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  1. So if I can comment on the original thread . Virginia makes no reference to EUCs specifically, but does mention personal mobility devices. They are limited to 25mph and can use sidewalks or ride near the shoulder of a roadway. Honestly I consider the EUC more of a moped. At least that would be the case based on the operating speeds listed in the laws. I would be willing to pay the small moped registration fee just to know I was covered. Currently, I just wonder if today is the day a cop who wants to make a point/example outta me . With that said, my local police force seems to always greet me
  2. Dude! You are a life saver. I have been using wheel log for my pebble but it goofed my alarms and they were going off continuously at 20 mph. Now I get my data and no alarms.
  3. Welp, we will see if I burn my house down since I have an RS19 inbound. The latest thread on the RS19 starting on fire during shipping has me concerned. I am used to the even more fragile LiPO batteries used in RC planes. Even with my KS18 I am careful not charge it near anything flammable. I will most likely not charge the RS19 while I'm sleeping after reading the latest thread. I noticed Kuji used a metal box with ventilation fans. at least he did in the Sherman review. Might not be a bad idea. I do have an old file cabinet I can hollow out.
  4. ShanePlanet, Unfortunately this wheel didn't come from E-Wheels (my next purchase most likely will be), so they I don't think they will support. However that quote is from my wife's business account so I imagine it's comparable.
  5. Ronr1, If you are willing to pay shipping. My my estimates are around $120. I just picked a random location in Denver for a ball park estimate.
  6. SOLD! Virginia Selling KS18-XL with Roll.nz cover $1400+Shipping 900 miles, but I am still riding it so that will go up. First wheel, but looking to upgrade. Minor scrapes on pedals and handle, but under the cover it is nearly perfect. I also have original box. *Update, eWheels offered to help with shipping since I ordered my replacement wheel with them so I am willing to ship within CONUS. Pics: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahf-gkgV4Ulxg9I9u9jRNmHesz8lSw?e=sFr1dE For the safety folks out there, I have adequate safety gear now :D.
  7. I am interested and sent you an email. I live in VA as well.
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