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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I just bought a very lightly used (but not running) Ninebot One S1 that I thought I might be able to fix and get working. No wires appear to be disconnected or loose. When I plug it into the charger, the light on the charger stays green. What are the most likely reasons it may not be running? Any suggestions for what I should try?
  2. I have a programmable charger from canada, "cycle satiator" can i solder an xt60 plug to it, program to charge from the low 29v upto 84v at 0.1amps? is that a safe workaround to revive it?
  3. 20 days without any wheel so far. I have the money saved up now including my prize money and I am really not sure which way to go this time around. The KS14b just couldn't handle most of my tricks...extreme or not and it is totally out of commission now. There is a small chance a new board might resurrect it for some disco transportation at least. Not for tricks though. I have a beat up 9bot1 C+ that turned off all of a sudden 1 month ago (without any jumps or slides) and never came on again so Jake from @FORWARD california is doing his best to help me get it fixed, even though it was purchased almost a year ago (because he is just awesome!) I do love riding the 9bot and obviously it works for most tricks, just ask @Jonathan Tolhurst and many other tricky cats. I haven't ever pedal slid, jumped high or anything like that on it yet. Also sometimes it would turn off while landing a jump and could not be turned on again until it was plugged in again. Important: It turns out that less power is more beneficial for jumping and sliding as it creates less resistance from the board and it just gives out completely instead of hurting the motor or the board. So I am looking at these three. Ninebot One A1 same as the E series. It's affordable, light as hell, doesn't spin out of control when it falls Inmotion V5 seems nice, super stiff ride but really high pedals. Does it spin out of control when it falls? Freeman A4 dual chip set and Ninebot-esque stiffness in ride and control. It's light, safe and solid but a bit chunky Any advice, experience or recs from actual riders would be appreciated. Thanx folks
  4. My Ninebot One C+ died. Here's the thing dying vid, here's the board and the LED strip blinking one green light. Just wondering what the fuck happened. No big worries though, my man Jake from @FORWARD california (the dopest Ninebot One seller in the U.S.) is sending me a new main board to fix it! Hopefully it does fix it cuz that thing was kinda fun, I couldn't do many big tricks on it but it flowed nicely on that 16". Not sure if these vids work. ??? 9Bot C+ Dying.m4v C+ fail board lights - iPhone.m4v
  5. This is so sad my Ninebot one C died. A bit of history. I bought the unit from a person in our local ebay-like online store (olx). I knew that it does not have any warranty so I checked it thoroughly. It was brand new with all the plastic seals -- in short an authentic brand new Ninebot once C. I tested it for any defects as we have agreed. Rode it for 30 minutes and was very very impressed coming from a generic 14-inch-unicycle-user. Checked everything -- BT connection, the tire, the lights, the knock codes -- worked as expected. That was Nov 30. Dec 12 came and my son and I have just finished our ~10 km ride, parked it, and after about 30 minutes, my son tried powering it on but it didn't. *heart beats* I noticed it's very hard to "roll" the unit considering that it does not have any power. When I'm trying to plug it in the charger, the connector sparks. I also tried opening the right hand side battery a re-sit the cables but it didn't help. Am I correct to assume that the motherboard is dead? What else can I do? Right now I'm reading articles in this forum and I think this is not a BMS-cut-off issue OR do you think it otherwise? I can't see anything burt on the motherboard.
  6. So I got my legwaylegway (spreading the wings) 3days back I was riding it yesterday (third day of learning)at the park.I lifted it when it was on and so the wheels started spinning fast(thats normal) so to stop it i pressed the power button for 10sec It stopped and later didnt start I reached home kept it for charging andand the red light on charger indicating its charging started I thought battery had drained and also was scared whether i broke legway so i stopped charging in 15min and pressed power button All lights started for like 3sec and stopped Laterwhen i tried charging the red light on charger aint coming I guess charger is working because when i dont plug it in and start the red light on charger starts for half a second and goes off but as soon as i connect it to legway it doesnt light up even for half a second Pls help its just 3days and it stopped working it was working fine before stopping at park when i force stopped by pressing button for 10s (it had 20-50%) charging at that time Plsssss help
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