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  1. Well we will see when you get yours, you know that you're the Guinea pig for the monster v3
  2. Is that you Uncle Marty? 🤔 When did you arrive in the UK? 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-48982140
  3. I've done 39 mph and I've not heard the beep yet. I weigh 75 kg or 165 lbs
  4. Sorry hear about your misfortune, that's part of the risk we take buying from Aliexpress, I bought a Tesla from the same seller 6 months back and I have had no issues whatsoever. You could try calling up Ian at Speedy Feet to see if he could help you, although it might cost you some more to get the problem rectified, but don't let that bug you down, EUC riding is an awesome experience and the seller is a reputable seller.
  5. Hello EUC riders in Devon, Does anyone know what happened to the Guy that had an accident with the Elderly Lady? Is She out of the hospital yet? https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/elderly-woman-seriously-injured-after-2880229
  6. Hi, What do you EUC riders out there think of your little friend? Can someone ask @Tishawn Fahie what his riding experience was like.
  7. Not another acquisition of wheels uncle Marty? 🤔 🙈
  8. Different area, I think both riders are from Springfield (Massachusetts).
  9. Just use the old app, that should be fine, use it to unlock your wheel, calibrate the wheel. You might need it also to unlock the speed limit after a while, once that's done then you can use WheelLog (Android) or Darknessbot (ios). Hope that helps!!!!
  10. Short clip of the KS 16X, courtesy of Flora Yuan and Vicky Huang. Flora Yuan.MP4
  11. EUC Safety Gear and Etiquette courtesy of Adam U.
  12. Hi, probably " CR2032" Lithium batteries.
  13. Is anyone interested in parting with their Gotway ACM2? Preferably the 1600wh version but would consider the 1300wh also.
  14. KAY GEE


    "Yes, we will have large pedal soon, can expect to be available in Nov." "You can contact with ewheels.com to get one, they will sell on line by then. 10 cm larger than our current ones." Source: Tina on the reddit forum
  15. KAY GEE


    Hi, you will have to contact her for all the details.
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