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Do you mean a regular msuper V3, or the one with the Tesla motor? That existed too, for a very short while before the MSX arrived. Must be very rare.

5 minutes ago, gotmotion2016 said:

The site below still has acm and V3 + for sale, according to the stoch. Admittedly new, and for a considerable new price, but still ....


  • That new ms3 is not worth the 2000€ price. Just to state the obvious;)
  • The ACM v2 is NOT the same as the ACM2 (Tesla motor ACM). V2 includes most ACMs, including all 84V ACMs. It just means 12 mosfet board which only the earliest 67V ACMs didn't have. But it still has the older 1500W motor.
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Yes, meepmeep, you are totally right.
if you are already interested, then you should have something done for the price anyway.
They are both certainly no longer worth the asking price - even if they are new.
As a seller you can of course try that. What I wanted to point out is that there is someone else who seems to be selling them.
So if you are very interested, there may be a possibility to buy one.
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