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Inmotion V8 - Cutout at top speed


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Just a warning to everyone: I experienced my first "cutout" yesterday on the V8. I accelerated fast when the traffic light turned green, like I had a hundred times before, after maybe 3-4seconds later the machine cutout without warning at near top speed (my is set at 29km in the app). There were no beeps or any warning to slow down.  It was at 61% battery. This wheel has about 1600km on it, I weight about 145lb. I was immediately slammed into the cement and slid 20 feet, my wheel shot by me and skidded another 30 feet gaining a nasty battle scar.

Thankfully: I am nuts about wearing gear and have been really improving it and getting in the habit of wearing it every time because I am expecting a V11 in the mail soon. Had I not been geared I'd be in the hospital. But when it happened I was fully suited up including Leatt 4.5 Chest/Back armor, double sided wrist guards, knee/shin guards, full helmet, and last but not least: butt/hip protection (padded shorts)! What primarily took the fall were my wrist guards and my padded shorts, although my knee guard and chest guard took damage too. I cannot recommend the padded shorts enough, they are comfortable and affordable and I would have been in much worse shape without them, I highly recommend them: here's a link. Anyways I brushed myself off, and some nice people helped get me all my stuff that had exploded everywhere out of my pockets. The V8 powered back up and we road on, cautiously...

I don't really blame the V8 (maybe just a little), I realize I shouldn't have pushed it so hard -  I just never really knew it's limit, until now. Wish it could have given me some kind of warning. I am mostly just here to warn others - this shit happens. Be ready.

I got very lucky I am unhurt except for a few little bruises, the gear did it's job. Next time I wont push it so hard on the accelerations when it's under 70%, and I have turned my max speed back down to 25 from 29 in the app. But mostly: I am just looking forward to a huge increase in safety when I am riding the more powerful V11 (if it ever arrives).



e.thumb.jpg.ab69d54e7cf2be65510d5b4cee440dfc.jpg  image.thumb.png.ecbbcca111cadb2f156308330c4cca45.png

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V8 is super easy to overlean. I know, I owned one, rode it for a couple thousand miles. It's not a flaw of the wheel, it's the limitation of its hardware. Learn to "feel" your motor and wheel, you'll be able to approach and reach your wheel's limits, not just lean right through them. Stay safe.

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