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3D print Inmotion spare parts - looking for files


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I have already found several things on thingiverse allowing me to repair this and that. 

Now I was hoping to find the same for my Inmotion V8, but sadly there is nothing.

Has anybody produced any files by chance? I'm currently looking for the inner parts of the kill-switch. There are small plastic plates inside the grip which "guide" the kill-switch which tend to break during bigger or smaller crashes.

(I did find the thread "10089-attention-3d-printer-owners" but that's slightly off topic)


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4 minutes ago, StuartL said:

If you're up for it you could design them yourself?  Fusion360 has a severe learning curve but is an amazing 3D CAD tool.  You can export the resulting models as STL files easily.

Absolutely! I considered doing that (although I've already seen how complex these 3D programs are)!

Unfortunately these parts are already broken and - as far as I remember, from when I last had it completely open - not reconstructable since parts are missing.

I found a dealer who has the parts on stock. ~30EUR incl. shipping. Not the end of the world, but a readily available 3D model would be much better of course.

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On my way...

I did 2hrs of lecture on Fusion 360 and managed to get so far. Two guide-pillars are still missing. And I need to find out, if this is good enough to give it to a guy with a printer, or if there are hundreds of conversion steps and optimizations needed. But so far it was good fun :-)

(and I ned to find out, if the base-plate, which is in fact also curved, can be printed that way. I doubt, because the would mean the entire thing only stands on the edges. Difficult to find out without having a printer myself for trial and error)




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5 hours ago, amelanso said:

if u dont hv access to a printer i cant see how this is feasible since designing parts often require several iterations before u get it right...

Very motivating, thanks!

I have two colleagues with a printer and some patience and a hacker/makerspace nearby which also might help.

As far as I understand, the most tricky part is the slicing. The design has to be what the original part looks like, not much to influence there, maybe apart from unnecessarily sharp edges or so.

I'll keep you posted.

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not trying to discourage u - if u r designing pieces from scratch it can be very tricky to get proper fit hence multiple iterations of print/redesign cycle. for small pieces thst print quickly might be doable even if printer offsite. if the designs are canned then that problem goes away cuz 1st print shld be good...there is a 3d print thread with tips from members with lots of experience printing.

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On 9/5/2020 at 6:08 AM, reach said:

done. Worked at the first attempt :-)


Wheel assembled and successfully tested yesterday.

wow u got it rt on 1st print - that is impressive...  i hv not been as proficient when modeling real objects. way to go!

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