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  1. I notice on AliExpress the Abrams has gone from 'Pre-order' to 'In Stock'. I'm trying SO very hard to not go spending a big chunk of money right now.
  2. Exactly. I bought the RS HS because I wanted a wheel that was capable of faster than what I would ride - I've never hit 60kph on that wheel. For range, I rarely use 50% of the battery on my RS in a single ride - typically I'll ride 20-30 km. There has been a couple rides where I might have tried going a bit further if I had more range, but 80km real-world range would have been enough. I have enough in the bank to buy 3 of these, but I've been trying to spend less and save more . . . but this wheel is so tempting. I guess I should pull finger and sell off some stuff I don't need, like
  3. Damn, I really should stop spending money - but I'm wanting the Abrams even more after watching that video. The stability of the larger wheel appeals a lot to me and the range seems like it would easily be enough for what I'd need/want. At the speeds I'd ride it should be good for over 100km, I just don't think I'd ride further than that on any ride I'd do.
  4. I've seen videos of people riding seated on EUCs, but I just can't do it on my RS, I would have to lower my butt down way too low. I'd really like to have an EUC that I could ride seated some of the time, this is a big plus of the Abrams. I'm not too bothered about the noise, especially when those that have ridden it say that it sounds fine in person. I'd like to see some full reviews and some testing on the weather resistance, I'd really like to own a PEV that is fine to ride even if there is a possibility of rain or if there might be an occasional puddle along the way. I know
  5. My RS has somewhere around 60km range at around 30 - 40kph speed with its 1,800Wh battery, I really can't see the 2,700Wh battery on the Abrams getting less than 60km range if you keep the wheel at speeds up to 40kph. Currently I'm trying not to go spending all my money on stuff I don't really need and I certainly don't need another PEV. Mind you, if I sold my e-scooter and maybe (but probably not) my RS . . . I'm interested in the 22" wheel (more stable), the 3500W motor with lots of torque, not being slower than the Sherman, the IP65 rating, 2700Wh battery. The high weight is a
  6. If you earn any income then you have NOT withdrawn from society. The very notion of money requires society. It sounds like you want to be part of society, but not have any societal obligations. You also seem to think that you have rights to use services, but not be under any conditions that you don't personally agree with. I live in a country where certain things are protected. You can't be discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identification - but the law doesn't say anything about protecting people from being discriminated again
  7. I have no problems with this. I think that people that want to participate in society have some societal obligations. But people are free to withdraw from society if they want to. Just because you are free to make your own decisions, it does NOT mean that you are free from the consequences of those decisions. So yeah, you don't have to get vaccinated. Just like the restaurant doesn't have to let you in and serve you. Just like the airlines don't have to let you travel on their planes. Just like employers don't have to give you a job. etc. etc. etc. Why should you be free to do
  8. This would be difficult: There is evidence that people that have had Covid can contract it again, especially the Delta strain. Those that are fully vaccinated can contract Covid and pass it on, but with less severe symptoms and likely a shorter contagious period. A perfect vaccine that completely stopped infection and infectiousness for a virus with an R value of 6.0 would need to have 83% of the population to be immunised to achieve herd immunity. For a less than perfect vaccine like what we have available today, it is likely we would need over 90% of the population to
  9. In that video it was more like don't stop even though he needed to. Sometimes the consequences exactly match what a sensible person would expect them to be. Ride out into the path of an oncoming car => get hit by the car and injured. Yeah, no kidding - that outcome wasn't even the slightest bit unexpected, based on the rider's actions.
  10. Here in New Zealand there are well over 1 million people that have had 2 doses of Pfizer (including me) and under 1,000 people that have had Covid in the last few weeks. There are a bunch of people in hospital, some in ICU - are they people that have been vaccinated or are they people that have Covid? Can anyone here guess which it is? Consider that well over 1,000 times as many people have had 2 doses of vaccine than have Covid, we should expect a LOT more people to be in hospital because they have been harmed by the vaccine than those with Covid. Unless the risks from contracting Cov
  11. Wow this is amazing stuff! The most incredible part is the suggestion of problems from the vaccine, complete with pretending that there is evidence of such. There are over 2 BILLION fully vaccinated people around the world and the number that have had a problem is vanishingly small. Some here seem to prefer anecdotes so: I personally know many people that have had 2 doses of Pfizer and have had no problems at all, I know no one that has had any problems with that vaccine. The odds of having a problem with an mRNA vaccine for Covid are absolutely tiny. The odds of having a serious prob
  12. I have the blue stuff in my RS HS - but I haven't had a puncture to test it out yet, as far as I know anyway. It is a bit of a mission to get it in because of the fibres clogging up whatever you are using to inject the sealant. But if it lasts the life of the tyre/tube then it is totally worth it.
  13. I have a bit more angle on my pedals, which gives me a bit more clearance - just trying it out to see what I think, so I could go back to flatish pedals.
  14. It's a good idea to wear a helmet when using a computer, because they crash a lot. On my EUC I've had a fast crash where I landed on my back (panicked and leaned back too hard), but I do wear a back protector - a Boblbee backpack. I was fine, glad I was wearing all my gear.
  15. To avoid risk to humans I leave it to youtubers to test the limits . . . I deliberately bought a wheel with more power and speed available than what I believe I'll use, just so there was a good margin beyond what I was using. I have the RS19 HS and I really can't see a need to hit the limit of its speed, even fully geared up I'm just not brave enough to go that fast while balanced on one wheel. There are plenty of wheels with less power & speed, but I was worried that I might end up at those limits, I'd recommend anyone getting into EUCs go for a wheel with better performance avail
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