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  1. h3X

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    The hextech pedals which these are based on, say it has holes to allow mud and snow to go through it.
  2. h3X

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    But the video is probably banned in China
  3. h3X

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I was just about to order the original hextech pedals. Maybe I should wait a little longer?
  4. If it fits normal pedals like all other wheels, I'd go with Hextech.
  5. I guess you're right, but I hope you're wrong! Maybe they should release a wider "suspension cover pillar".
  6. h3X

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Can someone with a V11 please take some pictures underneath the pedal and pillar? From the Ecodrift disassembly video it looks as though the pillar sticks out underneath the pedal. Do you imagine it will be possible to replace the pedals with any other ones from other models and brands? I've been on the fence for months but I have finally decided this needs to be my next wheel; however I really would like to put the hextech pedals on it.
  7. My impression so far is that the S18 has the best suspension, but the V11 is the best overall "full package".
  8. What do you think about hextech/nylonove pedals with spikes? Can you tell more about how the spikes caused your injury? Can you post some more pictures? It's a little hard to see in that one shot. I think magnets in the shoe are a good idea to get back to your preferred alignment quickly.
  9. h3X

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    My V8 has stripped screw holes around the mainboard enclosure due to tire changes, so I too really hope they add connectors external to the mainboard enclosure!
  10. h3X

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Any word on when these beauties will be available, and from where? I'm buying a set for my V8 first chance I get!
  11. h3X

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Compared to the S18, how well does this style of suspension help you jump (by acting like a pogo stick)?
  12. Speak for yourself! I want to use this wheel for my daily commute...
  13. If you buy one color, can you change it just by buying another set of body panels? Is there any other difference?
  14. It's my Inmotion V8 which i've ridden a little over 2000 km by now. The tube is the original Kenda that came with the wheel. It doesn't feel porous. When I install the tube I use plastic tire levers and only on the last few inches of bead.
  15. The first hole was on the tread side, opposite of the valve side. The second hole was on the rim side, also about 180° from the valve side. I washed the inside of the tire as well as the rim with soapy water after inspecting them and running my fingers over to feel for abrasion.
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