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  1. How many km less would 100v get than the 84v? Does 100v have better torque or is it all top end speed?
  2. So it actually uses the exact same mcu as the blue pill board? I went through the thread again and saw that you posted it earlier... I found a nice pinout diagram (see below), but I can't find your schematic of the rockwheel anywhere. Can you post the schematic? I have received all the parts from your parts list except for the ST-link... So I can't program the stm32 yet. I ordered a few new ones from aliexpress so hopefully they'll be here soon. I'm going to the library today to see if I can find any books about motor control algorithms. And I'll solder on all the pins for the dev boards. Do we need to create a waveform with the built-in DAC or does the circuit board provide its own DAC? Or are we using some digital square wave stuff like pwm?
  3. What uC did the rockwheel use? Can you link the datasheet?
  4. I haven't programmed mcu's in years, but I've used atmel avr, arduino, ti msp430, and now I got an stm32. All the setup guides are using the arduino IDE, but as I understand it that isn't necessary, it's just that people like to use it as a faster arduino alternative. Are you planning to use the stm32 with arduino ide?
  5. I am now done with all my work and I'm ready to write code for this project.
  6. Maybe you could find a way to mount the KS18XL pedals on the MSX?
  7. I think we should focus on getting the motor running in the first place, and only implement balancing when that works. I suppose some pins of the mcu control the mosfets and what needs to come out of the mcu is three phases of sinusoidal/trapezoidal waveforms to be amplified by the board? I'm more worried about getting the basics in order first, and don't want to complicate it with concerns about future upgradeability. If the platforms are code compatible it shouldn't matter. Edit: In regards to the broken euc I'm buying, the motor is busted so I'm not sure if I can get it running, but in any case it's a heap of spare parts and also there are 2 motherboards. Edit 2: Unfortunately the purchase fell through as someone outbid me. No msv3 motherboards after all.
  8. I found a broken gotway msv3 for very cheap, that comes with 2 new mainboards. Maybe it is interesting? I'm probably going to purchase it. Regarding firmware help, I have completed 2/3 exams and the last one is in one week. After that I'll be available for coding. What is the first thing we need to program?
  9. When you're already making a custom trolley handle, wouldn't it be better to make it centered (like on the kingsong)? What are the advantages of this style of handle in comparison?
  10. It's feasible if you have access to a spot welder for batteries. If not there are ways around that but it takes up more space.
  11. https://kjempetoff.no/collections/selvbalanserende-enhjulinger in Tønsberg 😎
  12. Thanks for the insight! I'm going to get some experience on my friend's wheel before deciding, so maybe the wobble is gone when I come back to it.
  13. Today I went to the EUC store with my friend and we leaned to ride! We started out on the KS16S holding hands for a few laps, until gradually we began balancing on our own. After 30 minutes on the 16S we tried the KS18L which immediately felt much more comfortable. We are tall guys, so maybe that is why, but the 16 inch felt extremely wobbly and bit into the shin... After playing around on the 18L for a while we also tried the GW MSX and Tesla. Eighteen inch wheels are definitely the way to go for both of us. My friend ended up buying an MSX and I also liked it better than the KS18L which is too bad because I love the features of the kingsong. The biggest problem with the 18L was wobbling: When reaching a certain speed the wheel will turn side to side in quick succession. We had them fill the tires on both wheels and while the riding improved it didn't fix the wobble. If anyone knows I'll be happy to hear a solution. As we got more tired, the wobble got worse and I also got it on the MSX. I'll be visiting another store soon to test ride a Z10 and V10F before I ultimately decide on a wheel.
  14. My first batch of dev hardware came from aliexpress today and I soldered on some pin headers...
  15. It seems like a chest protector could be a really good idea.
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