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  1. Hi Finn, I posted most of this in another part of the forum. I just have to reiterate the fact that the design and engineering of the S-18 is an incredible well thought out machine. From what I can see it is way ahead of InMotion and Gotway. The V11 is probably a great road machine, but I would be very carful with it off-road. Yet as a road machine it’s lack of battery and power doesn’t come close to the current (non suspended) offerings. I don’t own a V11, and I like you can only analyze what I see and read about it. I haven’t found anything structurally wrong with the S-18, and believe me it’s taken a beating as I put it through it’s paces off-road. In my never to be humble opinion the future off-road machines will look more like the mono shock Moto-X bikes that left the dual shock suspension behind over 40 years ago. Yes you can still purchase Harley-Davidson, you can even purchase a hardtail. Moto-X bikes have small tanks keeping them light. I’m not sure giving the S-18 a larger battery would be to my liking. It’s nimble and adding more weight would just make a great machine less instead of more. The S-18 is the first of it’s kind, wasn’t the first suspended EUC on the market but it is miles ahead of the competition. The design and manufacturing of the S-18 is excellent. I don’t know where the build started to fall apart, probably purchasing but it was assembled and QC’d by idiots. They used barrel bolts that were too long allowing bearings to spin freely on the bolts instead of locking in. Mated bearings didn’t have shim spacers. Instead of using the proper mounting spacers they used lock washers impinging the bearing cages making the bearing useless. Those lock washers stopped the bearings from functioning making the bolt turn in the frame. The outer shell connecting rods were painted with out regard to the bearing placement. When the bearing are pressed into their mounts, the paint reduced the size of the mounting hole causing some of the outer races to bind or break when they were installed causing friction in the bearings. KingSong and my dealer (at least in my experience), have stood solidly behind all of these repairs. I’ve spent quit a bit of time making my suspension what is should have been to begin with. I would absolutely purchase it again even knowing what it takes to make it work as designed. I love this wheel it’s amazing on the trails where I spend most of my time. I go places now that I wouldn’t have even considered before.
  2. I used Darkness Bot Sorry I was just going over my notes. I used SoftTuner not Darkness Bot.
  3. I just reverted to the 2.05 and it works again. I’m going to stay with 2.05 until they get this fixed in the next iteration...
  4. Nope I tried that, I also reinstalled the update. When you turn on the handle the carry position doesn’t work at all. When you turn it off the wheel spins uncontrollably. I’m pretty sure that it’s in the update that the problem lies...
  5. I upgraded to the new firmware 2.06 and now the trolly handle doesn’t work in the carry mode. Any ideas?
  6. You probably want to use a dry lubricant, those seals aren’t the greatest, allow dust and small particles into the bearings. If you decide to use any form of silicon you won’t be able to change that in the future. Anything that the silicone touches won’t hold anything else. Silicone also attracts dust and dirt. Look for something like WD-40 Dry Lube with PTFE. It cheap easy to find, has a covalent bond and resists dust and dirt.
  7. I ended up using stainless steel on all but the chrome 4mm.
  8. Your suspension was an excellent design, but your suspension has not been assembled properly. You can add as much oil, silicone, or grease you like but until you disassemble your entire suspension replace the bearings that are behind the lock washers, cut down the bolts that are too long, add spacers and align your suspension you’re just wasting your time.
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