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  1. It's not Linked In, mate, no need to sell yourself here
  2. Next topic: Why not cap the motor speed via GPS or bluetooth doppler effect If the purpose is to prevent cutoffs due to the wheel reaching max spinning speed in the air during brief loss of contact with the ground - then the wheel could be capped at its max rotation speed without cutoff for a limited period of time, few second should be enough to return to the ground from safe jump height. In any case accelerometer during jump in the air will show zero acceleration, which could be used for jump detection, and on the ground you have the actual speed via wheel RPM.
  3. When I just started riding, I mean when I was finally able to ride with both feet non-stop for over 50m, I was very tense and a bit shocked by the lack of control over the wheel that I had at that moment. I was so concentrated on not falling off the wheel, it felt like I’m able to send the wheel in some general direction but there was no option for fine maneuvering whatsoever. I was wondering will I ever be able to ride among pedestrians on a sidewalk, let alone on a road with cars like I saw in Paris. Turns out all I needed was practice, just ride, stay mostly in your comfort zone but do what
  4. Lockdown meetup anyone? Just kidding, stay safe!
  5. Sorry to hear that, man. No idea on the technical side of the issue, if it’s out of the blue like you describe - there could be a hardware issue. Did you run diagnostics through the Inmotion app? While you are waiting for response of other Inmotion owners that might have better ideas - I’d suggest to contact Inmotion support. It would be scary to ride a wheel without understanding the reason behind its failure.
  6. I was thinking about knee injuries while I was writing, great to get a feedback that they don’t take all the fun from riding EUCs. My knees also gently hint that they were not designed for the pressure applied sideways, I do feel a minor discomfort riding on one leg and I try not to do it for unnecessarily long periods of time, just for start/stops and to reposition feet during long rides to restore blood flow :). Riding on one leg, like any other non-competitive athletic activity is not something to do through pain or major discomfort. EUC is a bit of an athletic vehicle, it does require some
  7. About 5k total km on Inmotion V5, V8 and V10F, no cutouts. 🤞🏼
  8. Thanks for the topic Dreygun, it was nice to get to know our community a little closer. I do VLSI engineering for one of the leading silicon companies.
  9. I learned riding in my office building which had narrow semi-soft cubicle corridors and soft carpets, I never fell of it (to the ground) and the wheel did not get a scratch during about four hours of my total training spread over several days. Although the wheel definitely fell on the carpet several times, mainly when I was too tired to hold it with my leg after stopping. Eventually I learned that I made it more difficult for myself by training on soft surface, but I still think that it’s the safest training setup. I did get a couple of bruises on my legs though from the wheel fallin
  10. “Overload, please get off” which sounded more like “please get out”. How did you record this?
  11. There’s no mind-opening point, it’s a matter of developing reflexes and muscles. I’ll explain: you must learn starting by standing on a wheel still with one leg. Stand near a wall, hold the wall and stand on a pedal with one foot, hold the other foot on the ground and then lift it slowly in the air and place on the other pedal, all this time holding the wall and keeping the wheel verical. To keep the wheel vertical you will have to push it with the calf of the leg you are standing on the wheel with towards the unoccupied pedal. For that you might need to develop muscles, but that is essen
  12. Are EUCs allowed in Turkey in general? Are there EUC shops in Istanbul or you can only order online? Do you know?
  13. Congratz on your new ride Ismail! Do people also ride electric unicycles in Istanbul?
  14. Perfect. Ping me if you need another part modeled, I’ll be glad to practice Fusion 360.
  15. Watch these if you haven’t: I have no personal experience with any of these, but I rode Z10 and I daily ride V10F. I think 27kg of V11 is the heaviest I personally will want to go. 35kg of Sherman makes sense to me only if I absolutely must have either the speed of it or the range and I don’t need either. I think the wheel should be: 1. The most reliable available. I will not ride any wheel that has non-negligible failure rate as my health directly depends on it. 2. The lightest possible for the speed and the range I usually ride, even switch
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