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  1. You can always discharge directly from the battery (bypassing the bms) and only charge through the bms. That would still balance the cells often enough.
  2. Why can't you use a normal supower or similar bms?
  3. I would love to see Gotway try to make a more comfortable wheel to compete with the V10, because that's the only factor that has me consider the competition. The Nikola was pretty close, but not quite.
  4. h3X

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Which thread is that?
  5. h3X

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Are you suggesting that it could be possible to fit a 4P battery?
  6. h3X

    INMOTION V20 ??

    How many new cells did you use for your mod?
  7. h3X

    INMOTION V20 ??

    I think he meant the plastic battery casing you mentioned. What is that?
  8. h3X

    GT14 spare parts

    Well, I bought the wheel and I'm now in the process of refurbishing it. The battery and motor seem to be in good condition. I'm still interested in a motherboard for this if anyone knows where to find one!
  9. I don't think a magnet would be strong enough to keep it secure during a forceful crash.
  10. Update: I bought a broken rockwheel gt14 and I'm planning to test drive it with a third party speed controller (vesc). This means I have a (broken) motherboard to mess around with.
  11. So I tried the Nikola lately and had a little spill. The trolley handle came loose and got bent. So obviously it needs to be secured better. My initial idea was to stick velcro along the length of the handle and the case side facing it. Has anyone tried it? Any better ideas? I really love this style of handle and think it's the best type for euc, but apparently it needs to work out these quirks.
  12. Any reason not to use a normal supower bms?
  13. I'd use velcro to stick it
  14. h3X

    GT14 spare parts

    I'm actually thinking maybe it'd be better to install a VESC and program my own controller. Given the low kv of hubmotors I think the VESC should be able to handle the higher voltage without hitting erpm limits.
  15. Do you tighten the underside of your feet a lot?
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