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  1. Hansolo

    WheelLog Android App

    It's very correct
  2. Hansolo

    WheelLog Android App

    Not a good idea to ride with headset....
  3. Hansolo

    Gotway batteries conexions

    The 4 wires are identical (2 by 2), the red wires are connected between and the same for dark wires.
  4. TX from BLE module to RX of the Arduino
  5. Hansolo

    MSX fender

    Yes I confirm
  6. Hansolo

    Gotway batteries conexions

    Connection between BMS, if 1 is on error the other BMS is stopped too.
  7. Hansolo

    2400Wh MSX's charging limits

    3 pins to be sure not to plug in upside down
  8. Hansolo

    2400Wh MSX's charging limits

    http://hobby16.neowp.fr/fr/ Caractéristiques de Charge Doctor V2 Tension : 20.0V – 100.0 V Intensité : 0.00 – 10.00 A Capacité : 0.000-1000 Ah avec décimale automatique Energie : 0.0-10000 Wh avec décimale automatique Coupure automatique par seuil de courant (0.1-8.0 A) ou seuil de tension (30.0-85.0V) Sortie enregistreur liaison série 9600 bauds TTL Dimensions : 85x50x20 mm Poids : 65 g
  9. Hansolo

    2400Wh MSX's charging limits

    For the GW BMS, I think 5A is OK, Already heard several wheelers charging at 10a (in 1600 Wh version) Charging socket plug, 5-6 A max... You must do as for the KS 18L put 2 connectors. Charge Doctor, the max is 10A
  10. Hansolo

    The Photo Thread

    CST anti-puncture 18x2.5 on the left (my MSX) I ride a lot.. CST Off road 18x2.5 on the right, super grip in muddy condition
  11. Hansolo

    The Photo Thread

    I'm not the author ( @OliG ) of this photo but The MSX in the left it's mine...
  12. Hansolo


    Yes, Soy is a good cartoonist. An English translation of the comics is planned.
  13. Hansolo

    WheelLog Android App

    A short video to connect another wheel with WheelLog. In first WheelLog is connected to my MS3 and I change to my MSX. If the icon of the whell is red, touch to put it in white and and run a BT search (BT icon)
  14. Hansolo

    Fast Chargers for MSX?

    For Satiator charger the max power dissipated is 360 W (no active fan) So the current drops when the voltage increases to stay in the 360W