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  1. Why can't you just pump in 5 psi more than you want, disconnect and lose the 5 psi, and arrive at the pressure you wanted?
  2. Maybe you put it in soft mode?
  3. I only got the motor, so I'm using the old suspension doodads. Please keep in mind though, that the new motor has equally low quality bearings, and will likely fail in the same way shortly.
  4. I only have the fly pads so far, and I've managed to use them like a power pad by wedging my toes on the pedal and the top of the foot under the pad, and lifting the heel to accelerate.
  5. I had it at 30% to get up hills before I got power pads...
  6. I'd recommend you to glue that on with some epoxy. Mine fell off the first time it rained!
  7. No problem, sorry to be the bearer of bad news... Fingers crossed your dealership can get you a new control board quickly!
  8. That rolling resistance (or cogging) is a sign of shorted phase wires. Which likely means a mosfet has catastrophically failed.
  9. I considered filling the tire with concrete and pumping it to 1000 psi
  10. I'm about 100kg/225lb fully loaded with armor and groceries... At the moment I'm running 200/100 psi suspension and 45 psi tire.
  11. I definitely still find a ton of enjoyment in riding my V8, especially off-road, although I commute on the V11.
  12. I have come to the conclusion that we need to replace the current 6816-Z (shielded) bearing with 6816-2RS (double rubber sealed). They are around $20 a piece, but the challenge of replacing them still remains. The rumors say permanent threadlocker prevents easy diy maintenance.
  13. For now I have capped my V11 at 45 kph which is just about 80% of the advertised top speed.
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