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Max power draw from a wheel


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Hy guys,

I am brand new to EUC realm. Just started 3 weeks ago with a second handed V5F. I am alredy completly adicted. Im am looking for feedback from more advanced rider.

As I am getting more comfortable my riding style is getting more agressive an I am testing the wheel. The motor on the V5F is rated at 550w only. I understand that this is the max sustain safe operation limite but that we can peak higher. Today I was surprised when I hit a peak at 2643.8w. Of course the machine scream at me PLEASE SLOW DOWN (I wasent going to fast just accelerating hard with a battery under 40%). 2643w is way higher than 550w so i am quite surprise of this result. What is the maximum power draw that you guys got or that I can expect? (I know that playing in that reginon is not exactly safe :) )

Also, I ordered a V11 about 5 weaks ago. The motor is rated for 2200w with a max of 3000w. Seeing the results from the V5F am I correct to assume that the V11 can peak way higher than 3000w if need be? Im am curious to hear your thoughts on that


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Congrats on finding the greatest mode of transport and fun!

As one will quickly realize when looking into any measurement of power, a single number does not tell much. When it comes to EUCs, there are motor power specifications for nominal or maximum power handling, and the controller is just as tricky: nominal, absolute peak, and max sustained that is different for any given duration. Easily worth rambling on about... :P

 It’s like asking how far one can throw a ball. The distance alone doesn’t tell us a) who throws, b) what kind of a ball, c) from which height, d) best or worst out of three, etc...

 This is why the readings can’t be compared between wheels. You can only reference to earlier measurements from the same wheel. Even a fw upgrade can change the measured values.

 Though, 2+kW peak from a V5F seems way beyond dangerous, no matter how you look at it.

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On 8/9/2020 at 4:33 PM, Meso said:

Ya you are right, 2+kw from a V5F is dangerous but it is reasuring to see that such a small wheel can work that hard to keep you upright. Thx @Bill Kolk for the link. 5000+ is some nice number :)

the v5f is actually quite powerfull, it is also very easy to test the limits. my friend has a v5f and i have a tesla v2 and he keeps up with me up the hills. he weighs the same as me, of course i am not pushing my tesla to the limits, not even close. but i can ask my friend to overload the v5f and he will do it easy and will not fall, he is a crazy guy :)

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