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Is S18 fixed and solid now or it's better to wait more?


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I'd like to upgrade from my 14d, I'd like suspension but from what I read s-18 is a great idea that was put in practice poorly in the early models... but is it ok now? I can't find reviews of the 3rd batch, don't know what to do... 

Also don't know if KS will come out with an other suspension wheel this year.

You have any insight?

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Mine batch 2 but seen the latest batch infact had a chance went out riding together with the owner.

with no pressure in the shock, suspension have much smoother movement, altho that oversized washer still there.

It seems also more efficient around 5% difference, I dont know how or maybe my battery already weakened.

mudguard now flexing when squeezed, might hold some beating but that rear bottom frame won’t stand a chance in a crash anymore. And that rear plastic cover has thicker & stronger hook now, I think when snapped it open you will not break it anymore.

No steel bricks on both sides anymore. 

KS now oiled all slider unlike mine when arrived was quite dry.


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I have the first batch. I oiled the slides and removed the blocks. I did not have the spring washers. Mine has been great. I have not wrecked it as much as the MSX but no problems so far.

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