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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153679160781?ViewItem=&item=153679160781
  2. Please can you clarify what you want to say.
  3. Pedals breaking on the Gotway machines are old news, the standard MSX pedals are spot on because of the angled nature, but if you want the Nikola pedals, they should be fine as well, you can ask @stephen how he's getting on with his. 👍
  4. As for me, I'll be sticking to 1.05, I'm always aware of my speed and the voltage readings, when it's low, I go down to 22 mph. 👍 Thanks for the heads up all the same.
  5. KAY GEE


    Hi, try and Pm @Planemo He's from the Essex area
  6. Forget bout the Tesla, go for the MSX.... 84v, 100v or the 100v Plus. You could also try the Nikola 100v 1845WH. Just make sure that you gear up properly if you are going to get the wheels mentioned above
  7. Agreed, but the speed limit needs to be at the very least 55 km/h, that's why I said it would be pointless, unless King song decide to change their philosophy, which I doubt
  8. Pointless making it 100v without increasing the top speed, otherwise the 16X is fine as it is
  9. KAY GEE

    InMotion V8f

    Good luck with that or rather in your dreams, unless you personally mod the batteries yourself, there is no way of that happening.
  10. The pebble watch is the only one that is fully supported at the moment, @Seba is working on others as we speak. You can't go wrong with the pebble watch, very easy to use, you could get the pebble to vibrate at certain speeds if you so wish.
  11. Nothing wrong with getting a cheap wheel, I would not want to give my Tesla to someone else to try out 🙄
  12. I clearly remember you saying that the Nikola was the best wheel , never mind, I'm glad people understand that all the wheels have their pluses and minuses and are unique in their own way. Let me say this though, the MSX 100v Plus is the top dog🐶.....
  13. I should think any pebble watch should work and be okay. I personally use pebble time and I also have pebble steel which I've also set up as a back up as well. @Seba has a tutorial video which shows the steps to take to set the pebble watch up, I followed the video and it was easy to understand and get going. That's the link for the video below, hope it helps.
  14. Maybe Aliexpress Sellers do a better job than GotWay, who knows?
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