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  1. Try calibrating. If your calibration is set forward you will dip forward as you turn left and naturally compensate with your left leg. That will carry over to riding straight. If you calibrate to center and still feel pressure on your left leg try a little back calibration. Also you might put a few miles in medium riding mode until you get accustomed to the way it handles.
  2. No, fue bastante fácil ponerme el neumático. Debe colocar el borde del neumático en el centro de la rueda y debe continuar con la mano. Herramientas no necesarias. Es posible que necesite otro amigo para ayudarle. También bloquear la rueda hacia arriba fuera de su banco de trabajo por lo que el neumático puede colgar hacia abajo.
  3. I just got back home had to leave my wheels here. Can’t haul them on the plane. Here’s a pic of my son riding the S-18 with the Pirelli tire.
  4. I’m wondering what tires others have successfully upgraded their S18 to.
  5. Mac

    Gotway RS

    Warner Springs is where I took my first glider ride. We lived in Rancho Bernardo where we raised our kids. It was a Christmas present from my wife. Took one ride and I was hooked. Back then I had a Mooney that I basically flew by myself. Flying gliders sure cut down the costs of getting high!
  6. Mac

    Gotway RS

    Borego Springs, spent many days/years riding my RM250 there. Never imagined riding an EUC there. Next stop for you is Dunes! You suppose you can mount a paddle tire?
  7. Mac


    I love the Mten3, it doesn’t have any true competition. I’t a powerful little kit. It isn’t a x-country rig, nor is it a commuter, it’s just a fun rig! I use it to commute from the airport to the closest restaurant for my $100 hamburger. Love that thing...
  8. That’s another thing, racing paragliders! The are probably the slowest aircraft in the air and to race you are on a wing that might get you another knot or two at the expense of any stability! Stupid!! There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots. Never really liked the PPG thing. I guess because I like soaring, I’d rather have the quiet of the sport, and I’m pretty sure I lost some hearing on a PPG. On Maui, we used to get up every morning that was flyable head to the Levander Gardens at Haleakala and fly a couple of hours before we went to work
  9. On the Mten3 I’m looking for cracks and manhole covers, let alone speed bumps! Love my S-18 though! Yup the S-18 is an amazing machine, once you have cleaned up the suspension and made it what it should have been from the factory.
  10. My first bike was a Yamaha 180 street bike, first trail bike was a Suzuki TS250, once I got an Rm 250, I was hooked tried others but nothing ever replaced that model. I’ve had a few road bikes Kawasaki 1000, Honda 450, and others. I now own an FZ1. Fastest bike I’ve ever owned. Never been beaten light to light. Actually the reason I got involved in the EUC was seeing a guy on a onewheel at the airport. He used it as an airport cruiser. Then just put it in the back of his plane and took off! Once I started doing a little research I came across the EUC. For transportation and fun fact
  11. What risk? You fall down, you skid across the ground a little bit, you get up no problem... I thoughtfully encourage people to do extreme sports! I’m 68 I encourage anyone that will listen to fly with me, ski, paraglide, sail, moto-x, soar a sailplane, ride bikes, even ride EUC’s! I encourage them to get off their dead asses and do anything that holds their interest! All of these things have inherent risk. Yet of all the things I do daily, driving a car has the most risk associated with it. I’ve never thought of asking anyone if they understand the risks involved when they get in th
  12. Let the dealer deal with it, unless you like to work on well designed and poorly assembled stuff (I do). I’d also changeout the tire it’s junk. Until you change your tire your machine will wobble, and bounce. I tried for a couple of months to get a tire that would work on my S-18. I finally found the Pirelli Angel Scooter tire. It’s real tire, not an extra cheap bike tire it’s an all round road tire that is inexpensive, carves nice, and sticks to wet ice and snow. www.cyclegear.com Pirelli Angel Scooter Tires FRONT, 80/80-14 Quantity: 1 $29.47 I love the S-18 for all th
  13. In my never to be humble opinion the Mten3 is probably the best to learn on and you will never out grow it! You may want to purchase a faster longer distance wheel in the future but you will always love the Mten3! There isn’t anything like it. It’s just a great all round wheel.
  14. Mac


    This is my sons first ride on the S-18. The day before he rode his first EUC. He got on the Mten3 rode it out to the road and just kept on going! Amazing! Took me hours to figure out how to ride. Watch as he stops on the road, it’s slippery wet ice and he has a hard time standing up. The Pirelli Angel scooter tire sticks like glue, and I paid under $40 for it. It’s real tire not a flimsy POS like the OEM. I’ve tried other tires, none of them worked for me. The only knobby that fit was way too wobbly. I just about gave up until I came across the Pirelli.
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