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  1. I don't think you get my drift , there's no EUC manufacturer that's immune from defects, be it build quality or software issues. Take the Ninebot Z10, that EUC is the best designed and crafted EUC to date, but of what use is that to riders when the electronic components are nothing to write home about, on the other hand GotWay EUC's do not have that astute build quality of the Ninebot Z10, but it performs well compared to the Z10. So do you think EUC riders want a beautiful designed and crafted wheel that might have issues later on or a no-nonsense wheel that performs handsomely out of the box? 🤔
  2. King song fan boys would not be pleased with you Uncle Marty, King song is the benchmark for build and quality
  3. I commented on this already, there is a rider from Seattle, Chris I think is his name who has hit 42 mph on his, and he goes past 30mph most of the time.
  4. King song got a Rep on the forum, It's my guess he reads this particular post. This was the main reason that King song brought out firmware 1.06, because someone posted about cutting out using firmware 1.05, just my take. But my offer still stands, for a princely sum of $1,000. You could get what you're after.
  5. You were spot on with your analysis, for a few bucks more the Tesla offer more range, speed and like you rightly pointed out, the experience of the Gotway glide. But on the other hand the KS 16S is a decent wheel in it's own right, I still ride mine so often, it's more nimble than the Tesla hands down. So the emphasis is on the Rider and his/her preference, in a nutshell both are very good and sturdy wheels which would please their owners.
  6. For you, Uncle Marty, it would be just a nominal fee of $1,000. How does that sound.
  7. Thanks for your reply, I should think we started EUC riding about the same time, I started July 2018, please feel free to correct me, I started with the Inmotion V8 and I should think you did as well, please correct me if I'm wrong once again. I mentioned many times that there is no perfect EUC, all the manufacturers of EUC are beset with teething issues, but most people don't seem to understand that and always ramble about how great King song are in terms of quality and safety and how Gotway are nowhere to be seen as in regards to quality and safety. When the Nikola came out and had some issues with the mosfets, people came out with all guns blazing ripping Gotway to shreds and how they would only buy King song wheels because of their reputable safety and quality credentials, the point that I am trying to make is that we're all humans and there is nothing that we do that will be perfect, as long as we can accept that, there is no point bashing other EUC manufacturers, after all competition is conducive for us as consumers in that we're spoilt with choice as to which EUC we want to buy. The 16X has been launched and had even more problems and issues than the Gotway Nikola, yet most people are silent in regards to these issues. Please don't misunderstand or get me wrong, I like the 16X and it has surprised me a lot in terms of it's agility and ease of use, I also did not get the 16X so as to hit the maximum speed at all times. I'm pretty aware of the philosophy of King song in regards to their EUC as I already own a 16s. I want to be able to safely get to 31mph as advertised by King song without cutting out or running into difficulties because of safety issues like oscillations and pedal dipping, is that a lot to ask? Again, I have the utmost respect for King song for acknowledging this issues and taking steps to try and rectify them. So I hope everyone enjoys their EUC's regardless of the manufacturer and let's stop bashing each other. My two cents and sorry for the essay and story telling.
  8. Good day to you Sir, I'm afraid that would be a question that only you would be able to answer. 👍
  9. The rest of the Nikola Plus gang in NYC are happily doing 30mph + every day, so I think yours might be a rider issue. 👍
  10. But it's kind of funny we all are talking about safety issues on a wheel and it so happens that it is a King song wheel. Normally every one says GotWays are bad quality, so far, I've been very nervous to push the 16X, limit set at 45km/h. The same can't be said for my GotWay wheels, I pushed them to the limit without thinking of any issues. 👍
  11. Thanks for that, pretty relieved he's okay and alive
  12. Hi, please are you sure that he lost his life? 🤔
  13. Do you mean the suicide riders in NYC?
  14. Sorry, to disappoint you, the Z10 is a beautiful designed wheel, but the electronic components are nothing to right home about, I know some hardcore Z10 fanatics that have given up on their beloved Z10 and moved on to something else, Hsaing rides a Gotway Monster now, it's such a shame that Ninebot does not address this issues. For your information, I ride a Z6, but I only ride it once in two weeks so as not to run into issues.
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