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  1. I don’t always use them but at the right time some Steely Dan coming from my 16x speakers is pretty nice.
  2. My fan runs all the time. No problem once moving.
  3. The mcm5 is stronger then you might think if you’ve not tried it. The 1500 watt motor combined with the smallish 14” wheel is quite good.
  4. Seriously try 25 psi. You will be stunned at the difference compared to 50 psi.
  5. I’ve had my 16x a few months. At first it was wobble city and I struggled to get to 20 mph comfortable. Now I can easily max it out and I wonder why I used to have so much trouble. It feels like a big gyro over 20 and gets really steady. It just took me a few hundred miles of practice. So I say keep at it with the 16x. I weight 180 and ride with 25-32 psi. It is smoother at less psi. I do not use any pads and ride so that my legs don’t really touch when going straight. Remember the movie Contact? It was after her chair broke loose and she was no longer anchored to the capsule that everything became smooth.
  6. He super air r is very light weight. You can’t have everything so you always compromise somewhere. You choose this helmet prioritizing weight and venting over protection.
  7. The wheel doesn’t know it’s direction. When you lift it not competently level it chooses the direction to spin based on the orientation of your lift.
  8. Yes it will touch your face. You can’t escape the impact. But it will be spread over a greater surface area of your head.
  9. I think you confuse average with max speed.
  10. I’ve skidded a wheel out from under me during sudden braking on gravel. Put me right on my ass. Lol
  11. My latest model 16x has been awesome in the 300 miles I’ve put on it. I was going to pop the cover at 500 miles to check for dust and loose fasteners. I’ve had no problems riding it at 30 mph. It can hold 25 mph indefinitely up an impressive grade. The sound is decently good. The headlight adequate. The leds fun. And I think it’s one of the cooler looking wheels. So 2k gets you a solid total package.
  12. Works as potty training device as well!
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