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  1. Almost guaranteed the unease is from not being used to the increased mass of a bigger machine. But this will soon become an asset when comfort level increases (with time on machine) and tackling terrain out of reach for a 16s. A 3├Čnch tire offers way more stability because of the larger contact patch. I had to revert from my KS16X to a v8 and it is nowhere near as stable/versatile. I miss my 16x!
  2. i made similar move to 16x - hAted it initially but then i took for a good long rip - i stopped riding my other wheels! give it more time. ur 16s will feel like toy in comparison...
  3. Given you are having pack issues maybe be careful with where you charge and store this wheel! Take out the original packs - add only the new pack. CHarge the wheel. What happens? Go for a ride to deplete the new pack - charge again - what happens. If the new pack functions as normally then replace the new pack with the pack that only goes to 73V - same side/cables as where you had new pack. Check voltge with DMM, CHarge pack - does it charge. If not then you have proven the problem is with the original packs and not the (controller,charger,etc.). Those packs no good - dispose of them safely.
  4. as per @ShanesPlanet a simple walltimer to prevent overnight charging is very good idea. An overnight charging fire will give occupants little time to respond/mitigate and can lead to significant loss of property or even life...
  5. killed cell = killed/dangerous pack for 99.9% . very few indeed will tackle trying to remove/replace bad cells due to the inherent complexity and dangers...
  6. Nah - missed out. How would you compare z10 to your 16X (which is what I am replacing)?
  7. does not turn green long after wheel shows full charge? If true be careful as possible fault could lead to overcharge/fire... investigate but take precautions to mitigate minimize risk. chk batt voltage with dmm to be sure getting to 84V ( or close)...
  8. inter-cell coatings exist to prevent thermal runaway - and these are used in industrial applications where batt fires can represent large production losses. until regulatory bodies require such protections (imposed on imports as well) high capacity consumer li-on batts (power tools,ebikes,euc) will continue to present risks to those who fail to store them without fire/smoke mitigation in mind...
  9. Tesla has proven against all odds - and contrarians shorting them for huge losses - that mass market EV is doable. China is cranking out EVs like there is no tomorrow. VW/FORD have retooled strategy to focus on EV. So imo the horse has left the barn - consumer transportation is moving to EV and quickly... The market thinks this is where the future is (hence Tesla`s ridiculous market cap) so the money will continue to pour in and create rapidly increasing capacity and innovation (hopefully). Dunno if it makes sense but the perception is that consumer sentiment is reaching the tipping point and
  10. Movement by major automakers towards EV should accelerate innovation in batt tech (safety,cost,range,etc.) - I think very hard to predict how quickly this may change based on past use of li-on tech. Cars burning up with people trapped inside is a problem EV makers are highly motivated to solve...
  11. dont forget that your ks16x has very different handling characteristics than a v8 like wheel in part because of the different mass, body size, tire width, motor power etc. - a v8 that had the specs of a ks16x (or msx etc,) even if it were technically possible would likely be pretty dangerous (speedwobbles, loss of traction,etc). Compare a v8 vs KS16x on even pretty flat trail and the level of comfort/security on the KS16x is just so much higher... I do find that something like a Sherman is getting so big and heavy that it is no longer something you can easily throw in a shopping cart at the s
  12. where the led strip plugs into board will be 3 pin connector - turnon lights in app then from the board test with dmm for 5v coming from 2 end pins - if 5v then issue is with strip which u can fix ( replace, etc) . if no 5v at board then not so ez fix...
  13. CA + graphite can be worked into a malleable paste. CA + bs has zero working time & creates a product like acrylic which is quite brittle (no distortion resistance). If your last test fails again, embedded mesh then build up with melted ziptie may offer more tensile strength... Auto repair guys use this to fix broken plastic parts and supposed to be pretty bomb proof (although time consuming to do)... see -
  14. was this not same problem u had before u replaced mboard? so maybe issue is with batt/bms?
  15. CA glue + baking soda is great. can also use fine wire mesh / steel wool heated with soldering pen to solidify (like rebar) - then use ziptie and iron to melt/weld over etc CA glue + baking soda dries super quick so not ez to mould etc- CA + graphite makes a malleable paste with longer working time...
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