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  1. There has not been any issues with the MSX 100V 2200wh as far as I can tell. A lot of New York City Riders own them and no issues. The issues you heard about Loomo are related to the Monster V3 3108wh which is related to the BMS. I own one also and there has not been any problems, so I'm not just saying things. Check out a video from your Compatriot.
  2. Uncle Marty, you need to put your cape back on and start getting aggressive with these wheels, we need you to ride at 25 mph plus ➕
  3. I'm pretty sure he was riding the beeps, New York cats were beeping at 36.5 mph. Nevertheless it's floating about that some impending changes are to be made to the MSUPER PRO, so we'll see if that's anything related to the increased speed. 👍
  4. The MSUPER PRO was the intended upgrade to the MSX, I confirmed that late last year when I spoke with one of the Gotway officials.
  5. Check the date of manufacture on the pedal, anything from November 2019 should be the latest version.
  6. Because it's a GotWay, who are known for performance wheels
  7. Personally, it's akin to passing your driving test, do you for a high-end car or go for an average one
  8. Very chuffed , positive steps in the right direction
  9. I updated to 2.01, everything went well, just one drawback my calibration has gone out the window, tried a million times to no avail, downgraded back to 1.09 and the calibration issues was resolved. So it's a no bueno for me regarding upgrading.
  10. ...............................
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