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  1. Starting a topic for the upcoming EBCP and tire options. eWheels allows pre-ordering with either a knobby [K626] or street tire [K340A], but want to get more options listed here.
  2. Gonna leave this Mooch LG M50LT test right here. This cell spot welded into 4P packs has been the common denominator in the majority of recent EUC wheel fires, and now this Mooch test shows the cell's max amp discharge significantly declines the hotter this cell gets (ie. our EUC's do not yet have a proper active cooling solution ala Tesla cars etc.) Which poses the question (smart BMS LiTech / LillyTech / LollipopTech be damned): why does this cell continue to get used in such a high power, high temp application such as a modern-day high power EUC, particularly in power-hungry, heat-building shrink-wrapped 4P configuration pack? (read: well, I actually do know why: $$$$) Obviously, this is not a bad cell outright, but perhaps it is not the right cell manufacturers should be using for our EUC purposes, especially coming from years of the tried-and-true, good old faithful 18650 flavor of cells like the once industry performance standard Panasonic NCR18650GA's. https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/bench-test-results-lg-m50lt-14-4a-4932mah-21700.974083/?fbclid=IwAR2-DMopoPvoRLKdqpQVMt0drGPXYM1UOP6bqVY8SuSxGt1iRMKrUYxhWOo Bench Test Results: LG M50LT - 14.4A 4932mAh 21700 Test Results This is a fantastic performing “energy” cell (high capacity, made for long run times at lower power levels) but be aware of the reduction in its current rating at higher ambient temperatures.This cell outperforms both the Samsung 50S and BAK N21700CG-50 at 5A. At 10A the Samsung 50S beats this cell by a few percent but the M50LT still performs a touch better than N21700CG-50. This makes the LG M50LT one of the best performing 21700’s we can buy. I have not tested its cycle life yet though.See my 21700 Ratings and E-Scores table (link below) to see how this cell performed against others.The preliminary datasheet for this cell lists a 14.4A “Max. Discharge Current” rating but that is only for 10°C-25°C room temperatures! At above 25°C the current rating starts dropping and is only 7.2A by the time the ambient temperature reaches 55°C. These higher temperatures are common in battery packs where each cell heats up the others around it and the cells are in a case or wrapped in insulating materials and heat shrink plastic. Never exceed 70°C cell temperature!So while you can run this cell at 14.4A if at room temp or cooler I recommend staying at 10A or lower to help improve performance (reduce voltage sag), extend cell life, and reduce the risk of the cell getting too warm.The top contact of this cell is recessed more than most cells so these cells cannot be directly stacked in a vapingdevice. The top contact metal is also thinner than most cells and the “legs” coming down from it are narrow so I recommend not using this cell where there is a lot of pressure on the top contact.The two cells I tested delivered 4843mAh and 4850mAh. This is fantastic consistency and is typical of cells from the big manufacturers. The cells I tested didn’t meet LG’s 4923mAh typical capacity rating but they were over the 4770mAh minimum rating.I strongly recommend reading the datasheet for this cell before using it: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0481/9678/0183/files/2020-21700_M50LT_datasheet.pdf
  3. Hello, If I understand correctly, the newest batch of Master's is the 4th batch? Or atleast the newest is regarded as "V4". What are the differences between the versions V1, V2, V3, & V4? Not only do I want to know how Begode generally "iterates" their products, but I also have no idea what model by Master is and I'm looking for identifiers. I bought the wheel on Black Friday 2022 from Voltride, so I assume it at least should be V2. This thread could also work as a collection of the data in a convenient place (I can't seem to find info about the versions).
  4. Hi peeps. I can't find the exn black motherboard wiring diagram it's not in my folder might have deleted by mistake if you have it please respond here or send to me direct. Many thanks in advance Regards Andrew
  5. Our exclusive battery safety improvement for the Begode Master, Begote T4, Begode Mten4 and Sherman S models sets a new standard for battery safety and reliability. We have added a specialized fire retardant and water proof coating to these models, providing an extra level of protection against fire and water damage. Additionally, we have improved the battery management system (BMS) anti-vibration system on these models, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of transport and use. With these enhancements, we are proud to offer our customers the highest level of safety and performance in the industry. We promise to continue this commitment to safety in all of our models in the future. Thank you for your continued support. The Freemotion Team
  6. The product line-up would be a smaller offering that is more differentiated by use-case (wheel size and (no)suspension). Pro versions are only for the Tesla and Master. Speed/torque options are only for the Master and Monster. No more new wheels are invented; we just get new generation iterations annually with higher specs, features or quality improvements (e.g. Master 2022, Master 2023, Master 2 2023, Master 2024 .... Master 5 2027). And they should all have the Master aesthetic as the brand's signature design language, changing number of headlights, foam shape et cetera, like they've than with the T4 and MTen4. Category series: - MTEN series should be as compact as light and compact as possible. A fun tricking side-walk wheel. - TESLA should be as nimble. torquey as possible. A convenient all-rounder wheel. - MASTER should be the performance street and off-road wheel. Stripped-down rugged racer. - MONSTER should be the highly stable, long-range cruiser.
