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  1. Maybe some idiots have been ripping around on dirt bikes? It would seem unlikely to me that they would be targeting e-bikes or other PEVs.
  2. I bought an e-scooter from Wheel Riders Store on AliExpress, it took a while to arrive, but it did finally arrive. Then I bought an RS HS from the same store and again it took a while to arrive, but did arrive. I knew I was in for a wait each time because they can't air-freight anything with that amount of Li-Ion batteries. The scooter and the EUC are both still working fine and I'm pretty sure they are 100% genuine, I'd be willing to buy from them again (except that I've already spent too much money on too many things, like a new laptop and a new TV) and I want to let my bank account recov
  3. Day 14 And Day 15: That really isn't all that many days of riding, I guess I'll have to get out and ride more.
  4. I'm away on holiday (24 days) and I left my wheel at 80% or so, I'll top it up to fully charged and balanced after I get home and before I go for a ride. If you go for a ride and finish around zero then you should definitely give it an hour or more of charge ASAP. Li-Ion cells don't like to sit at zero for any amount of time. For multiple weeks of storage it would be a really good idea to not leave the battery under 20% or over 80%. If I'm riding again within the next few days I'll just charge it fully.
  5. 100% yes! Definitely do not tie yourself to your wheel, that would be inviting serious injury. There are aftermarket pedals that offer better grip, plenty of good options available. There are various pads available that help put you legs in the right position every time, give better leverage to improve braking and accelerating and allow grip for jumping (if that is something you want) while not completely locking you onto the wheel. My wheel is 27kg and that is a significant weight to be tied to in a crash - very much a bad idea to be physically secured to that wheel if anyth
  6. Here's my most recent ride, it was a beautiful day so I went out to the lake and back:
  7. Here's a quick one: I reckon my wheel has enough range to go all around the world, it doesn't look like it could be all that far!
  8. I couldn't find any local supply for a boosted battery for my Insta360 One R camera, so I ordered one from AliExpress. It took just over 8 weeks, so it was a long wait, but it was a good price and it did arrive. If you want something quick then AliExpress may not be your best option, but if you can wait then they are a good option.
  9. I think this would be true, even if I'm a little rusty on my first ride after getting back from my motorcycle trip, I'm sure it will not take more than a few minutes of riding to be back to where I had been. Even on my day 13 ride (haven't uploaded the video yet) I was getting more confident and quicker as I was riding, often I'm a bit more wobbly as I start off than 5 minutes in. On Day 14 (haven't uploaded that one either) I was getting quicker with a lot of >40kph riding and touching on 50kph at one point. There were driveways across the path that weren't flush so there was a wee
  10. On a bicycle or motorcycle there isn't a lot of weight on the front wheel and when that slides . . . I think it definitely would be easier on one wheel, having said that - I wouldn't be all that keen to ride on snow or ice myself.
  11. I might get in some more riding in the next couple of weeks, but then I'm off work for 4 weeks annual leave and will be away from home for ~3.5 weeks on a personal vehicle that has 2 wheels and isn't electric - using a 1000cc parallel twin petrol engine instead. Hopefully I won't be too rusty when I get back.
  12. My latest video: The "Day 12" refers to days of actual riding (not days since receiving the wheel). I'm still not 100% confident riding an EUC because of the very limited amount of time I've spent riding, but every day that I get out and ride helps add some experience & familiarity of riding one of these cool PEVs.
  13. Found some time to edit and upload another video: I didn't worry about the Picture in Picture for this one, but I think I did a better job on having the camera in the right place while riding.
  14. That is the Kyocera Duraforce Pro (waterproof, rugged phone, 5.5" screen) - it cost US$120 for a new one, unlocked (not locked to any network) with no contract. My other phone (Samsung Note 10+) is easier to see with a 6.8" screen, much better to use but not as rugged. It was also a bit more expensive.
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