term support for our company. To improve the customer experience and enhance the mutual communication between our company and the customers, we will set up the Whatsapp groups for different series of products. And we choose to start with the electric unicycle group first. Invitation to the Telegram Group: https://t.me/Inmotiontelegram (We strongly suggest to jon the Telegram Group) It has reached the member limits on Whatsapp. Better in Telegram. Many loves. Please add more Inmotion EUC riders around you or those people who would like to know more about our electric unicycle to this group. Many thanks. What you can get from this group? 1.First-hand info about Inmotion new electric unicycles and promotional events. 2. Direct communication and support from Inmotion headquarter. 3.Unsolved after-sales problems solution from the dealers. Who will answer your question? Bosco Pang(Admin)------After-sales Service Liam Zeng(Admin)--- Products Suggestion& Marketing & Business Inquiries Frank Zhou(Admin)----Dealers/Distributors Complaints Thanks Inmotion Team
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