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New York City-Gotway MSP High Speed C30 - $1,650 or best offer!


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  • Biancanyc changed the title to New York City-Gotway MSP High Speed C30 - $1,650 or best offer!

The guy that stole this ad and posted it in offer up has several stolen posts that he's posted there. He's in Lebanon Tennessee and uses different names when he posts but all of his ads are the same number and are listed from Lebanon Tennessee. 

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2 hours ago, nycommuter69 said:



wow. I feel bad for whoever bites.  We should start hammering the idiot's number 615..:675..:7919

I actually fell for his scam for a minute the other day. He had a MSX and a 100v Nicola for sale, for $750 reach. I texted that number and he responded immediately. He said his wife had and accident and he needed to get some quick cash. He seemed legit, the only way I caught onto it was I was looking at another ad that was right next to the one I answered and it was a different name but the same number I was texting. I called him out on it and he said the he uses different names because he's being careful in dealing with people on the internet. So I asked him what other wheels he had available and he couldn't tell me what he had listed. He said he couldn't keep track of the names and the wheels. When he couldn't tell me what wheels he was selling I knew he was a scam. I called him out on his BS and he stopped texting back. What a douche!

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