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  1. Hansolo


    A short hike in Paris mixing gyroroues, scooters and electric skate. FR & EN subtitles available.
  2. @Marty Backe to adjust the parallelism of the pedal mounts
  3. With EN subtitles... you will find in the description direct access to chapters.
  4. I have a MS3 from 2016 and MSX from 2018, in comparaison it's like night and day with the headlight of the V11
  5. I'm writing the EN subtitles of my video…. coming soon The problem with the V11 light is that it does not illuminate far enough, 20 m or so. But it is powerfull, the beam is wide and like a car headlight it does not dazzle.
  6. EN Subtitles availables
  7. Very secure And a new BT module cost 3€
  8. No, for GW there is no identification informations transmited by BlueTooth, even the model of the wheel is not transmitted.
  9. I tested with ceramic plates (a resistance in TO220), with thermal grease in addition it is much more efficient than the original silicone pad. But I did not equipp my motherboard because the ceramic is britter and I fear that during a fall ...
  10. But the socket of the charger must be properly wired, 2 contacts for the + and 2 contacts for the -
  11. Hansolo


    Subtitles EN & FR availables Hello friends, we invite you to discover today a magnificent course of around 110 km which will take us in the footsteps of the Impressionists and in particular of Vincent Van Gogh.
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