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Found 9 results

  1. Dear all, My Inmotion V5+ does not seem to charge full to 100% as indicated on the app anymore. While the light from the adapter (that rectagular block thing) switches from red to green, when I connect to the app the percentage is always only 90 something, never 100%. Moreover, when I connect to the app while charging the V5+, there seems to be no indication on the app to say that it is indeed charging. Any help? TIA
  2. The V5F as sold by eWheels optionally comes with a "rapid" charger that outputs 2.5 amps. The standard charger that comes with the V5F outputs 1.5 amps. I have both and figured I'd use the standard charger for ordinary at-home charges since I don't care how long they take, and pack the rapid charger for all-day trips so I could pick up some juice along the way. The two disadvantages of the rapid charger are its size and weight. It's considerably larger than the standard one, which makes it less appealing to carry in my backpack. (See photos.) The standard charger weighs 15.1 ounces (428 grams). Rapid charger is nearly double at 1 pound, 10 ounces (744 grams). The rapid charger also has a glass fuse which I suppose might break if the unit was dropped, but spares are supplied for that possibility. I don't baby it, and so far it has been fine. Even with the added size and weight I still prefer to carry it for day trips. Here are the result of a recent charging session with the rapid charger on my V5F. This is with a relatively new battery (<200 miles on it). START: 30% battery (was reading 27% immediately after the ride but I let the battery sit for an hour so the voltage could settle for a more accurate reading) 20 minutes charge time (coffee break): 50% indicated 30 minutes charge time (lunch break): 60% indicated. (Note on the V5F this means about 12-15 km of safe riding distance for me.) 40 minutes charge time (leisurely lunch): 75% 55 minutes charge time: 90% END I stopped here since the battery will charge very slowly for the last 10% and so there's not much advantage to a rapid charger for topping off to 100%. On another thread, @Marty Backe asked if it was really worthwhile stopping for "recharge breaks" on a trip. If you have a huge battery pack with a 5+ hour charge time, it's probably not worth it, but you probably have the range to keep going anyway. For lighter wheels like the V5F, V5F+, Ninebot One E+, etc. with 320-480wh batteries it makes a big difference, especially with a faster charger than the standard one. I can stop for a 20 minute break and pick up several miles of range, which effectively gives my V5F a usable range of something like 32km with two short charging breaks. For urban rides where power can be found (in coffee shops, restaurants, bars, public buildings, etc) this works well.
  3. I am using a power meter to monitor my charging of Airwheel X3 battery, I noticed the cut-off will only happen after 68.1V, which is about 4.256V per cell. I assume my power meter may have small measurement error, but idea charging cut-off should be 67.2v or 4.2V per cell. This is happening to anyone charger ? or my battery/charger having issue
  4. Hello, Looking for ideas to charge our wheels faster. i've seen that charge doctor 2 seems to be able to charge faster with two charger but to me (newbie) this still sounds a bit complex. I got an ACM16 and an MCM4HS and looking at the charger it's exactly the same: DC 67.2 1.75A So i guess my MCM340 is charging in about 2h30min, the ACM16 820mh is charging in about 6h. I am looking to possibly do a long trip with one of those but don't know yet which one i will take. I will probably do a lot of km and will need to charge on the road finding points to recharge, probably while visiting the area. MCM 340 will get me probably 25km-30km max (90kg + bag 5-8 kg) and then 2,5h to recharge fully ACM16 i believe will get me around 50km but will then require 6h to recharge fully (as mentioned in specs) Looking for doing 70-80km Anyone with a nice solution (no spare battery) would be great to be able to charge ACM16 faster. Would it be possible to use another charger for the ACM? If so what do you recommend? (i don't have spare battery) Or any other idea? Thanks a lot for your inputs/ideas
  5. I bought an off-brand electric unicycle back in December and until a few weeks ago it worked perfectly. But then I went out of town and forgot my charger so it was out of juice for a couple of days and when I returned to plug in my charger, the light on the charger immediately turned green. Even though the wheel itself only lights one of four LEDs. The wheel still has a little power on it, so I know that it works - i rode it around my parking lot until the low battery indicator began to beep - it just won't charge. I then assumed the charger had stopped working so I bought a new one off eBay, but that displays the exact same problem. As soon as I plug it in, the light turns green as if the battery was already full. It's infuriating because I think it's a minor fix but I have no idea where to begin. I study electrical engineering but I'm only on my first semester so I have no practical knowledge, but I do know most terms and have access to advanced measurement equipment. I would appreciate any help on the matter - even just a procedure on how and what to test so I know what to replace. I talked to the supplier who is willing to send me replacements for any malfunctioning parts, I just need to know what that is - or how to find that out. And I figured this would be the place to ask for help :-) Best regards, Kristian.
  6. What is the best to way to extend battery life on an EUC? I have a 9B1 E+ and ride it to work with 7km every day so a typical battery charge lasts at least 3 rides. For battery overall life (not considering safety of riding on a full battery everytime), should I recharge every night, only when empty or it does not matter?
  7. Since it is easy to find cheap converters from 12v to ...whatever until 80v or more, and two amps, we can charge the ninebot in our car. The only trouble that I can see, is how to find a connector to put into the charge port of our ninebot. Anyone knows which kind of connector is, or where can we buy it?
  8. Is there a reason why it seems just Gotway and King Song sell electric unicycles with big battery packs in them? (granting the euc a long travel distance range) Why are the other manufacturers (Solowheel, Ninebot, IPS, Airwheel, etc.) not installing batteries bigger than the 300's Wh? For me range is top priority, top speed is secondary. I'm sure I'm not the only one. The other manufacturers need to step it up!
  9. What are some good proven public places to connect an EUC charger to top off the battery (recharge) that are not your home nor your work place? Lets say, for example, that you go ride for leisure at a big city (such as Washington DC, Madrid, Dublin, New York, Rome, etc.) and need to top up the battery, where do you stop for it?
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