  7. Was watching this review for the T4 and noticed that it had these “suspension cushions” on it. I’m wondering if the Master Pro could use these. Are the suspension rods the same diameter? Is it worth doing?
  8. Hello EUC family! I'm preparing for the eventual delivery of the Sherman S and Mten4. I'd like to get some protective accessories for both wheels now or when they become available later. It would be useful to have a comprehensive list of US dealers and parts manufacturers. Of course, worldwide dealers should be included too. I'm not trying to start a discussion of which dealers are good or bad, I just want to check them all because so far I've found their inventories of parts widely varied in size and availability. Here's my list so far: ewheels.com eevees.com alienrides.com euco.us revrides.com grizzlapads.com clarkpads.com ChrisChaput on Facebook for spiked pedals
  9. Included in Hero Package Deal: (also listed on several EUC Facebook groups as well) 2-year Warranty from Alien Rides (1 year 8+ months remain) Shipping Included in Price - Original Box Grizzla Pads - Alien Rides Edition Upgraded Suspension (needs installed) Adjustable Fast Charger Standard Charger Pump & Alien Rides Stickers Installed Custom Armor (high-density EVA foam). A few scuffs on the skin in a few spots but nothing major at all. What little there is was covered later by armor. I will offer this package for $3,300.00, I paid $3,810.00 for the package. That would save you $510.00! UPDATE 8/2/2022! I have lowered my price and will now offer this package for $3,100.00, I paid $3,810.00 for the package. That would save you $710.00!There are only 71.95 miles on the Hero, so not even broken in yet. Why am I selling it? I purchased a motorcycle and told my wife I would sell the Hero to help compensate for the extra money. I still have a V11 to ride though. For Specs and other information on Begode Hero visit: http://www.begode.com/productinfo/715123.html
  10. I fixed everything thanks to everyone, I leave the video just in case Hello. I just got mine. Begode t4 everything was fine. After updating the firmware, it turned off and no longer responds to anything. You press the power button, the screen does not light up, but the program finds it is no longer possible to update it. What to do has anyone encountered? I wrote in begude there is no answer
  11. IMAGES: https://imgur.com/a/LfLaopx Hi forum! Back from a hiatus. FS: Gotway/Begode MSX 100V 1860Wh. Los Angeles area. Purchased from eWheels February 2020 before all the fires and reliability issues started cropping up. only ~800 miles, always stored at 50-80% charge. one of many wheels in the stable, so very low mileage. includes EUCO branded fast charger (not pictured). up to 4amps and 80/90/100% selectable charge levels. ($200 value) i have a mud flap for it somewhere, not currently installed. will include if i can find it. disclosures: can include Clark Pads for an extra $100. i think i replaced the charge port on this wheel after about a year. could have been another wheel. no issues since. shell can creak, haven't tried tightening anything. everything else feels rock solid. great reliable wheel that has great speed/torque! a motorcyclist once clocked me upwards of 40mph. fully padded, of course. asking $1100, local Los Angeles pickup STRONGLY preferred (i don't have the box). cash is king.
  12. $2,500 each not sold with Clarkpads. Just Clark Bumpers. HS 204 miles HT 184 miles Never crashed or fallen or ridden in the rain.
  13. Selling my Begode EXN HT for $2200 obo. Sold as is. Please message me if you’re interested. Comes with all accessories in pictures. New H666 Tire only has 40 miles on it. It does have a broken handle and the negative terminal that connects to the halo needs to be reconnected. The outer shells has some damage. Other than that it has no other problems. It’s been a really great wheel that’s taken me on many adventures! Pick up only/ cash only please! Located in San Antonio Texas. -1201.6 miles -Clark pads custom stand for EXN -Clark pads bumpers for EXN -3 and 6amp charger to charge the EXN at 9 amps for 1.5 hour charging to full. -60-80 mile range
  14. The Nikola+ I received at May from eucsale.com , started creaking today after it was left charging until full during the day, in office ~25 degrees C. Mileage is probably around 1k km. First time with any unwanted noises.. Last time I rode in some light rain for <5 minutes was 3 full days ago. It creaks only around/on the right side of the axle, loudly when going forwards and much more quiet when spinning the wheel backwards. But when stepping on the wheel and driving backwards, it also got louder. Was checking out other "creaking" videos and reports here, but none really matched this one so far, after around 10 threads. Any guesses what the creak or ideas what to try/do? Riding experience didn't seem any different, would you continue riding it at this point? :|
  15. There are a ton of conversations online about the Begode Master's lackluster knobby CST-186 tires that come stock with the unit. Some reviewers call it "just okay" while others think it's pure junk. Regardless, there is a lot of interest in swapping out the CST-186 tires from the Master. Note that at the time of this writing, eWheels is still evaluating other tire options, like the Kenda K262 and street Kenda 340A. Concerns with the knobby CST-186 tire includes lack of overall control, which makes it not so great on trails. What do you think? Will you swap the CST-186 tire for a different one, or keep it stock?
