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  1. redsnapper

    euc in snow

    u riding on ice or snow? let's see!
  2. euc snowplow in eastern 🇨🇦 good going through powder but if u hit any tire tracks very slippery!!!! almost lost it a cpl times...
  3. yes - tape over beeper wrks well and drops volume by 50-70%... the native volume of beeper is overkill and very intrusive. Even after taping u can hear beeper very well with a full face and shield down ( mtrcycle helmet).
  4. If you mean that most people/politicians on the left demonstrate sanity, truth and neutrality while those on the right don't I would say this is part of what has lead to tribalism (we are righteous, we know best, they are dumb, they are selfish,etc.). edit - I just reread your comment and I realise you are not saying this ... everyone on the rt is not a racist-fascist-nutjob! I blv that step 1 in ending this destructive tribalism is for people to sincerely attempt to understand one another's points of view. What motivates the fear/dislike of the left (Clinton,Obama,Biden,etc)? What a
  5. B good to hear from some Trumpers to get their perspective on what motivates them etc. Otherwise we are just continuing with this polarised group-think...
  6. risk management is on a continuum that comes down to personal preference - I fell at speed on a trail without a helmet and although the arc traced by my missile like flight should have resulted in a head injury, I was lucky enough to xfer most of the impact to my shldr girdle. So I could very well cogitate about my shldr pain while I waited in the ER! I was riding with a very high tolerance for risk due to my belief that there was a low probability of falling. After this crash my risk dial moved considerably towards higher probability of injury on falling and I have thus become more apt to wea
  7. impressive tricks but the desire for ever more daring-do will likely lead to much woe (broken teeth, broken bones,etc.). i am thinking that someone who is filming and seeking views for such things is maybe riding for reasons beyond the simple pleasure. guy is free to do as he pleases and he is very skilled for sure. dunno - i hv very conflicted feelings about this kind of look-what-i-can-doism... do we really need more of this in a culture that is already oozing egocentrism? maybe im out to lunch?
  8. There are pressure switches at the base of the trolley handle that detect if the wheel is picked up. The setting in the app has nothing to do with the wheel being in the air or not. If you set the wheel to not spin when lifted, this will only happen when the wheel is lifted by the trolley handle (not when you are airborne on a drop)... I am pretty sure there is code in the firmware to check if the wheel is in motion before disabling the self balance so that even if it malfunctions (detects a lift) it will not interrupt self balance while moving. But others can chime in on this... But this is
  9. I have a buddy who bought a onewheel XR then let it sit for 12mos (yes don't get me started on his stupidity!). Now his batt is below min and will not charge. I have heard of using a balance charger to bring low cell groups up to a min threshold so that the normal charger can be used. I am aware this requires that cells have not gone to 0v etc. (I would test all cells in advance to make sure) and that some permanent impairment may result from the pack sitting idle so long. I have not got the pack yet but I soon will as my buddy drove back from US with his dead onewheel. Any thoughts on attempt
  10. when it's -20C and I am riding at 30kph, I'm mighty happy to have a full face with shield. Otherwise my eyeballs would be ice cubes!
  11. As I pondered my options, I could not help but regret not having upgraded to the new v8_007 with countermeasures ( the liver treats/chicken gizzards would have really come in handy) but I digress. The hound - an athletic brute with unbreakable stamina likely honed hauling heavy sled loads in the Gulag - was nearly upon me and I needed to take decisive action! I started carving hard from side to side hoping that the beast would be thrown off by my weaving. But to my surprise the mangy cur was able to easily match my every move; as a gigantic head bobbed along beside me, I could smell its naus
  12. Even on the surface DJT appears to be a malignant,mendacious, childish, petty, blowhard, buffoon! And it gets worse when you get below the surface (as detailed in the many biographies covering his pre-prez business dealings). yet how to explain the 70M+ people who voted for DJT in 2020 (including many upstanding members of this forum)? Surely the "Pinko Liberal Socialist Leftwing Antifa Loving Elites ARE COMING FOR YOU" fear mongering does not account for more than 1/2 of this 70M... I have a surgeon childhood friend who lives in FL who is convinced DJT is anointed by GOD and even now thinks h
  13. 16x is a great next wheel ( i went from v8 to 16x )! Took me 1 hr to get used to the greater mass/gyro effect but I almost never ride my v8/s1 now cuz they feel like toys in comparison... 16x is a beast that can tackle so much more! And even just for casual riding 16x much more comfortable and solid... I highly recommend.
  14. yes - but i meant @LanghamP's comment was ironic - he said the opposite of what he meant for comedic/dramatic effect... At least that is my read of his comment...
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