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  1. Dear all, To start with, I'd like to say thank you for always being there and supporting us by offering the advices on improving our products and sharing your own riding experience. And that's also the original purpose to set up the telegram group. Sometimes, to be honest, "issues" are annoying for everybody. And it's easy to get panic to step into the others' shoes. Will it happen to my own wheels? It will and it won't. No matter how servere the issue is, it's a “Probability Problem". If it's not yours, it might be the others'. But we got you covered. INMOTION will got you covered by offering the decent after-sales service you deserved. Our engineers and distributors have been non-stop fixing all kinds of issues every day. Please be patiently waiting for them. EUC is still a niche market, which results in limited resource from all aspects. Everything comes with the order. But the safety issues will always be on the top of our list. In case that I might miss some of the tag messages, I will post more Q&A here so that the newbie in the group can also have a clear picture what we're talking about. INMOTION Telegram Group:https://t.me/Inmotiontelegram INMOTION Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEcRRi8byLzGwOok8w Thanks Liam 1. Liam: There is no top limit to charge. If you are planning a long ride, then you better charge to 100%. Warning Tips: Don't ride agressively in low battery state. Sharp turn/acceleration in such state might worn out the battery faster and decrease the lifespan of the battery. It's like charging your cellphone. You don't want to charge your cellphone everytime it's shut off automatically. 2. Liam: Actually, we have developed the plan of the glued saddle connection part which will be used in the coming production on Mid-October. The reinforced metal plan can work perfectly keep them from breaking, just not that asthetic as the glued option. The current plan is to adding the metal parts in black color to reinforce the saddles. (The picture is the prototype) The final solution will be applied on Mid-October production which has added glue inside. It will be stronger, and thicker. 3. Liam: It's impossible to make it happen due to the cellphone OS restriction. 4. Liam: We tested it out under different conditions. 35m suggested brake distance with 50km/h, 20m suggested brake distance with 40km/h. But it will be different due to the riding style, skills and road condition. 5. Liam: It's not within the current development plan. The new wheels are under development now. It's really hard to make a big change. But it will be possible to adopt it to the next generation. 6. Liam: During the firmware update, you can keep it on the kickstand upright or put it on its side. The key factor is to disengage the motor. 7. Liam: We have noticed all the motor issue since the day 1. Abnormal different sounds inside the motor, the Z bearing issue, and etc. Only a few percentage V11 will encounter such issues. The new motor will be applied to the production on Mid-October. All defected motors will be replaced under warranty. Keep Updating. Update Date: Sep 21, 2020.
  2. Really sorry about the missing screws. I have reported the case to our factory. BTW, how did you pull the v11 out of the box? Normally, you can't take it out without the 4 screws that used to fixed the tube.
  3. 🎁 #INMOTIONV11 Giveaway🎁 To celebrate the #inmotionV11 electric unicycle launching to the market and to feedback our fans, we decided to give away one inmotion V11 electric unicycle. Free Shipping Globally. 🔥How to enter: 1. Follow Instagram @inmotionglobal https://www.instagram.com/inmotionglobal/ 2. Follow Inmotion Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKxgWd7WPylAxexoN75Jexg 3.Like Inmotion Facebook Page Inmotion Global https://www.facebook.com/InmotionWorld 3.Comment below to tell us what's the best feature of Inmotion V11 you like. 4.Tag 3 friends that might want to get the V11 5. Join INMOTION Electric Unicycle Telegram Group and Say hi. https://t.me/Inmotiontelegram 🏅🏅🏅The winner will be announced on 15th Sep 2020. The prize, Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle, will be shipped within this month. Terms 1. Tax for custom clearance is charged by the local custom. The winner has to pay for the tax if it's needed. 2. The winner will be randomly selected from the participants. 3. If you already follow our social media, you can still take part in this campaign. 4. If you are not interested in an electric unicycle, please don't enter the Telegram group. It's not a must to enter the giveaway campaign.
