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Msuper X. 84v 1600wh light use. Need to sell (.NYC/US). (Big price drop)


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Hey my name is joe.  Been with this forum for 7 years.  Lately have not had a chance to do much of anything with work and 4 months ago I got into a motor cycle accident (not with wheel lol) that left my right leg from knee down paralyzed.  5 surgeries later and still doing therapy and I can walk a little with a cane.  So my favorite thing to do I can never do again which is ride the unicycle.  It has very light use.  No serious falls.  And mileage I would say 300-500 but could be a little less or little more.  But for last year it’s been sitting a lot and last 4 months nothing.  Only issue is the handle the you pull from back broke off with me using like I should.  There really cheap so didnot even bother with a new one but they are cheap and not to hard to fix.  Other then that you have a beautiful wheel that rides like a dream.   At this point the best fair price and it’s yours.   I know new they go for like $1,600 but I’m looking no where near there obviously.  Here is a pic cause it won’t let me do more then one but I will send you when we reach out.  My email is fastjobs@protonmail.com


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  • meepmeepmayer changed the title to Msuper X. 84v 1600wh light use. Need to sell (NYC/US)

Oh wow, sorry to hear about the injury Joe, I remember you from back when I was starting out on EUC / on these forums.

Hope your recovery progresses, and I'm sure this wheel will sell quickly, as MSX's are pretty popular, especially in NYC.

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  • Donafello changed the title to Msuper X. 84v 1600wh light use. Need to sell (.NYC/US). (Big price drop)

My final number is $800 not including shipping.   I’m New York so you can pick up.  This thing has biggest pack of batteries I ever scene.  The motor is so fast I still never got to second beep and do must have been doing 35mph.   When you here second beep you are at 80% of machines power so you still have a little left to push but that would be slow it down time.  And there was times I was flying on a brand new paved road for like 3 miles trying to get the second alarm but could not.  Your just going so fast you don’t want to push it. And at this price you can prob flip and make $200 or so.  It’s a amazing shape.  Wiped down after every ride. Tire pressure shocked once a week.  I wil throw in a special gauge I have and a special connector that hood to air nozzle for free. I should a couple other little tools to help you.  So hit me up.  I have 5 people saying they are taking it.  Personally I’m just depressed and want it out the house being I can’t go for my morning cigarette on it. 

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