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  1. ( _ ) Alexey

    Portland Oregon Riders??

    guys, I’m visiting Portland area, just arrived at Hillsboro and will be here for a week, is there a good EUC shop around? mainly for accessories than for a wheel itself, which I will not be able to take back with me on the plane in any case
  2. I mainly ride on side-walks and I ride with just a baseball cap on my head for this exact reason, I think it is marginally intimidating that I wear a light bike jacket and gloves, don't want to push it with a helmet. Especially considering no clear legislation on EUCs here.
  3. ( _ ) Alexey

    Haifa, Israel - get in touch

    There are at least three Inmotion V8 riders in Haifa area, including myself. I ride daily to work and for fun on weekends. Get in touch - let's ride together. Aside from being a pure fun - I hope proper exposure will help EUCs become discussed and finally properly regulated and distributed in Israel.
  4. ( _ ) Alexey

    Haifa, Israel - get in touch

    EUC riders in Israel - get in touch