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  1. KiwiMark

    Gotway RS

    My RS has already shipped, I'm assuming it has the lower pedals. I'm a newbie and will be learning on this wheel, so I'd guess that I'm better off with lower pedals for more stability. For more experienced riders that are used to higher pedals, maybe it would be better to wait for the new production with higher pedals - less scraping during turns. I would suspect that experienced riders would turn more aggressively than newbies like me, so they would be more likely to have an issue with scraping pedals than I would.
  2. I think that if I had the money to order multiple wheels instead of only one then the wheel specifically for learning on would have been the Tesla V2 - powerful enough, fast enough, enough range, the 16" wheel would be less squirrelly than the 10" of the MTen3, it is probably a nice happy medium weight and it would be a fairly usable wheel for short rides where the range in a non-issue. I'm still happy with my decision to buy the RS because it will provide me with a good general purpose wheel for a LOT longer than the learning period. The range should be decent enough and I should be able to keep far enough below its top speed to allow a nice safety margin. Maybe I'll buy a long-range wheel like the Sherman eventually. But the RS would still make a good wheel to use instead of the Sherman when riding shorter distances. The Sherman is still 8kg heavier even when not needing the range it has - you always have that weight every single ride. I'm thinking that a longer range wheel like the Sherman might be what I buy when I get to wanting a 2nd wheel. Maybe for my 3rd wheel I'll decide to buy an ultra-portable wheel like the MTen3. At this stage I've already spent a lot of money and will be looking to holding back and letting the bank balance increase while I have fun with my RS for a decent while. At this stage I still have ~5 weeks wait for the slow surface shipping from China. I'll try to work out the best places to practise riding while I'm waiting - maybe try the wheel on a grass field for a little bit.
  3. Thinking about this . . . To someone that doesn't know about EUCs: "This is a Yuke". Reply: "It's a what now?" It is pointless telling someone about your yuke if they don't know what a yuke is. To someone that knows about EUCs: "I was riding my yuke". Reply - "Your what?" With a fellow EUC rider you can just refer to it as your wheel, they will understand. Basically, whoever you are talking to may or may not know what you mean when you talk about your 'wheel' but definitely won't know what you mean if you talk about your 'yuke' because that isn't a word anyone uses. Unfortunately unicycle or monowheel are each 3 syllables and there just isn't a really good short name that everyone would instantly understand as meaning a single wheel vehicle.
  4. While waiting for my RS, I've seen a Gotway MCM4 listed 2nd hand here. Kinda tempted to grab it to learn on while I wait for the RS. If I could get it for a good enough price then I wouldn't lose too much if I sold it after using it to learn and practise on.
  5. KiwiMark

    Gotway RS

    What comes with the Russian model?
  6. On another forum there was a thread on the Zero scooters, I Googled those to find out more about them, this lead to Youtube videos on scooters and I thought they would be great fun and a good way of exploring interesting places around the country. Some of the videos had EUCs in them, they seems interesting but surely would be insanely dangerous. So I ended up buying a Kaabo Mantis Pro, but I still checked out different videos and kept on seeing EUCs. Adam from Wrong Way! explained why he thought EUCs were better than scooters, so I'll put the blame on him! So now I've ordered my first EUC and will patiently (or maybe impatiently) wait for a few weeks until it arrives, then I'll start learning how to ride. I do enjoy learning new things, so it should be fun to gain a new skill on these things.
  7. Usually the thing I get from Kuji's videos is to ride insanely fast like a crazy person, but yeah, that video is actually useful. I get that I have to practise and train my brain to instinctively move the EUC the right way to keep balance, just like a few decades ago when i went from turning the handlebars of a bicycle and falling off to being able to ride around with no problem. Clearly it isn't hard to ride these things, but you have to learn & practice and become familiar with how to do it. On the U-Stride video he doesn't just explain how you should be doing it, but goes through simple exercises to train your body and brain to get used to getting on & off, controlling the wheel, etc. My wheel is coming from China and can't be sent by air due to the batteries, so I get a few weeks to think about stuff before I actually get on the wheel and try it out. I can't wait until I get to start learning.
  8. I'm currently waiting for my first wheel to arrive and I've watched a bunch of videos on Youtube, including this one. So far this is the one I like the most, these look like fairly straightforward step to gain some basic skills. What's the collective knowledge here, would this be a good starting point for someone to start out with? I have plenty of experience on bicycles, motorcycles and an electric scooter - but I've never ridden anything like an EUC. I do want to be careful and take things in easy steps because my first wheel is going to be a Gotway RS C30 which has a bit of weight and a lot of power. I'll look to getting a bodyguard from roll.nz for the wheel and I'll wear my motorcycle gear to prevent injury. Good video to follow to get to the point of being able to ride around?
  9. KiwiMark

