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  1. Here's my most recent ride, it was a beautiful day so I went out to the lake and back:
  2. Here's a quick one: I reckon my wheel has enough range to go all around the world, it doesn't look like it could be all that far!
  3. I couldn't find any local supply for a boosted battery for my Insta360 One R camera, so I ordered one from AliExpress. It took just over 8 weeks, so it was a long wait, but it was a good price and it did arrive. If you want something quick then AliExpress may not be your best option, but if you can wait then they are a good option.
  4. I think this would be true, even if I'm a little rusty on my first ride after getting back from my motorcycle trip, I'm sure it will not take more than a few minutes of riding to be back to where I had been. Even on my day 13 ride (haven't uploaded the video yet) I was getting more confident and quicker as I was riding, often I'm a bit more wobbly as I start off than 5 minutes in. On Day 14 (haven't uploaded that one either) I was getting quicker with a lot of >40kph riding and touching on 50kph at one point. There were driveways across the path that weren't flush so there was a wee
  5. On a bicycle or motorcycle there isn't a lot of weight on the front wheel and when that slides . . . I think it definitely would be easier on one wheel, having said that - I wouldn't be all that keen to ride on snow or ice myself.
  6. I might get in some more riding in the next couple of weeks, but then I'm off work for 4 weeks annual leave and will be away from home for ~3.5 weeks on a personal vehicle that has 2 wheels and isn't electric - using a 1000cc parallel twin petrol engine instead. Hopefully I won't be too rusty when I get back.
  7. My latest video: The "Day 12" refers to days of actual riding (not days since receiving the wheel). I'm still not 100% confident riding an EUC because of the very limited amount of time I've spent riding, but every day that I get out and ride helps add some experience & familiarity of riding one of these cool PEVs.
  8. Found some time to edit and upload another video: I didn't worry about the Picture in Picture for this one, but I think I did a better job on having the camera in the right place while riding.
  9. That is the Kyocera Duraforce Pro (waterproof, rugged phone, 5.5" screen) - it cost US$120 for a new one, unlocked (not locked to any network) with no contract. My other phone (Samsung Note 10+) is easier to see with a 6.8" screen, much better to use but not as rugged. It was also a bit more expensive.
  10. It all seems a lot more trouble than it's worth to get a watch to work. I'm using a phone on an armband, which has a much larger screen to look at. I started with my Kyocera Duraforce Pro in a cheap armband, but it was a little tough to see in sunlight. I bought a Quadlock armband and a Quadlock universal mount to put on the Kyocera, which does help a lot because I don't have the layer of cheap clear plastic reducing the visibility of the phone. But now I've ordered a Quadlock case for my Samsung Note 10+ because that phone has a larger and brighter screen that is easy to see in sunlight,
  11. Here is my longest video so far, which also took the most work: I'm still learning to ride the RS and to use the Insta360 One R and to use Insta360 Studio and to use DaVinci Resolve - so much to learn!
  12. Here is a ride along the Te Awa River Walk that runs alongside the Waikato river in Hamilton: Complete with Picture in Picture and some music. It is pretty long but a nice scenic path for most of it.
  13. Day 10, ride from town out to velodrome along shared path: And the ride back: I'm now working on the next video, going to try picture in picture and putting music track on - definitely a bit of time & effort required to create videos. I'm only just starting to come to grips with Insta360 Studio and DaVinci Resolve, maybe a bigger learning curve than riding an EUC,
  14. Day 9 - edited down, can't have all my videos as long as the previous one: I'm currently trying to catch up on my saved videos, trying different things on the Insta360 Studio and getting a better idea of how to record my next ride. The long video was a quick and lazy edit with deep track keeping the video on me, this video was done with manual aiming and setting keyframes along the video, which gives me a lot more control but takes more time. My next couple of videos are getting more interesting as I take my wheel new places to have fun exploring.
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