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  1. The program: * Departure from Troyes to Saint-Dizier via Lac du Der for a 130 km ranco by the magnificent vélovoie des lacs * Hotel in Saint-Dizier * Return from Saint-Dizier to Paris by train French and English subtitles available.
  2. Roadtrip 2019 of the Wheelers Pro: Mulhouse - Orléans by Eurovelo 6. French and English subtitles available.
  3. In France, unlimited mobile data, calls, sms/mms for 18$ (coupled with fixed Internet subscription) or 22$
  4. An another Garmin app will be developped by @Seba for EUC World. EUC World is compatible with many watch models and with the same interface because the applications are developed by the same person.
  5. The watch is connected to EUC World on the smartphone, not directly to the wheel
  6. And we all know it's hard to make @Marty Backe happy
  7. And so the Tizen app is for the day after tomorrow?
  8. Visualization of the track is active under EUC World.
  9. EUC World app (Android) supports watches under wear OS. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/13403-euc-world-application-online-service/
  10. Yes and EUC World too, available on GitHub (this week for EUC World)
  11. Public version 1.0.2 of EUC World app is available on Google Play...
  12. @Tony ML in the 1.0.2 available soon yo can change the language (interface and voice) in EUC World. In the 1.0.1 it depends on the setting of the phone.
  13. Press the Wheel icon (it must be white), and press Bluetooth icon to search wheel.
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