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EUC World - Which watches can be 'companion' devices?

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Seba can you help?  I've asked similar questions before but I'm not clear on this answer:

Which Smart Watches can act as 'companion devices' that work with EUC World? By 'companion' I mean it requires your cell phone, similar to the Pebble watches. Or is it only the Pebble that can do this?

There are a million $50 or less watches on Amazon, I'm just curious if any of them will work with EUC World similar to how the Pebble does.


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On 1/8/2021 at 1:14 PM, Lefteris said:

There is also a new built for the pebble watch
Somnius/EucWorldPebble (github.com)

Dude! You are a life saver. I have been using wheel log for my pebble but it goofed my alarms and they were going off continuously at 20 mph. Now I get my data and no alarms.

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