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Bearings press for Old V11 bearing (DIY)

Finn Bjerke

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Is it possible to change / upgrade bearings on the V11 using a berings press or a homemade bearings press ?  Id rather user a bearings press designed for the bearing we use on EUCs with hollows motors - Im told you need to supply pressure on the outer ring.  That midter piece I have no idea what to do with IMG-3410.jpg

Here is clever hammering and heat used by EUC bros in order to change bearings on a Gotway  (btw they make the greates EUC action videos Ive seen so far)  
Any ideas  

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Oh I just want to put a new one in. I cant pay one to do it we are in lcokdown here in legoland (Denmark that is) I got a sparepart wheel total from Inmotion so all in all I have 2 motors, 2 wheels 2 bearings 1 tire so I need to invest in a wintertire too.  Im in the habit of doing what mrelwood recommends, he is a clever bloke. Some folks have tech skills some have people skills. he has both. 

Bearing in shell here 


2021-01-02-102146.jpgHere you have the V11 bearings dissambled - and the hollow motor

not how do I get old ones out and new ones in. I have attacked it bruttally with a small crowbar but Im afraid to destroy something - I dont have a torch here. Id rather make a home made bearingpresser or buy one or have a pro do this in a way that could supply equal pressure all over the "circle" look at pix...  and Hey thx for good positive input from you lot.  If you have EUC addiction you have to learn some tech. Now its actually fun for me - I used to hate it. Im still angry over QC... a little 

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16 hours ago, bracky72 said:

How about using an old bearing for the race and press it in with that?

Im told that is a good way yes.  I still need a sort of press. or a torch ....or both? 

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ah the fun of sorting thru bearing races and sockets and every damn thing you can find. Bearing press(upside down bottle jack in a stand) and start stacking bits and pieces for fit? Lip or not, you're going to need to find a way to support the part as you press. Is there an old auto shop around your house? YOu know the type... old signs everywhere, stacks of tires, big belly's and a guy with a beard somewhere? Pressing bearings in is a pain, but any longstanding auto shop, SHOULD have a press and a bucket full of random rings from replaced parts in the past. Careful with heat for sure. Also careful when pressing hardened steels, it can get very exciting very fast! Freezing the bearing and lightly heating the seat is a common practice. Can you not just drift punch the old bearing out and use ITS parts as supports in the press? You can also hammer the new if you use a donor race and are good with solid flat dead blows, its an art. No need to fear damaging the old bearing at least. Honestly, this fix looks like a cake walk in compare to some of the other wheel bearings I've seen on HUGE vehicles. I got a jar full of ball bearings from replaced stuff over the years. They make a good tool on a motorcycle for those tailgaters ;)

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Making a DIY tool for this specific task should be possible - but we are in Covid19 lockdown here.  I might find some of these car parts for installing new bearings? Maybe new bearings is easier than new axels? Hoping for a better 2021.  3145102_1.jpg

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