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KS-S18 wont turn on or charge power issues


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YT video of history and diagnostics

Power button wont work, wont charge. Dead. See vid link for too much detail.

so this is for those unlucky few with power up and charge issues with new ks-S18 Suspension wheels.

if this just occurred 2/12/21 sent vid to kingsong and I will post the trials and tribulations in my repair process. 

see the attached video for an overview of the problem and current status 

Happy Chinese New year! Which also means Probably wont have a response from Kingsong for a couple of weeks.

anyone have any info on this failure? Let me know. Thanks!

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Finding which one of your batteries is defective


well I received a response and some diagnostic help. They suspect one of my batteries is defective. The linked you tube video above is my implementation of those diagnostics. It does not require any diagnostic equipment other than your wheel and charger.

The short version is to unplug batteries one only at a time until it starts charging. When it does, whatever battery you have unplugged is the defective one.


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On 12/30/2021 at 11:59 PM, Tony1234 said:

My kingsong s18 did the same thing and died. Please what else did you find out. Please email me at tonynwaiwu@yahoo.com I live in Alberta Canada.

That sucks. It doesn't turn on at all?


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