  16. So, yes, I'm new here and don't officially have my Begode Master in hand yet, but I have built plenty of batteries, so my question with regards to the Begode master that's using the Molicel batteries is, why not just add more P groups? This question is really directed to anyone that is a battery builder here that has experience but I can't for the life of me figure out why we can't just build our own 8s6p batteries instead of 8s 4p batteries and go beyond what is listed on the comparison table for the battery configuration. And get more distance out while not sacrificing power? ALSO, why not just use waterproof electrical disconnects at the edge of the housings to have the batteries removable for hotswap, instead of running the cables internally/directly to the board. Im honestly thinking of doing this before even riding on it; I have a bunch of plans to reduce weight with carbon fiber anyway that will take me a couple of weeks. Am I missing something here?!
  17. My use case and experience Firstly, I'm relatively new to EUCs. I got Kingsong 14D as a learning wheel last september, and was extremely happy with it. I needed a way to commute around the central part of the city, with daily destinations in up to 10km radius. Of course, I grew out of 14D quickly. Range of 25km (I'm 90kg), combining with fast charging time is even acceptable, but its speed sucks. I'm no speed demon, but was getting into beeps in every straight line. After 1500km, upgraded to Kingsong S18, reasoning that I do not need so much power, but somehow believing in suspension as a value for security and comfort. What I miscalculated was portability. It is quite annoying to carry it up and down stairs daily, and I both live and work in old buildings 3rd and 4th floors. So I just stopped using it and eventually sold. I decided I need a wheel strictly under 20kg, so the only option left was MCM5, which I have for a week now, but only around 50km, as my commutes are quite short. So, while still in excitement of having a new toy, I'll put down several notes that might be useful for future owners. Ride The stability is amazing, I'd say, even more stable than S18, of course except on potholes. For example S18 used to slightly follow those lined pavement tiles (meant for visually impaired), but MCM5 almost does not feel them, it just goes where you want it to. And it is very comfortable to maneuver it, even without extra pads, what I wouldn't say about S18. My sense of insecurity is now based only on reasoning that the stability this wheel gives is a little deceptive, and that obstacles could throw me down actually easier than it seems. So we'll see, I'm just in the first hundred km. Also, you probably do not need more speed on 14 inch wheel than this one gives you. Lights Headlight sucks. Definitely too narrow. There is no designated back light, which is really bad for safety. LED lights are obviously designed as decoration, which I personally can't stand. Functionality to inspect battery by number of LEDs is marginal, at least for me. There are 7 modes to choose from, and no option to turn them off. Only one of the modes (the red one) does not look like christmas tree and compensates the backlight a little. Controlling lights is a pain in the ass. You have to cycle through 7 modes by clicking power button 3 times for each. So if you switched off your preferred mode unwillingly (which happens often, when you switch headlight on and later off), you have to push the button again exactly 15 times to cycle to previous position. Or use an app. I totally prefer Kingsong's solution with a simple light sensor for headlight and persistent decoration lights, with possibility to have them off alltogether. Sounds You get two first beeps at some ridiculously slow speeds (I guess around 15 and 30kmh, correct me if I'm wrong), which are just for annoying. Switched those off. The last beeps can be customized in three weird options, which are sadly not customizable.. I wish they fixed it: only overpower threshold should be hardcoded, and all the other signals should be customizable. Bluetooth music sounds worse than average smartphone. Glad I don't need it anyway. There is a constant, silent, high pitched sound when riding, differently from my other wheels. Not really annoying for me, but for some users it might be. Carrying In this batch I got, they finally cut out handles from both sides! So now it is better than you could guess from majority of youtube videos. Carrying up and down stairs is still less comfy than Kingsong wheels. Lift button is not on/off, but must be held constantly. That means you keep almost all 17kg on your mid-fingers, and simultaneously put extra strain on your fingertips to keep the button pushed. Not too nice. Trolly handle is sort of ok. I agree that sharp edge handle is not a nice thing to hold, and pulling it out takes a bit too much attention. But I do not agree to the critique I heard about handle going down to easily. It is easy to push it down to your desired height, and I find it convenient. But it does not go down by itself, or by accident, like many reviewers claim. Probably they fixed it. Switching between trollying and carrying is annoying. To lift the wheel you have to push the handle all the way down to fully align its hole with carrying handle. If you need to do just a couple of stairs, then you don't want to do it fully - as you'll need to pull it out again soon from its smooth bed. In those cases it is quicker to push it in just half-way, so the handle fits below your shoulder, then turn the wheel around and lift it from another side. Nothing too difficult, but ughhh, why? You never even think about that with Kingsongs. Mudguard I rode a little after rain, and my backpack got some spots on it. Not too badly, but not nice either. Now I'm thinking how to make a DIY mudguard. Conclusion I'd say that Begode have brilliant engineers and b-rate designers, who prioritize branding and decorations to ergonomics and overall user experience. But I definitely intend to keep MCM5 for a long time. I suppose there is no better short distance commuter in this weight class: the power, feeling, and stability are easily stronger arguments than those little annoyances I listed.
