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  1. Yes agree, so lame...but the rest of new features still OK tho
  2. Can you get us a picture of that new battery base and any other parts they send you later just for future reference..
  3. Nope no steel block there..it used to be in that portion that had been sliced I think yours version 2.5, I remembered KS got complained about the suspension and they found out by removing that block made the suspension moved freely however not all been resolved and the issue came back, I think the russian guys solved the problem and gave suggestions to KS for improvement that mostly caused by that oversized washer, split/spring washers, bend sliders, suspension arms were not parallel and even, also the sliders were dry too that caused friction.. Thats all the history lesson behind KS S18 suspension..πŸ˜… I suggest you remove all those false washers and replace it with the correct one or send it back for repairs.
  4. I heard for latest batch, KS already removed all oversized washers and spring washers too...
  5. Well as my other KS wheel, everytime you take a turn the pedals will leaned forward a few degrees, I think its typical for the KS. I tried EUCworld app just a quick look, seems you can change many kind of settings on the wheels but I was lazy for that, also I tried darknessbot that apps gave beeps too early at 30kmh, I did adjusted the speed alarm around 46kmh for 1st beep but still it screams everytime reached 30kmh, dont know what to do so eventually back to KS apps πŸ˜… Maybe later I would give another try with Darknessbot & EUCworld as for new KS FW, in the lift handle mode, the tyre spin gets quite heavy, a bit better torque, and also seems quiter..
  6. Oh wow... thank you for the info above, I will make sure those tyre tube replaced with the quality one when I put an order..
  7. Ooh thought you managed with that bolts, yeah its pain in the ass..for $2k toys like this KS should be ashamed on giving us that kind of crappy steel bolts..yesterday I also saw in FB group somebody posted that crappy bolt broke in half..thats unacceptable.. whats wrong with the sherman inner tube?
  8. Just like I imagine it..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I know gotway also making their sherman version..been eyeing them too but seems sherman got all the likes I have..πŸ˜… I’m sorry for your S18, for me like suspension issues been history already.. I got zero issue on it, my biggest complaint now is only battery sag..I can feel it everytime I rode it...damn.. Hope KS provide an upgrade soon Anyway, how come you havent fix that suspension of yours?its an easy fix actually..
  9. Hi, I had adjusted my gyro tilt -1 to -2deg actually, yes its good for accelerating and easing your feet.. but after some times the pedal feels back to 0 deg position eventhough my setting still there..maybe its because I didnt perform calibration..πŸ€” I dont own a sherman, from reviews I know I would love that wheel, going to buy one when I got the money...πŸ‘πŸ‘ anyway, hows the torque?
  10. Havent calibrate the wheel since I got it, I’m afraid if I did the calibration will make the wheel feels weird just like my old KS14M.. Do I really need to calibrate anyway? I have updated FW but havent ride it outside just standing on it and move it back & forth, but the pedal felt β€œsoft” when tilting...curious..πŸ€”
  11. After reading this, I might setting up speed lower to 45kmh, I usually rode mine to 47-49kmh until tilt back stops me leaning forward or the beeps reminds me. I love S18, love how it runs, jumps, and taking those turns fast, never afraid of curbs & potholes because I have trust with the suspension, tyre seems gripping the roads real strong, I even sped up when I saw bumps ahead..and now you guys reminds me again about cut out..πŸ˜…πŸ™πŸ‘ I do feel the power shortage when hard accelerating , breaking and climbing, just hoping KS will make an upgrade, its just too bad for this kind of offroad wheel without sufficient torque. btw..love that naked S18
  12. What I did was pushed down that steel spring before the notch then you can slip the cable in after that just tape it.. as for those bolts & bushings they’re all craps and to make it worse some bolts overly glued on... Some hints, I dont think you need to dissamble the whole wheel, just take out your shock then unscrew middle suspension linkage bolts, then the upper arms bolt you can leave the bolts that holds suspension arms in slider cage, after that install your washers accordingly, do not overly drop your washers there, a bit less is better. I also add washers on the bolts that holds the upper suspension arms so that bolts will not grind the wall/board frame and also in between the middle suspension linkage arms if not your bearings will clash then caused great friction so that your suspension arms cant move freely..put one or two good quality washers there.. do not overly tightened bolts especially the one that have stacked bearings.. You have to work your way on those crappy bolts and bushings out, then find a suitable replacement, I think feynman knows a good replacement. I love my S18, all I did just those I mention up there, ride it almost every day without problem and I never been so excited everytime I saw bumps and curbs along the way Btw, I hope you understand and sorry for my bad english anyway...
  13. Yup, but the downside is I cannot replace those washers in suspension arms that connected to slider cage, I was kinda lazy to strip the whole wheel. Btw, check you sliders too...if its bend you better bring it to the seller for fixing it. Yes, I also stripped one of the bushing/bolt, lucky I was able to remove it using short arm allen key (dont use ball head key). Overhaul the whole suspension arms would need you to strip the whole wheel, i think if I’m doing that would take minimum of 3 hours.
  14. Aaahhh...great idea...πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanks man..πŸ‘πŸ‘
  15. Thanks, I didnt replace any parts except washers Ofcourse not, I replaced those old spring washers and the oversized one on the linkage suspension arms...then greased the sliders and thats it, no need to removed those steel blocks too.. anyways, does anyone knows how to remove KS brand sticker on the rear?
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