  4. Wow. What a fun ride. I would've ride at the gold sunlight. Good for the videography.
  5. For now, there are two version INMOTION wheels. Mainland China version and Outside Mainland China Version. For outside mainland China version, it can't be connected to inmotion app. The reason why we set up the rule before is that first, those who selling mainland China version can't offer decent after-sale service. They are just resellers. You can't even call them a distributor from the angle of providing the after-sales service the customer deserved. Second, it will destroy our global distribution network, to some degree. For the air freight option, it's suggested by our distributors who has such request. Normally, we ship the products by sea or by train due to the location of the destination. The true fact here about air freight charge is that the distributors might cover some of the cost for you, believe it or not. Let's take US as example, the latest quotation from delivery courier of one inmotion V11 to US will be charged $500 to $600. Please think about it. As we all know, the courier will charge the freight based on the volume, weight, and etc. Inmotion V11 weights 34kg when measuring for shipping. The price might shift every 2 or 3 days but it won't get up and down sharply.
  6. 2nd Batch Update We have already started shipping the 2nd batch Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle. Please contact the local distributor to check if you are in the 2nd batch. Difference App Functions Added and Firmware Updated IOS Latest Version: v.7.5.3 ; Android Version v7.5.2; It has the same function just the different way we named it in our company. 1."Go-home" Mode Started from 2nd batch, we have offered the latest firmware 1.1.62. But you have to upgrade it mannually. 2.55km/h embeded to the official app. Step 1 Get to the "Vehicle Setting" Step 2 Click "Feature" word for five times, then it will automatically turn to the 55km/h option--"Fancier Mode" Step 3 Switch to "Fancier Mode". Then you have succed unlocking V11 to 55km/h. 3. Inmotion Smartwatch Supported It will be soon released it to the market. Please stay tuned. 4. Audio Effect Redefine(You can upgrade it by simply update it to the latest firmware) Effect Package 1st Batch: one package only 2nd Batch: multi pacakge, one click to switch DIY Sound Effect With the new firmware, you can record your one and only voice as the sound effect. Time to redefine the alarm. And it's supported to reset to default setting. Backup Effect When you reset the wheel, the sound effect will be backup and reset to it automatically. Structure and Apperance Design 1. Pedal Protective Parts. 1st Batch: Inmotion Orange 2nd Batch: Gray Rubber 2. Chrome Plate 1st Batch: White Stainless Steel Background, White Logo 2nd Batch: Black Stainless Steel Background, INMOTION Orange Logo delete on Sep 3, 2020. It was mistaken made by one of our employee transferred the wrong message. The final version of the chrome plate and the logo will stay the same as the first batch. Deeply sorry about that. 3. Redesign Valve Cover The final color of the cover will not be painted. 4. Motor Bearing 1st Batch: Z Bearing 2nd Batch: RS Bearing 5.As for the fragile breaking point at the saddle, it will be improved in the later batch by using metal hole. If you have any puzzle towards the above question, feel free to send me an email. Liam@imscv.com
  7. the instant peak power can go over 5KW sometimes, and the peak power is not 3Kw.
  8. For me, V11 as the commuting wheel, I have ridden around 125 miles. At the very beginning, I feel that the pedal height is extremely high due to my previous experience on V8F. After 125 miles of riding, the akward feeling starts vanish. And it feels really good with such ground clearance especially when you are taking a hard turn or going down a curb.
  9. Not all of the information are needed to displayed on the app. What will be the most important data to show on the app? Please take a poll and comment below to tell us what you really need. It will help us refine the design of the Inmotion app.
  10. As one of the EUC manufacurers, we are willing to help legalising the electric unicycle based on the support of the local riders or distributors. Currently, more and more people starts knowing what electric unicycle is. Their recogonition has evolved from "what's that thing" to "Oh, that's unicycle. How it works". There are some downsides that might cause. I'm not being passive, it's just my own speculations. Driving Lisence Needed. Riding an EUC might cost more for those people who doesn't have a lisence. Speed Limit Needed. Just like the ecooter, the top speed of an escooter is restricted to 20km/h or 25km/h. Can you image that all the electric unicycles can only cruise at such low speed? Honestly, the EUC community are still looking at some extrem wheels with higher speed and more range. That can explain why Sherman goes viral on Youtube recently. But if you see things from the other side, it might be possible to go mainstream that Electric Unicycle can be leaglised. With more developed mature training lessons taken, the skills got improved. The fears towards the danger of rinding an EUC might be faded away.
  11. Just confirmed with our lead of the app team, the demo wheel is not supporting the new firmware. We will sent the older firmware to Marty tomorrow so he can run the hill test soon. @Marty Backe
  12. I just upgraded my V11(1st batch produciton unit) to the new firmware. No problem for that. It might be the compatibility issue of the demo unit. Still working on it.
  13. Hi Marty, Have you cancelled the transport mode when you get the wheel?
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