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Found 12 results

  1. YT video of history and diagnostics Power button wont work, wont charge. Dead. See vid link for too much detail. so this is for those unlucky few with power up and charge issues with new ks-S18 Suspension wheels. if this just occurred 2/12/21 sent vid to kingsong and I will post the trials and tribulations in my repair process. see the attached video for an overview of the problem and current status Happy Chinese New year! Which also means Probably wont have a response from Kingsong for a couple of weeks. anyone have any info on this failure? Let me know. Thanks!
  2. I am located in Gippsland, VIC and am wondering if there is anyone nearby that would let me try out your euc, I am happy to travel to Melbourne to try one, if needed. I just don't want to commit to buying one if I don't like it.
  3. Just bought this bad boy, a few weeks ago, and put just over 300 kilometers on it. It is now much too cold where I live, and so I am either putting it away or selling it. I really would like to buy a new wheel in the spring, so if you want a barely used 18xl, hit me up. willing to ship. when i bought the wheel, I also bought a used set of body panels, so i wouldn't have to worry about scraping the new pristine wheel. I will include both sets as I have no use for them. it is the 2000watt version in case that matters. all lights work, everything works perfectly. if you are interested and want to see the wheel, pm me. I would like at l east $2,800 CAD but it is negotiable if you have a good trade or something. let me know if you are interested.
  4. You may have seen pictures recently of Gotway's new pedals. There isn't much information available right now, but here's what we know... (Read more)
  5. Brand new seat, I received one as a gift and the one ordered from Aliexpress which took a while to arrive. Prefer Toronto or Canada as buyer pays shipping costs. If you're in the GTA then I can just meet up with you on a group ride. I go by Jade on the Toronto Telegram Group
  6. What do you guys recon about the new insta 360 Go What users do you think you'll have for this little camera, i must admit it is cute and could be used for alot of situations https://www.insta360.com/mobile/product/insta360-go/
  7. The better judgement of my BetterHalf and a good dose of common sense has convinced me that at 67yrs young I should stick to 2 or more wheels to avoid becoming suddenly recumbent. I guess I had myself believing that all ya have to do to balance an euc is to " Just aim for the ground, and miss " ... Anyway, I've got this brand new Kingsong 18S w the big 1680W battery. It's still in the box, I've only looked it over for no shipping damage or rash and I brought the battery up to 80% for storage. It is the black version and comes with the upgraded 5Amp charger and extendable handle as offered when I bought it a month ago new from Jason McNeil @ eWheels for $1,995. My loss is your gain as I climb back on to my fat tired velocipede (aka: an electric fat tired bike ). I'll take your best offer as long as it adds up to me eating a couple hundred bucks... - Wish these EUC's were invented when I was alot younger ! maybe in my next life.... text me is best @ 775 530-6649, or email at nealarnett@yahoo.com, or this blog site. Thanks, someone out there's gonna have more fun with this thing than they should with their clothes still on !!! FYI: I'm located in Reno, NV
  8. Got 6 brand new Z10’s left. Contact me with a number if your interested. This is only for US Residents. $1800/pc buyer is responsible for shipping cost. Avgerage shipping cost is $70-90 depending where in the 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska need to contact, as shipping price is more.
  9. Hello guys. I'm dead set to buying a new ecu, been riding for 4 years now on my airwheel x3 and i'm done with it. Lacks the speed and distance. I'm dead set on buying the gotway msuperx and i'm gonna buy it from aliexpress because it's the cheapest prices i could find. So i hope somebody can help me with my questions as i've been doing some reading on this forums and there are a lot of gotways gurus as i can see. 1.What model should i get the 84v 1600mh or the 100v 1230wh and why? 2.What is the maintenance on this specific model of wheel? 3.The horror stories of all the bad wheels with bad boards, chargers smoking etc, is it still a thing that occurs? 4. What would be the actual distance i could reach with one of these wheels? (I'm about 57kg 125pounds) A few things i could add i usually do the most travelling in the night when the streets are empty so no worries of pedestrians, definitely a speed junkie as the choice of gotway. I don't plan on doing off road stuff. I really appreciate any help you can provide and a happy new year.
  10. Got 6 brand new Z10’s left. Contact me with a number if your interested. This is only for US Residents. $1800/pc Avgerage shipping cost is $70-90 depending where in the 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska need to contact, as shipping price is more.
  11. Let's put together a dream list for a euc. then manufacturers may use it to create a new product we like. So. an upper speed limit that can be kept in all conditions. up hill, flat, heavy riders, all battery levels. range at top speed in varied incline, ca. 100 km, not under 80km. top speed where tilt back occurs and you can coast in total safety no matter your weight or hill incline or battery level: 50 bose suspension system that eliminates or ammeliorates bumps actively or at least some suspension system. A way to just walk off the wheel and go into a store or to a friend without having to bend down and do anything and just step on again and drive off. Use of a belt to allow a lower profile of the wheel with a bigger radius wheel. maybe you can have a small wheel with a shock absorbing system. that would be nice because you can turn better with a small wheel. A wide tread for riding over potholes and uneven paths. keep the machine well under 10kgs. have a way of leading it around without carrying it. have a way of locking it so you can arrive in the city centre cinema and meet your friends without looking like a tool/doofus fool on a scooter/wheel in your hand. Charger must be integrated into the machine so it follows you around. Swithcable front and back light. side blinking lights/turn lights activated by some smart measure. kilometres range left displayed in big bold numbers on a black and grey 7 segment display. (kilometres left will be based on your previous driving that ride or all history or a worst case scenario of say 10 degree incline, full speed. ) Usb power, induction power and a normal power output plug. 110V/240V induction charging pad for your regular parking spot. a spiked tyre for use on ice in winter. no geared motor. only direct drive for silent operation. silent tread on rubber. Water tight unit that can turn over in a puddle and survive. must be able to run in sleet and rain. gravel, sand and snow. and on ice. If a battery is used, an insulating system or heating system that ensures maximum range available. cooling system for hot weather. preferably a mostly passive system. (more robust, less energy intensive and less prone to break. All of this has to be packaged into something robust and nice looking while remaining fairly anonymous looking.
  12. For the NYC rider folk, please join us for the first group ride of the year! Date + Time: Sunday March 4th 10AM Weather: Sunny, 47ºF Where Meet Location #1: 10AM Tavern on the Green Meet Location #2: 11AM City Hall Park at the Jacob Mould Fountain (across from the Brooklyn Bridge entrance) RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/181252295821094/?active_tab=about
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