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  1. It would be fun to ride the dragon on a euc. I know some have.
  2. I wear a Klim Induction vented moto jacket. Kinda pricey but I feel like it will actually help if I go down. It’s very high quality. The venting makes heat a non issue once rolling. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/klim-induction-jacket-2017
  3. Riding at 40 psi is insane unless you weight 300 lbs. Any little bump will send you flying. It would be like pumping your car tires up to 40-50 psi. To hard! Poor performance.
  4. I ordered one today. I had been contemplating the v12 but decided on going with a proven frame and bigger battery. Plus the lights look awesome. I’m excited to receive it.
  5. Many drunk drivers go years without incident. Until they kill someone. Getting lucky is hardly a valid rationalization.
  6. Honestly defending Mick or this behavior is like defending drunk driving.
  7. If one of those dicks rode like that around me I’d hit them and knock them on their asses. See how that feels. Lol
  8. Voltage x amperage(current) = wattage So increasing the voltage allows you to reduce current flowing through the system to get equivalent wattage. It’s high current that heats wires and stresses the system.
  9. I have good success holding out one arm or the other to counteract wind. It’s kind of dorky but it can balance things out.
  10. I weigh 185 lbs and run 22-25 psi in my 16x. These super high tire pressures are very unstable and twitchy.
  11. How about using an old bearing for the race and press it in with that?
  12. Sometimes I need to check to make sure I’m wearing my helmet. It’s that unobtrusive.
  13. I’m planning on riding with my ten year old roadcrafter suit this winter. It seems perfect for it.
  14. It sounds like it was a terribly unfortunate accident. I hope with time you feel better.
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