  18. Introduction As you may know, Begode has been offering battery pack options for the first time with the Master, a welcome advancement. Options are typically, as seen (for now) on the pre-order page of MyEWheel The LiTech upgrade is +120 Euros for Samsung cells, +300 Euros for Molicel P42A. Some websites like @Afeez Kay Erides.com opted to sell only the LiTech variant, calling it: "Begode MASTER Suspension Electric Unicycle 134V Li-TECH Assembled" The problem While preparing his Master review, Raphaël from Bonheur sur Seine asked his contact at Begode to describe what the LiTech option listed means. The answer he got is: LiTech packs still using Begode's BMS but are assembled by LiTech instead. No other difference. LiTech being described as a supplier for Begode, who sells the wheels with any of the pack options. Now, it directly contradicted previous discussion I had both on the phone and by mail (including @Jason McNeil from eWheels) with LiTech CEO Henry Zhang. We got in touch some time ago to talk about Smart BMS. In these discussions, LiTech expressed concerns on the long-term reliability of Begode's design and eWheels is pushing towards a redundant pack configuration. As a result, LiTech has been working on their own BMS solution from scratch. So far, eWheels is only interested selling safer Master units, combining a 100% LiTech redundant battery configuration. What does that mean The implications are frankly stunning. Begode has been selling wheels for months, that don't, and won't exist All distributors who sold LiTech variants will not get them (except from eWheels) All customers who preordered LiTech variants will not receive what they ordered (except from eWheels) LiTech asked everybody selling these "LiTech" packs to remove mentions from their website and they did not comply All distributors listing LiTech options are unknowingly committing false advertising LiTech has no plan to assemble packs with Begode BMS which they consider unsatisfactory. Everybody who ordered a Master only because of the expected improved battery safety will not get what they wanted (except from eWheels) Begode might attempt to clone LiTech's design as a workaround to the failure securing them as supplier and the inability to fulfill the orders already committed and paid for. Footnotes I understand that my statements here contradict what has been said for months, including by Begode's CEO in meetings with distributors. Some distributors will have a very hard time believing any of this, maybe I can help here, DMs open. My main source is LiTech CEO, I am sure 100% of his identity and legitimacy. I think it is plausible that Begode has been accumulating pretend "LiTech" preorders in order to accumulate volume, to use as leverage to circumvent the eWheels exclusivity deal. While I understand that LiTech EUC packs are a eWheels+LiTech developed venture, I wish there was no exclusivity deal in order to improve the safety of EUC riders worldwide. Therefore I would also like to pledge @Jason McNeil eWheels to find a way to enable the distribution of LiTech solutions with selected distributors, possibly via an agreement including non-compete and quality requirements.
  19. Hello All, Looking for some input from the masses here... I just got a Begode hero from Aliens Rides in the US and have absolutely been loving it, but after about 40 miles of riding I've noticed there's a weird grinding/rubbing feeling coming from the right side of the wheel. It only happens when apply force to the right hand side when turning or carving. At first I thought it may be something stuck in the fender as that used to happen with my S18, but all was clear. I took a deeper look when I got home from our group ride last night and it looks like something may be rubbing against the motor (see pic). I don't see anything sticking out near the wheel though. If a light rider is on the wheel they have no issues, but anyone about 200 lbs was able to replicate the issue I was hearing/feeling. I've reached out to AR, but figured I'd check with the Forum and see if there may be something I may be missing. Guessing I'll be taking it apart and checking if any screw or casing is loose. At this time I've not had a single accident or fall so the wheel is still in perfect condition. any input is appreciated!
  20. High Speed EXN with less then 800 miles for sale with clark bumpers, clark side pads, contiscoot tire, mudguard and seat. Great wheel, a little pocket rocket. 2700wh for 60 mile range. Original box will ship. $2500 contact Ron: Rlion8@gmail AC71D303-1715-4020-9512-8062EA07E9DA.heic
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