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  1. Sounds like an interesting 3D printing project? Maybe 3D print some PETG carabiner-like clips and experiment until they break at the right tension?
  2. I have not found that my leash has had any dangerous effects. I've had several falls/slips at low speeds and the leash has saved my EUC from rolling away down the hill at least two of those times. While I do understand your concern I will continue to use the leash to not only preserve my investment but to stop it running away out of control and potentially risk others.
  3. The lanyards in the first link look way too long, I think you'll find (unless you're exceptionally tall) that these will dangle dangerously close to the wheel. The lanyard in the second link is probably closer to the ideal length but if you're shorter (like me!) you'll probably want to find something shorter still.
  4. Seems like a very wise approach Glad it's working for you!
  5. I think you're a little lighter than me (I'm probably closer to 70kg, though it saddens me to admit it!) and I tend to run a much lower tyre pressure, maybe 1.8-2 bar. The tyre is not great on the road, it's too narrow and too small a profile radius to be able to carve, but my off-road experience was very similar to yours.
  6. I was going to comment on the use of the word 'good' in that sentence, reasoning that no crash is ever 'good'. Having watched the crash I can see what you mean. No apparent damage to the wheel or rider and a rather spectacular incident...
  7. Get the reseller to take a photo of the charger. Most modern electronics is designed to be dual voltage purely for manufacturing cost economics: Why design and build two chargers when you can design and build one and just change the power cable? The charger should have the input voltages, frequencies power written on it. It's actually law in most countries that this is labelled, including the US and EU, so the seller should be able to do this. And, TBH, if they can't, there are many other sellers to buy EUCs from...
  8. I've never found any bicycle or EUC tyre which doesn't constantly lose a little air. I've just assumed that I'm topping up them weekly and that's the way life is
  9. Does that mean that you only needed a battery 70% of the size of the one you have purchased?
  10. Unhelpfully (sorry!) I don't know the answer to that question! I use the browser...
  11. Ordered V11 through erides.co.uk on Saturday 15th August, delivery today Thursday 3rd September. Total time 19 days, I did pay extra to get air shipping instead of waiting for the slow boat and missing the tail end of summer.
  12. Could you have forgotten to reconnect the speaker?
  13. FWIW: I don't particularly like Tapatalk. The specific annoyance it is that every time I visit a forum on my phone using the browser I get a nag screen from Tapatalk telling me to install the app, which I don't want to do. I don't know if things have changed with Tapatalk but I never found a way of permanently disabling this nag screen.
  14. I'd agree entirely with this sentiment if buying new. The V8F strikes me as the perfect wheel for your uses. If you're looking to buy used then the V8 can often be had for a bargain and would be my recommendation.
  15. Most wheels do this already by lowering the speed limit as the battery depletes. There does still need to be a degree of mechanical sympathy by the rider, if the rider hasn't felt the tiltback start to occur and pushes through it (by subconsciouslly placing more weight on the toes to compensate for the tilting wheel) the wheel will try to accelerate to compensate. Unfortunately there are limits as to what a given wheel can achieve. In an ideal world the wheel would always have enough power in reserve to accelerate underneath a rider leaning forward and force the rider to tilt back. Lea
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