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  1. Hansolo


    A ride between Forges les Eaux and Dieppe in France. FR & EN subtitles available
  2. at 55:32:00 for the firmware update by app (sub titles EN available)
  3. MS3 84 V MSX 84V EX % batt 100% 100% 100% Speed correction 0% 0% 0% Free speed spin 1 Km/h 71,1 76,2 82,2 Free speed spin 2 Km/h 71,2 76,2 82,7 Free speed spin 3 Km/h 71,5 76,2 82,6
  4. yes, the wheels block the possibility to modify the parameters while riding To return to the previous TB speed, it must be manually set again Normally
  5. We are even at the 2.6.2 The legal speed option sets the TB to the legal speed according to the country (location according to GPS), the wheel must be stopped.
  6. The connector with 4 wires (2 black and 2 red) on the Begode BMS is for the interconnection between the BMS. If there is a problem with one battery pack during charging, a signal is sent to the other pack to stop charging.
  7. Depending on the age of the battery but the connector for charging may be different, XT30 on current versions JST on older ones. Otherwise no problem.
  8. The ball bearing is no longer covered by the ring
  9. Subtitles FR & EN are available
  10. Subtitles FR & EN are available
  11. Or you can use the Android app Serial Bluetooth Terminal Below connected to my MS3 (You can get the frames from the wheel, but not the frames from the application (BEGODE, EUC World) to the wheel)
  12. Hightems the KS dealer in France also distributes Inmotion now....
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