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  1. Let me reach out to my friend who may be interested. I just purchased an msx 100 v 1860 on this forum. Thanks, Ron
  2. Hi You can reach me at 303-521-3377. I’m going to work today but am off tomorrow. Maybe we can talk. Thanks, Ron
  3. Hi, I may be interested. Was it involved in a crash? Thanks
  4. I’m very interested. Let me know if you decide to ship. Thanks
  5. Maybe we can talk tomorrow afternoon. 303-521-3377 Thanks, Ron
  6. Are you willing to ship to Colorado? Thanks
  7. Hi I’d be interested in texting you about your Tesla v2. 303-521-3377
  8. I am interested in upgrading to a more powerful wheel. I currently have a KS16S. Let me know if you have a wheel in good condition. Prefer local so I can try it out and pay cash. Thanks
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