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  1. Is anyone interested in parting with their Gotway ACM2? Preferably the 1600wh version but would consider the 1300wh also.
  2. KAY GEE


    "Yes, we will have large pedal soon, can expect to be available in Nov." "You can contact with ewheels.com to get one, they will sell on line by then. 10 cm larger than our current ones." Source: Tina on the reddit forum
  3. KAY GEE


    Hi, you will have to contact her for all the details.
  4. KAY GEE


    1554wh, 2000w. With upgraded mud fender, black trolley bar. Source: Tina Wong, King Song Intell Co.Ltd Email: tina@szkingsong.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wong.tina.92754
  5. KAY GEE

    Gotway ACM2 1600Wh FS Bay Area [SOLD]

    Morning, can you pm me please, so that we can discuss your ride. I can't pm you coz am a newbie!!!!!
  6. KAY GEE

    Gotway ACM2 1600Wh FS Bay Area [SOLD]

    How much postage would you want to ship to the UK?
  7. KAY GEE

    Gotway ACM2 1600Wh FS Bay Area [SOLD]

    Would you post to the UK?
  8. KAY GEE

    Gotway ACM2 1600Wh FS Bay Area [SOLD]

    Hi, Is this the Gotway ACMv2 16″, 1300Wh/1600Wh 2000W Motor?
  9. KAY GEE

    WheelLog Android App

    Hi, I have got a V8, and the same WheelLog version that you're using, all you need to do is to side swipe the left hand side of the app on your phone to bring up the settings menu where you would be able to change things like the top speed, tilt back speed, light settings etc. Hope that helps!!!!!
  10. Hi, What's the lowest price that will be acceptable to you?