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  1. h3X

    INMOTION V20 ??

    My next wheel will probably be a Nikola+ though.
  2. h3X

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Range is the number one thing I'd change if I was in charge of designing a new v8. Closely followed by speed. I have no other complaints.
  3. If you could post a direct link that would be great. I don't use Instagram.
  4. [Discussion split from the 3100Wh Monster thread] Fingers crossed for a 21700 Nikola in time for spring!
  5. That was my original intension, actually.
  6. h3X

    V8 cutoff

    Today my V8 had a cutoff at walking speed (I just stepped off), after sustained hill climbing for 10-15 minutes. It has handled these hills well before, but now the battery was a little lower (50%). It made a scraping noise when rotating the wheel after the cutoff, so I suspect a piece of gravel got stuck and caused an overcurrent spike. I can't remember if it was like this before, but, when turning the wheel on, the wake-up sound effect skips a little. I have disassembled the wheel now and there are no rocks stuck inside. The PCB looks fine and the wheel seems to run fine. Is there anything specific I should test or adjust?
  7. Thanks for the recommendation! I got a 1.75 and a 2.125 for €25 shipped, and installed the wide one on my V8 today. Although the wheel is visibly oval when spinning it by hand, I haven't noticed it while test riding it today. I'm going to keep it on for my commute for a while and see how I like it, but so far it feels better than the stock wheel. It makes more noise too, but that doesn't bother me. There's no rubbing.
  8. Can you please remove the timer that perpetually increases every time you try to search, and install a captcha instead? I keep running into this protection when searching the forum and it's really really really annoying. When I press refresh after x seconds, if I'm 1 second too fast it increases the timer.
  9. All the blue pills I bought from China were shit (or the st-link dongles were), so I haven't gotten any closer to programming it. I have found my old box of microcontrollers and can choose between an old Arduino, a TI msp430, or a raspberry pi 3. I have a bunch of mpu6050's so I may as well start reading sensor data and develop a balancing algorithm with one of these dev boards... The vhdl class also includes arm assembler and optimizing an FFT algorithm so it would probably be great for motor control, but I have other more important classes for now so I'm postponing that... Still down the line I'm doing it so it probably makes sense for me to choose a board with an arm processor at least. One of these days I'm going to rewire the Hall sensors and test my motor with a bench power supply that can deliver more voltage than my battery pack, and maybe I'll post a video when I get it running.
  10. I am taking a class with some basic vhdl in Questa, but I'll most likely drop that class and take it next year.
  11. I have gotten the motor running with vesc but I wired the Hall sensors wrong so I only ran it in bemf sensing mode. Do you know vhdl Inductores?
  12. Did you figure it out? I'm thinking maybe the motherboard was loose.
  13. You can always discharge directly from the battery (bypassing the bms) and only charge through the bms. That would still balance the cells often enough.
  14. Why can't you use a normal supower or similar bms?
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