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5 foot positions to alleviate foot fatigue while riding your electric unicycle

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After more than an hour riding a 5-minute break makes a big difference to how my feet feel.

Another trick - pedals with a little give in them, I'll be fitting my NyloNove pedals to my V12HT and trying them out, hopefully they will be a little less fatiguing on my feet.

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I'll tell you what not to do. Don't come wandering downstairs in a sleepy daze at 4.30 am in a dressing gown and socks, put the kettle on, then decide it is the time to do some mounting practice on your wheel while you wait for it to boil. I did that the other day, forgetting the spiked pedals, and that I was only in socks, and now I have 5 neat little holes in my feet that have only stopped hurting a full day later ! Ah well - I was rained off today anyway. Sigh...silly humans...

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OK, I've had a couple of long rides with my NyloNove pedals and my initial impression is that I still need a break, but maybe a bit less often.  Today my feet didn't feel too bad after 2 hours non-stop riding, which is better than with machined aluminium pedals.  Maybe I need to stop and give my feet a rest after 2.5 hours using NyloNove pedals vs after 1.5 hours using other pedals.

Note: This wasn't a scientific test.  It was done with the same shoes, but with a different wheel (V12HT with NyloNove Pedals, RS with Clark pedals).

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