    Gotway RS

    The fact is that suspension offers some benefit, but not without cost - both in terms of price and also in weight. If you feel the benefit of suspension would be worth that price & weight cost then fine, just realise it isn't a free benefit and you would have to accept those costs. The EX is both very heavy and very expensive, for that money you can definitely get a wheel with more range and less weight. The reason I have ordered an RS C30 is because I considered what I would get in exchange for what I had to pay. I'm new to EUCs (I've never ridden one, but I've seen them on youtube!) and I definitely don't want to try learning on something that weighs what the EX does, I also don't want to spend EX money initially. Once I learn to ride and get some experience in, I might consider a second wheel to meet whatever need my first wheel doesn't meet - that might mean a Sherman for more range or an MTen3 for more portability or a Monster Pro for a super stable long range wheel or a wheel with suspension for off-road riding. It'll probably be a while before I get to the point of buying a 2nd wheel, so hopefully suspension wheels will have been improved & refined by the time I ever consider buying one. The improvements and refinements would hopefully reduce reliability and servicing issues associated with the greater complexity of having suspension components. Anyone buying a suspension wheel today is volunteering to be a guinea pig for the new technology. You have to know that future suspension wheels will be better than current ones and early adopters will always pay a hefty premium for being one of the first using a new thing.
  10. KiwiMark

    Gotway RS

    Yeah, that does sound like me. On my scooter I often ride with the throttle held on full (scooter says 60kph but GPS says 54kph) but I don't get good range doing that. In many ways a Sherman appeals because 3200Wh would give more range at 54kph than 1800Wh (or 1500Wh in the case of my scooter) - but there is the issue of price as well as the weight penalty of the bigger battery. Unfortunately the Sherman is 8kg heavier than the RS, not just on longer rides but on every ride - whether you actually need the bigger battery or not. I'd rather go 55kph on a wheel capable of 70+ than on a wheel capable of 60 - I'm not keen on experiencing a high speed cut-off, so I ordered the C30 version. For an experienced rider that demands more of their wheel, I can understand preferring the torque version.
  11. I have ordered a Gotway RS from AliExpress (not currently available from local distributors) and I noticed that the store on AliExpress has various EUC brands listed, including Kingsong. In the AliExpress store under Kingsong there are no EUCs at all - it seems that they have a section for KS but have completely stopped selling them, I didn't know why until I read this thread. Luckily I didn't want to buy a Kingsong wheel anyway. When I look at the battery/range compared to the price, KS seems to be sorely lacking compared to others. I'm sure they are good in many ways, but they just don't seem to be good value IMO.
  12. KiwiMark

    Gotway RS

    That's good to know, especially now that I've ordered my RS C30 (it will take a few weeks to arrive, the wait will be excruciating). Luckily it is currently spring, heading towards summer - I should get a lot of good weather for riding when my very first wheel arrives.
  13. Definitely no danger of me buying a Sherman, not for a while at least. I'm feeling too poor after ordering an RS C30 wheel. The worst thing will be the wait for surface shipping from China (they can't air freight something with 1800Wh of Li-Ion batteries). It should arrive by summer though, so I should be able to get some good riding in during the nice weather. I'll order a neoprene bodyguard for the MSP which should fit, maybe with an extra hole or two needed for any relocated buttons - hopefully this will stop my new wheel from getting too beat up while I'm learning and dropping it. I'll start off with the tilt-back set at a fairly slow speed because I don't want to get too carried away and go too fast while I'm getting the hang of controlling such an unfamiliar vehicle.
  14. Well, I do know me and I don't trust me as far as I could throw me when it comes to governing my speed. It's like when I'm having fun on my motorcycle . . . then I look at the speedo and think "oh dear, I really am going a LOT over the speed limit aren't I". When I had a 1300cc V4 engine it didn't take a lot to exceed the speed limit and overtaking other vehicles was very quick & easy. Now I ride a 1000cc parallel twin and it doesn't have quite the same power, but it is still capable of exceeding 200kph. With my Mantis Pro scooter I checked through all the P settings to make sure they were on maximum and then I made sure I was in gear 3 and dual motor and turbo, but then again a scooter is easier to learn than an EUC. I sometimes switch to a lower setting to get better range, I'm aware that I could give it less than 100% throttle, but I can't be trusted.
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