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  1. In Wheel Settings.... Swipe from the left edge to the right and Wheel Setings menu...
  2. No, the metal part of the mosfets must be electrically insulated from the cooler, if not short-circuited. This is the role of the thermal pad in addition to transporting heat.
  3. maybe an idea, I had trouble by copy/paste the link but not by typing the link....
  4. Open Galaxy Store on your phone, search WheelLog-Tizen in Watch section and select to install on your Watch.
  5. I also had the same problem when I tried late in the evening, and at the moment no worries...
  6. I bought my satiator with an XT60 socket and made xT60-GX16 adapters. If I have a wheel with a different socket, I just have to make an adapter. When hiking, I can help out a friend, I have different adapters
  7. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/8311-wheellog-android-app/
  8. In WheelLog you can "correct" the voltage in the parameters (67-84-100) for GotWay
  9. certainly easier to assemble with the display on the side...time saving so money
  10. In Connect application, you can choose the applications wich can send a notification to the Garmin GPS.
  11. Less 1h to adjust the hole with a dremel. It's a friend who gave me the push button, I just welded the cables and the connector.
  12. the feature is managed by the motherboard, stopping the motor by pressing the button only works when stopped. By rolling it has no action.
  13. Look this: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/optishokz-revvez-bone-conduction-audio-sunglasses/x/8220981#/ I'm waiting mine. Actually I no longer use my headphones Aftershokz with my full face helmet.
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